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Park Adventure Of The Erotic  

Nyphoforsex 66F
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7/28/2016 3:16 pm
Park Adventure Of The Erotic

I was walking through the park today and it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining but not too hot. Just right and I love this kind of weather cause you can be comfortable in any summer clothing and today I was wearing a mini shirt with a low cut top that showed off by cleavage. I had on thigh high stockings that had a seam that ran up the back of my leg with high heel sandals. I had a bra on but it had a hole where my nipples were so they were sticking out of my bra. I had no panties on at all! I was hoping to see the guy I seen looking at me the other day when I was walking through with my regular clothes on so he might talk to me.

I sat down on a bench to rest and was watching people ahead of me. There were a lot of couples there in this park cause I heard that this place was where naughty stuff happened at times but it has never happened to me. I looked over to my right cause a movement caught my eye and I noticed through some hidden bushes there was a man and woman that was half nude rutting on the ground where they thought no one could see them. I was so engrossed watching them that I did not hear anyone approach behind me until I heard a guy say, "They look like they are having fun, don't they?"

I just about jumped out of my skin and thank goodness I did not scream or I would have scared the couple I was watching half to death. I turned around and saw the guy I was looking for and I said, "Damn, you scared me. And yes they do look like they are having fun. I have heard this goes on in this park and that no are allowed in here. Am I right?"

He said, "Yes that is right. Hi my name is Saber and I actually help out in this park to keep it clean and orderly. What is your name?"

I said, "I noticed you were watching me the other day. I am Zana"

He said, "Yes I was Zana and your name is as beautiful as you are but you were not wearing the kind of clothes yesterday as you are today. WOW! Do you look as good under those clothes as you do wearing them?"

I said, "Thank you and I have been told I do and this is the first time I have ever wore this out in public. I try to look presentable cause I like to keep a discreet lifestyle. But today I wanted you to talk to me so I took a chance and wore it."

He said, "Well, I am impressed and why don't we go in the bush with them and see if we can join in the fun. They are actually friends of mine and they do not have to be introduced to you if you still want to be discreet."

I said, "Well, I don't know? Is it safe? Can we be seen without getting in trouble?"

He said, "We will not get in trouble at all so come on and go have some fun." We walked over to where the opening in the bushes were and the couple looked up at us and just grinned and nodded their head in acknowledgment and just kept on fucking. I sat down on a blanket that was laid out next to them and Saber sat next to me. He took me in his arms and started kissing me. OH MY GOD! Can he kiss! I melted into his arms and thought to myself that if he can kiss like this then what else is he good at.

Well, let me tell you that I found out just what he can do! He started running his hands over my body in a light caress and when he started tongue fucking my mouth I thought WOW I wonder what that would feel like in my pussy! I did not realize that as he was kissing me and caressing me that he had undone my top until I felt my skin exposed from him unclasping my bra which was hooked in the front. I was so into kissing him that, this I did not noticed and that was a first for me.

When he lightly pinched my nipple with his thumb and index finger I moaned and he felt the vibrations of my moaning in his mouth and proceeded to cup my tits. He then lowered his head to my nipple and started sucking on the nipples. He was not ignoring either one either cause he would go back and forth on them. I wanted to feel his skin and started unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants and then unzipped them. OH MY GOD. I thought! He was hard and thick and I could not wrap my hand around his shaft. I then decided I wanted to taste him.

I guess he could read my mind or see the lust on my face so he unzipped my mini skirt and then took them off and his shirt and pants and shoes. When I looked down at his cock, I gasped! He had the most perfectly shaped cock I have ever seen in my life and I knew I wanted to not only feel it with my hands but wanted to worship it with my mouth. We laid down on the blanket and he started fingering my pussy so I leaned over his cock and took him in my mouth. He gasped cause I took the whole length of him in my mouth and he started moaning and humping my mouth as he was fingering my pussy. I was licking his shaft up and down and licking the head as I held onto his balls.

He really loved that so I took him to the base again on his cock and started sucking him that way as my tongue moved up and down his shaft. His cock swelled and I thought he was going to cum but he must have controlled himself to edge so not to cum. I was so wet that juices were just flowing out of my pussy and there was a big wet spot on the blanket under me. He was hitting my g-spot just right and making me squirt so much that I had a lake under me. He pulled me off of his cock and told me to get on my hands and knees and he got behind me like the other couple and he aimed his cock into my soaking wet pussy without a problem even though I was a tight fit.

He started fucking me like he was the last man on earth that wanted to cum at the end of the world. He was going that fast and hard which was also so deep that it almost felt like his balls would feel like that they were going inside my pussy. I was moaning and almost screamed but he clamped his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. I almost bit his palm at one point when he bent over me and took a light nip out of my back. It did not hurt but it shocked me. I caught myself and I thought I heard him laugh a little which then that told me he was teasing me a little more.

I heard him gasp and looked back at him and seen a woman behind him. It was that woman that we were next to and see was licking his cock and balls and the man mounted her from behind as she licked Saber's cock and balls. That did it for me and I started cumming so hard that not only did I squirt but clamped down so hard that Saber had to take his hand off my mouth and put it on his own mouth to keep from screaming out loud. He started cumming so hard that it hit my cervix and womb and bounced back and was leaking from my pussy so much that the woman was getting a mouth full of not just my cum but his cum as well. He shot his load into my pussy about 6 times before it started doing the dribble cum. I heard her smack her lips and both Saber and I got up and got dressed and we left them. I looked back and noticed the man was licking our cum off her face.

I said, "That was the hottest fuck I have ever had."

Saber said, "I am glad you enjoyed yourself cause those 2 are always like that with anyone that shows up in the private place in this park. But I can say that your pussy was so wet and the tightest I have ever felt before while being that wet. I bet you could pull a condom off while fucking a man?"

I grinned and told him, "That has happened before with me. I have to go now." And with that I gave him my home number and told him to call me. I turned and walked away from him and out of the park.

albanybob 71M  
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2/11/2019 1:40 pm


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