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First Clandestine Meeting at a Hotel  

Oh_Daddy_Yes 57M  
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5/15/2021 7:31 pm
First Clandestine Meeting at a Hotel

Michelle didn't quite know what to do. Her heart raced as she read the e- in her inbox. He had reached to her on this , this and steamy Thursday!

"You are needed in the Howard Johnson's by the Fountain of Youth 1pm today. Room 1. The passphrase is 'deposit'. Bring a change of clothing and do NOT be late."

Michelle read it and read it again. Passphrase? It was from 'him', the man with whom she had chatted for over months. She knew that someday a note like this would appear, but she didn't think it would be so soon. She could feel her heart beating through her chest, remembering the smoldering sexy roleplays they did together. Then glancing at her watch, that's about a half-hour from now!

She calmed herself, went to the branch manager on the floor and requested a few hours for her lunch break. She didn't even give an excuse, but with her seniority in the branch, it wasn't long before she was heading out the door, keys in hand, making her way to her car.

As she fumbled to start the car, nervously shaking, she heard ringing in her ears. She knew exactly where the Howard Johnson's is; she's driven past it on San Marco Avenue every on her way to and from work. She lives on the north side of town and had to get to the south side where her branch stood. She's done so for years and this is the first time she stopped the Howard Johnson's.

Michelle arrived and pulled in a parking space, suddenly realizing her car might be seen! She quickly backed and parked as far to the back as possible. This time as she pulled in, she looked forward realized Room 1 was directly in front of her! He planned this!

Keys in purse, Michelle looked around the parking lot before opening her door and stepping into the heat. Cautiously, her heel touched the pavement and she lifted . 'Ohhhh, just turn around and go back to work!' The battle inside her raged, one side telling her how much she has to lose and the other side aching to know what it is like. Methodically, she walked to the trunk of her car, opened it, and pulled an overnight bag. She had saved this bag in the trunk for three weeks, hoping her husband would never find it and even moreso hoping this would come. She looked left and right, looking for familiar eyes. Seeing none, she reached and<b> slammed </font></b>the trunk closed.

She trembled as she approached the door. What could happen inside? She stopped and thought about the next moment. After pondering, she stood herself up straight and decided that she had come this far, no going back now. She extended her hand and realized the door wasn't locked.

Quickly she rapped on the door, listening for any hint of his voice. She had heard his voice one time as she talked to him on the phone. It was just a couple weeks ago and it was to try phone sex. She loved the moments on the phone and just wanted to push even further. As these thoughts raced through Michelle's memories, she meanwhile heard nothing from inside the room. 'Maybe he's not here'.

Door now cracked open and she peered inside into the darkness. No lights on. Nothing. She leaned in further and looked around, but it was too dark to make anything out. She reached for the light switch and flipped it up, but nothing came on.

"That's okay, Michelle, it's going to be dark" was his first to her. She shivered his first command to her, so she reflexively turned the light switch back off. She proceeded in the rest of the way. This is the first she heard of his voice, so deep and fearless.

She walked in feeling apprehensive, her eyes beginning to adjust to the darkness. She saw a figure sitting in a chair on the other side of a king bed. His feet were propped on the bed, as if this room was his. The apprehension coursing through her was more felt in her body tingling. Step by step she approached. His was a big frame, bigger than could've been conveyed in their online roleplaying. Her tingles were increasing, standing before this large man. She felt a rushing in her ears. Somehow the overnight bag had found its way to the floor by the front door.


"Huh?" she stammered .

"Do you remember the passphrase?" in a serious tone. He leaned back in the chair, now looking her up and down for the first time.

Her mind raced through the message he sent earlier. Her eyes darted about...

"Michelle? Do you remember the passphrase?" his voice demanded once more. His voice filled the room.

"Deposit!" she blurted in a sudden revelation of remembrance, "deposit..." in a meeker tone.

"Very good. glad you remembered", standing up from the chair. As his frame assumed the space before her, what she saw was a man slowly unwinding from the chair to standing nearly a whole foot taller than her. Her heart shrunk with fear, remembering how average her own husband stands. Her heart fluttered, dare she reach and touch him?

"Hands down!" he commanded and she complied in a self-effacing show of weakness. She swooned slightly.

In a softer tone he gave a more gentle command, "Turn around, let you."

