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Little Misses D addy  

Oh_Daddy_Yes 57M  
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7/3/2021 11:00 pm
Little Misses D addy

It was a busy day in the office and he was deep in phone calls, e-mails, voicemails and projects galore. The pandemic has eased up on business and he seemingly back in full swing with getting customers on his calendar, quotes in their hands and orders booked in the system. Ever since the company insisted he work in the home office, he felt even more productive than having to deal with a long commute in the mornings and evenings.

"Daddy?" he heard over his phone call. His head turned to where he heard the voice. Even over the drawling voice in his ear, he managed a smile and ushered her in the office.

It wasn't the fact that she had appeared in his view that distracted him, but rather how she did it... or rather, what she wasn't wearing! Usually she is wearing her cheer sweats on a cool day or colorful capri's and a light top in the summer. This afternoon, even though it was beautifully warm outside, she appeared in a sports bra and a lacy thong.

The phone call continued, but his mind was distracted, "Yeah, uh-huh... I can do that.... two weeks' delivery yes", Meanwhile, his gaze was locked on hers, her sweet body barely encased in the lace.

She meandered past the bookcase and around the end of his desk. He tried to keep his mind on the work, on getting this customer off the phone. His little stood by his office chair, her soft skin within reach. She smiled, silently commanding his attention. One finger innocently in her mouth.

"Tell you what, Jim, can I call you back? Yeah, I have a meeting coming up and I can't miss it," watching her eyes. Her finger slipped out of her mouth as she stepped forward to his side. Her warm pussy was nearly pressed into his arm, the black lace just inches away.

"It'll be an hour, perhaps two..." he continued, then removed his headset, clicking off the call.

"And what brings you in here, my little one?", as he turned his gaze to her midsection.

She hooked her thumbs in the shoulder straps of her bra and tugged up over her head, her pert breasts tumbling out.

"I miss my d addy", in a whining voice.

"Have I been working too long today?", glancing at the clock on the wall, "no... It's only two in the af-"

She spun his chair around, this time her thong was already dropped to the floor.

"I really miss... my d addy...", reaching down and unzipping his slacks.

She dropped immediately, engulfing his soft cock in her warm mouth.

"Oh, honey!", just seconds before he was on the phone with a customer, now being awakened by his love.

She moaned, knowing she was responding, growing between her lips. She loved the fact that she was his sole pleasure and she would live up to his desires. With her lips wrapped around his cock, she unbuckled his belt, opened his slacks more and then tugged them down. He complied and soon his slacks were around his ankles.

She had him at full attention when she lifted up and straddled his lap.

"I miss my d addy", repeated and more forceful.

She lowered herself, rubbing her swollen clit against his shaft. She let out a deep moan.

"Oh fuck... baby g irl, I'm liking these visits...", he gasped.

His hands immediately enveloped her small waist, gently caressing her bare skin and letting her control her contact on him. She leaned forward and teased his lips with a breast. His response was quite normal, his mouth opening and taking in her soft flesh.

She moaned again to his suckling. "ohhhhhhh, d addy!"

Her gentle grinding steadily brought him into full tune with her body. Together they transformed into lovers circling around the intimate communion of their souls. Each breath brought them closer.

She stopped for a moment, angled her hips slightly and pressed on his cock.

"OHhhhhhh, d addy..." she gasped again. His head was barely inside her, she was savoring him, but wanted all of him.

His hands, caressing her waist, then gripped her firmly and pushed her down on his shaft, inch by inch. She was slowly adjusting to his thickness, tightly fit inside her muscle.

"Fuuuuuckkkkkkkk...." she shuddered with every inch going inside her. She adjusted with each heartbeat, wanting him inside her deeply.

His hips rocked, pushing himself into her. The room fell silent, her mouth agape but no words came out. His hands controlled her, but she was fully engaged wanting to feel all his shaft pressing on her cervix.

One more push and her clit was being pressed by his pubic bone. She wanted him deep inside and she had him right there. In her reverie, her body took over and she knew exactly what was needed to unleash him. Her pussy had fully accepted him and she was going savor every moment.

She ground on him, raising up and pressing her clit to him over and over. His mouth had released her breast and now he was cradling her back in his hands and kissing every square inch of skin before his eyes.

Together they were moaning, writhing, climbing, loving.

She continued, fucking him like she missed him. She could feel his cock swelling in anticipation.

"Ohhh, baby g irl... ", he barely managed.

"Yes, d addy?", she responded in kind, still bouncing even faster.

"I'm gonna.... ", he shuddered and stiffened beneath her.

"Give it to me! Fill me up!", she cried out.

He couldn't contain himself any longer. The last thrust inside her triggered a hot explosion deep inside her. She felt it, then the tremendous pulses from his loins. She quickly felt herself washing over in climax, clamping violently on his shaft.

Together they froze, her straddled over him, their arms around each other, bodies locked, save for the creaking of the office chair. What couldn't be heard was the flow of hot, thick cum filling her womb.

They started breathing again, remaining locked in each other's arms.

"See?", she murmured through her tears, "I really did miss my d addy."

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