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Where's The Last Rattler?!  

Oberonics 63M
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1/9/2020 1:12 am
Where's The Last Rattler?!

Today's modern women is why our dicks have become mostly Obsolete and our bodies Valueless, unless you built like a model or an athlete! Well, i'am "small" and my dick suffered a<b> stroke </font></b>(But my balls still work!) , so it won't figure into my blog mess here! But even for all the average and above dicks there that still work, the times are harder now! Men's Phalluses just cannot compete with the New crop of Sex toys, dildos, Vibrators, available for women now. They can get a woman off in under 90 seconds flat! They got these air sucking vacuum types to target their Clits, and Rabbit things with tentacles and weird shapes, and Dildo penises, many huge, that actually move "in and " and revolve, and even heat up! And they will just get even better . The modern woman is more educated, independent, more aggressive, more sexually aware, and demand more from a man with higher expectations of what they want from men. Men can't impress women as easily anymore or mentally, like "iam the Alpha leader, I know best"! They just pull their Digital "third hand" and can smart you on a dime! Most men are becoming useless to them and it's ALL because of the Internet and the Vibrators and Dildos!! But since most all men don't want to give up the internet and shut it down with endless Cyber Viruses, then it's the Vibrators and Dildos that must go! All struggling enlightened men everywhere must organize to form paramilitary groups or cells and with the mission to search and destroy ALL the dildo/vibrators! Every last one of them! They all must be eliminated wherever they are seen! It will be called "Operation Rattlesnake" ! But the companies will keep pouring them and the women will resist and hide them in secret places! This is where the hunting instincts come into as we must stalk these Evil Viper sex toys for women down and destroy them! It will be the Only way left that men can be important to women again, and more of us will get Sex! I know i'am right, because the lady Psychiatrist at the St. Bartholomew Institution for the Criminally Insane kept nodding her pretty head as I said all this to her!??

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