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Controlling Men  

Oceana1969 54F  
192 posts
8/2/2014 4:15 pm
Controlling Men

Why is it that a man can be on this site to find a woman or women, or any preference they may choose, and when he accomplishes that feat, he accuses the woman (or said other party) of being pretty much a and screwing anyone she runs across???? I have had many men call us women on this site a . What are the men? Why is it because a woman is on this site she's screwing anything in her path???? Not all women are like this. Not all men are like this. Yet, the ones that are serial on here expect women to be true to them.

This such man has done this to me. He refuses to be exclusive in any fashion and makes it very clear he does not want exclusivity, but yet ACCUSES me on a regular basis of screwing other men...and now he's adding women to the mix...even though I'm straight. So just because i am not available when he texts me IMMEDIATELY...I am out screwing someone else. I gave this said person my schedule. Friday I invited him to lunch, Friday night I invited him to an event I was at but he could not make it because he was working. I was with my and my brother. Saturday morning I was dropping my off at one event and joining my at another event. Of course, I was accused of not being where I said I was and I was accused of fucking other men. Numerous other men. When someone tells you exactly where they are...it's easy to check up. Would I really tell you I was at Building A with someone knowing you could check up...or would I just say I'm sorry, I'm busy today.

I am an honest woman. I do not lie to men to get what I want or what I need. What you see is what you get. I have met many people off of this site and yet not screwed them. Men need to decide what they want and then go with it. But don't expect to not give exclusivity to a woman and expect her to give it to you.

If you don't want to be with someone, make it clear. Don't try to blame them and accuse them of demeanor YOU are doing. Like when I am out with you and your phone goes off with women on the other side and you excuse yourself to the restroom to answer them. How much more disgusting can you be in my company????

I guess I know who I am done with as of today. My heart was with this man but he totally blew me away today with his abusive demeanor and words. As I have said on this site many many times...be careful who trust. They aren't everything they say they are.

One less person in my mind as of today.

Oceana1969 54F  
444 posts
8/2/2014 4:15 pm

Yes I was extremely hurt and upset when I posted this. Sorry if I have offended anyone.

Horny_Holly 39F
2772 posts
8/2/2014 4:26 pm

You got rid of him, that's the best thing you could have done!

He clearly has issues, none of which actually involve you

Just be glad you got to know the real him before you wasted anymore time
on him.


"I'm always disappointed when a liar's pants don't actually catch on fire..."

justpervin29 47M  
2580 posts
8/2/2014 4:29 pm

you are entitled to your opinions and emotions

you are an amazing fun sweet smart kind sexy lady and deserve to be treated as such.

seems like he wants his proverbial cake and eat it too. he doesnt seem to be able to handle the fact you are amazing and doesnt want to share seems like you are better off regardless you know you have my support

Smile - you never know who may need one
justpervin29 - comments are most welcomed.

maryneedsit2 36F
64 posts
8/2/2014 5:48 pm

Sorry for your hurt. He obviously has some issues to work on and showed you little respect, good decision to break it off. Who needs that sort of relationship!

132 posts
8/8/2014 3:05 pm

Good for you. Best thing you could have done was dump him. It wasn't gonna get better if he was that insecure. Good luck to you, I'm sure you can find someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

porterpiper1 53F
3767 posts
9/3/2014 11:46 pm

Why are you explaining anything to him, do he explain things to you? You are better than that, some people are just jerks and like to control everyone.

Oceana1969 54F  
444 posts
9/4/2014 10:32 am

Thank you all so very much. I definitely ended a relationship with this guy and now he thinks we can be friends and re-establish things. Not. I'm being gracious but it ends there. He deserves nothing from me.

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