Instinctively, she unslung her purse and dropped it to the floor. Arms flowed slightly as she gracefully and slowly turned for him. Inside she could feel her heart pounding. She was showcasing her body for another man, someone not her husband! In a way she took secret delight in this moment.

"I see you dressed up for me today", his voice smiled to her.

"This is what I always wear", in her best innocent voice. Everything paused in the room in silence, him looking at her.

"Don't lie to me. I've seen your other outfits. They were... more plain... Thank you for sharing", he rewarded her.

" glad you like- " and Michelle gasped, for her next sensation was a hand, firmly and agressively clutching at her left breast. A jolt of electricity leapt through her frame; her own husband hasn't touched her this gruffly since before their marriage!

"I like the lacy feel of your bra", cupping her firmly. Another hand joined the first, kneading her through her Milano silk blouse.

In a moment of indignation, she started, "You're going to mess up my bl- "

In a flash, his two hands gripped the fine cloth and rent it violently from her torso. She yelped in fear, but stood her ground, now partially naked in front of him.

"I'll for it", in the silence. In the dark, she felt his eyes now gazing upon her milky breasts, firm in the lacy demi-bra. What she didn't feel was her heart pounding and her breathing racing. The excitement! The lust he had set free!

"Here, let me..." as Michelle reached between her breasts and unclasped the bra. As she allowed the cups to drop away, she saw the destroyed blouse fall from his hands. Moments later his hands upon her breasts, skin-to-skin.

Another gasp. The man's large powerful hands were now robbing her of her wifely innocence, groping where her husband had been allowed.

His hands released her breasts after a minute and wrapped around her waist. Being so much taller than her, his hands were above her waist, but still pulling her in. Michelle tipped her head up just in time to feel his mouth upon hers, kissing her with a wantonness not felt in years. She returned his kiss and soon melted in his arms. Her loins stirred, her heart raced. From his lusty grip there was no release, unless he did the releasing.

Michelle felt something inside her turn, like an instinctive change. She felt herself surrenduring to him completely. Moaning to his kiss, she wanted more than ever to feel his arms, his hands, his kiss his everything, taking her as his own.

The kiss ended, them both gasping and looking into each other's eyes.

"Unzip me", he commanded. His arms released her, as if she had a new task.

Michelle once again felt the jolt of electricity. She knew there was no turning back now.

"Unzip me and take me out", he reiterated, adding "... on your knees."

She looked down to his torso and fumbled silently for his belt. The rush of blood in her ears drowned out all other thoughts.

"No... on your knees", he commanded.

Michelle let out a moan, kicked off her pumps, then yielding to his desire, slowly sank to her knees. Her hands never let go of his belt and in a few more moments had unbuckled and released it. She then reached for the zipper handle and heard the sound as she tugged it down. In another moment of control, she opened his slacks and tugged them slightly. The slacks fell to his ankles, showing a dark plaid pair of boxers still in place. She gripped the hem of the boxers and pulled them slowly. Inch by inch she pulled them beneath his waist. Her gaze was fixed upon his manhood, to see just what he possessed. As she revealed the base, she could see such a thickness!

Michelle let out a slight gasp, knowing she was going to feel something amazing in moments.

Another tug and his cock sprung free from the waistband. Now given the opportunity to see in person, she gazed upon a shaft that in no way reflected what she's had before. His cock was sizeable, perhaps slightly longer than her husband's, but oh so thick! Michelle's hand released his boxers and reached for the thick shaft now erect before her. Her hand could not close around the girth!

"Oh god" she moaned. She could feel wetness between her thighs instantly.

"I've waited for this , Michelle. It's been a long time in coming", he said, feeling her hand exploring his cock.

She trembled before him, thinking of what will happen.

"Suck me. Please me, drain my balls."

His command was exactly what she wanted.

"Ohh my, that cock!" as she stared at it.

"Kiss it", he commanded, watching her eyes gazing as his thick rod. Her hands wandered up and ran over his stomach and chest, feeling his physique through his dress shirt. In a realization of the pleasure ahead, her hands returned to herself, tugging at her breasts, kneeling before him. Finally, she glanced into his eyes and moved her lips forward.

"I think you know how to please . Now show ..."

