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A Short Story For the Guys And Trans  

Nyphoforsex 66F
46 posts
2/29/2020 4:23 pm
A Short Story For the Guys And Trans

( for guys that like a blowjob toy usage on themselves with included. Just imagine you I am doing !)


I come home you are sound asleep on the sofa. I was shocked that you was nude, but it got so 'DAMN" excited that pussy started itching. thongs got so fucking 'WET' 'CREAMY', that I had get undressed.

I got on knees started licking you all over. You are so into your nap, that you don't even know what I am doing. I lick the head of your cock all around the head. You move a little, so I stop. Then you settle down. So I lick your most sensitive spot your slit, which makes your cock get even harder.

Your breathing gets louder your heart starts beating faster. You are in a deep sleep you are dreaming, you are getting a blowjob. Which in reality you are, but you don't realize that.

I suck on the head of cock make mouth feel like pussy squeezing your cock. I deep throat you fast hold down, which makes you moan in your sleep. That makes you so 'DAMN' hard, that you hump mouth.

I come back up start sucking the head of your cock again, but with more<b> suction. </font></b>I pop off the head of your cock with a popping sound. I lick all the way down your balls. I lick you so much, that if you had been awake it would have felt like someone had peed on you.

I put as much of your balls in mouth as I can get suck on them as they roll around in mouth. I lick your balls again make you moan. I lick your balls, then lick lower lower. Then I lick your asshole.

You start squirming in your sleep, as I stick tongue in your ass tongue fuck you. You start moaning so loud squirming, that it wakes you up. That , when you figure it was not a dream but reality.

You grab your cock start stroking yourself, as I stick finger in your ass, while tongue fucking you! I lick your ass again then come back up lick the head of your cock, as you stroke yourself. I reach for small vibrator I had hidden the cushions, that you did not know was there.

I turn the vibrator on place it on your rosebud. I rub your asshole with it, while you stroke your cock faster faster. I see your balls tighten up know if you don't edge, then you will cum. So I tell you stop stroking edge.

You finally tell it has subsided for continue. So I insert the vibrator slowly into your ass, it all the way in. I it in your ass straddle you sit on your cock. You have a hold of the vibrator to keep it in your ass.

Your cock slides so easily in pussy since I am soaked 'SO DAMN HORNY'. I ride your cock we are so sweaty, that we know it getting close for both of us. I reach behind grab your balls fondle them.

You feel your balls tighten up the max you can't hold back you 'EXPLODE'. It sets off pussy squeezing your cock so 'DAMN' hard, that it feels like I am squeezing your cock in half!

We finally realize that not the best cum we have ever had, but it the best , cause it started as a dream for you I made it come true!

indyguy3019 46M
9 posts
3/11/2020 8:51 pm

Such a sexy woman

Nyphoforsex replies on 3/22/2020 1:36 pm:
Thank you!

NJGUY08090 54M
3356 posts
3/26/2020 8:18 pm

I bet your blow jobs are like no other.. I'd like to please you like that and more

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