In an instant, Michelle's hands lifted the shaft before her and she started with soft licks on the head and then down his hard cock. She returned to kissing the head, using loud smacks and wet touches. She then kissed it more deliberately, like she was making with his head.

"Ohhhhh", he groaned, eyes rolling back in his head.

She kissed his head again, then her tongue swirling around, wetting the whole surface. She moaned the scent of his musk.

His hands laced in her hair as her kissing warmed his loins.

She knew she had the right effect on him, because she felt his shaft growing to full thickness. This was a good thing and a bad thing, perhaps. She was beginning to think about how this was going to stretch her when he was deep inside. Briefly the thought passed through her mind that she was sucking on a county blue ribbon prized cucumber.

Her big eyes looked up again and she resumed kissing and sucking on the head. She also barely managed to hold the thick shaft in her hands. Another instinct took over as she started to stroke his shaft softly.

Then, holding the base in her hands, she opened her mouth fully and engulfed his shaft to the best of her ability. Slowly, not yet touching his shaft, she took in as much as she could, then softly closed her wetted lips around it. In silence she drew back up to the tip and released it with a soft pop.

Michelle knew she had his attention, because his moan fell an octave lower and his grip in her hair twitched ever so slightly. 'Such a thick shaft!', she kept thinking.

Again, still with her hands around the base, she opened her mouth and worked deep, trying to take in as much as she could. She felt the head touch the back of her mouth and she suppressed a wretch. She again closed on the shaft and let her soft suction do the rest. Again another moan of approval from above. Another soft pop.

Her technique changed loosely as her hands released his shaft and lovingly gripped his ass. All mouth, no hands. His hands, laced in her hair, started a slow stroking rhythm, pushing her head down and drawing up. Her lips remained steadfast to his wet, glistening shaft. Time and time again, she let his head disappear in her eager mouth. She worked his shaft smoothly and hungrily, like she was born for this. She new his every movement and craved his taste.

He moaned to her loving, submissive lips. His knees almost buckled, but he kept himself in place. Her head bobbed in front of him, loving him in her most intimate way. Her hands held him by his ass, her mouth working his shaft solo. Michelle was engrossed in the moment, sucking, lips tight to his skin and awaiting her reward.

She felt him start pulsing, his breathing quickened....

"Oh, fuck... swallow....."

With that her reflexive swallowing started up, catching his seed flowing from him to her. She was dizzy, feeling the heat entering her throat. She wanted nothing more. She moaned between swallowing action, which intensified his climax. He nearly buckled, but she gripped his hips and held on, never detaching from his shaft.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned with delight. She felt him falling slowly backward. She held on to him, but she couldn't hold him up any longer. He tumbled back to the chair and fell into it, his slacks and boxers still gathered at his feet.

Michelle smiled in silence, tasting some of him still on her lips. She lifted from her haunches and crept over to him, catching his breath in the chair, head rocked back.

After a moment of collecting themselves, he unbuttoned and removed his shirt, removed his shoes, socks, slacks, boxers and returned to the comfort of the chair. Michelle also reflexively removed her skirt and matching lace thong, kicking them off.

"Come here", he crooked his finger, seeing her entire body for the first time.

Michelle smirked as she climbed up and sat in his lap. She trembled, because his glistening shaft was inches away from her womb. His gruff hands reached up and caressed her breasts again.... another kiss on the mouth. Instinctively she started to grind on him. She wanted more.

His hands quickly went from kneading her breasts to lifting her hips over him, centering her pussy over his erection and then lowering her straightaway. All her weight couldn't stop the impending penetration. She had but a moment to realize what came next, her eyes grew wider.

The moment of penetration was a blinding shock. Her husband may have had the same length, but certainly did not have this man's girth. She let out a half-scream, half-moan. Her reaction wasn't going to change anything, for his shaft stretched her beyond expectation and she simply could not climb off. His hands held her hips tightly down now and there was no escape.

"Now fuck me. Fuck me like you'll never have it again."

Michelle's gaping mouth and closed eyes told him she was halfway between pain and heavenly pleasure and she was determined to make it the latter. She regained control of her body and her hips moved voluntarily again. The first stroke brought out a deep moan in Michelle. She concentrated to make a second stroke. His hands gripped her breasts like soft handles and she built a rhythm on top of him.

After the initial shock had worn off, she was bouncing on his cock with an unsated lust. Each thrust brought her clit in contact with him and she could feel something building rather rapidly. Moaning in pitch. Gasping ensued quickly.

She felt herself tingling with each growing stroke. Her breathing became uneven, her body shuddering. Mouth open, but no word could express her mortal pleasure gripping her entire frame.

His hands released her breasts and gripped her ass. He firmly held her in place, feeling her walls clenching his cock deep inside. She finally released a wail of pleasure, her body wracking in place. Her hands both reached forward and dug into his chest as she shuddered. Waves of pleasure and release passed through her while he held her still and impaled. She didn't want to go anywhere else.

A half minute passed as he held her in place, hips joined in locked passion. Her waves subsided and her body fell limp on top of him. On then did he release his grip on her. She was free to move, but didn't want to go anywhere. Her breathing subsided and she could finally move. She went to lift off him.

"It's time for you to taste yourself, Michelle."

She knew exactly what he meant and smiled. She lifted herself off him. As she looked at his cock, she realized "Hey, you're still hard..."

"Yes, you had your climax and I was just getting hard again."

She knelt before him, cradled by his legs and moved in to suck down his cock again. He again moaned deeply, hands lacing in her hair. She tasted her own juices on his cock and loved the tang added since her last licks. She was again focusing on releasing this man's seed. This was different this time because she had already impaled herself on this man and couldn't but help a passionate connection. She so much again wanted to bury him inside her, feeling his head pressing on her G. This renewed passion also unleashed a lust not felt in a long time. She was hooked.

Michelle's mouth, now fully engaged in her lusts, opened fully and enveloped him. She pressed his head to the back of her mouth. She moaned and held him there. Then in a moment of clarity, she relaxed her throat and allowed it to open. In another moment, she held her breath and her lips pressed further to his root.

"ohhhhh", he gasped, watching her renewed efforts.

She drew up slowly, releasing his cock from her throat and sucked back to the tip.

"Oh, god, babygirl, you know what likes."

Her little ass up in the air and her tits pressed to his thighs, her lips slid down again. His legs wrap around her petite body, feet upon her ass. Her lips slid down nice and smooth and continued until they touched base again.

"That's it. To the bed for sixty-."

She lifted off him and went to the bed, tearing down the covers until there was nothing but pillows. He lifted from the chair and lie on the bed, his cock fully perpendicular and ready to continue. His feet nearly dangled off the bed while his head was near the top. She climbed on the bed, lowering herself to his willing mouth. All the while looking this thick tool she's been aching to release again.

She resumed sucking on his shaft, carefully practicing her deep throat on him. It was a blissful feeling and she was perfectly happy in this practice. She flinched as she felt his tongue touching upon her clit, spread open as she lay over him. She released a moan upon his cock, not wanting to release him. Meanwhile, his tongue flicked gently upon her clit, then slid between her labia and inside. Soon his fingers joined in the rhythm. She felt herself grinding on top of his mouth and hands. Her moaning increased in spite of her efforts to bury his shaft. Their rhythms started to match, stroke for stroke, suck for suck, lick for lick. He found her G-spot, reaching inside and stroking harder, while she caressed him with soft lips. She felt the climax coming soon. Soon...

As she withdrew his cock for just a moment, she felt the pulsing begin. She felt his cock, but it was too late, as his seed splashed upon her lips. This was too much. She felt herself explode in another climax, grinding on his . The intensity built after the first wave and she squirted on him. She screamed after that second wave. Her legs clenched on his torso. His jizz upon her neck now, in her hair, cheeks, shoulders. A mess ensued with their fluids eagerly shared and spilled.

The last few moments of Michelle's ecstasy were a fury of her bucking in place, grabbing sheets, moaning, gasping. His spurts slowed, now oozing and to his stomach. She let a sigh and her body went limp, collapsing on him. She licked her lips and tasted his seed.

For minutes, all that could be heard was the quiet humming of the air conditioner. Rushing in her ears. She started to feel an ache in her jaw. It was a satisfying ache, knowing she pleased a man and made sure he was drained. She had not lost one whit of her technique at all. Nothing but pleasures.

She once again lifted herself from him and lie down beside him. Together, they dozed off in the cool and dark of the room.

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