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Sunny's Late Night Visitor  

Oh_Daddy_Yes 57M  
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5/15/2021 10:44 am
Sunny's Late Night Visitor

It was a long day at work and I got out a few hours late. It was the kind of day that pops up every now and then, when I just need to crank out the paperwork and answer the e-mails piled up. I called you earlier, saying it was going to be a late night, to which you said, "That's fine. Stop by before going home." I turned into the parking lot of your apartment, hoping to at least talk with you, share the day and give you a nice kiss before going back to my own place.

Then I remembered you gave me the key just a week ago. I smiled as I thought about how we grew together in our talks and dates and you trusted me to hand over your very own key. Perhaps I'll just visit you as a surprise and see to it you're tucked in for the night.

As I approached, I noticed all your lights out. Maybe you're watching TV with the lights off. There was no flickering light from even that. I slid the key in and slowly turned it, the lock clicking and the door opened. Silence. Were you even at home?

I walked inside, closed the door and walked through the apartment. Only the wall clock was making any noise, ticking regularly in the hallway. The only place I didn't look was in your bedroom, so I passed by the clock and pushed your door open. In the glow of your bedside alarm clock, I could see your outline in the sheets. You were completely at peace, breathing slowly. Your day must've been as hard as mine, because you didn't even stir as I approached the bed. You had pulled the covers around somewhat and kicked them off; the springtime air was proving too warm and your feet were sticking out. You were laying on your back, your arms over your head, one leg straight, the other bent to the side. You were so beautiful and yet so vulnerable at the same time.

A nasty thought came over me to tickle your feet, imagining the shock and surprise. That thought went away, scolded by my conscience, replace by another though, much better than the first. Without haste I went into action.

I pulled off my shirt and stripped down to my boxers, kicking off my loafers and then slowly lifted the sheets just where you kicked them off. I could see your silk nightshirt rode up above your equally silky boxers, revealing a heavenly view of you at peace in your slumber. Ever so slowly I leaned over the edge of the bed, watching your eyes to see if you stirred. Nothing. Looking back down, I gently hooked one finger to the side of your boxers and gently tugged them to one side. Within seconds my mouth was watering as I slowly lowered even closer.

The moment came when my tongue touched upon your mound. It was such a light touch, I could only imagine it was a tickle. I wondered how your dreams just took a turn in that moment. I giggled slightly and again touched more significantly. The touch then became a lick. I heard a gentle moan this time, but you still didn't move. My tongue went further, finding your sweet clit. Another moan and then you stirred. Your knee moved slightly, but then returned to open position for more licking. I then went for it, I opened my mouth completely and engulfed your whole pussy inside, licking from perineum to the clit, stopping to swirl around it.

This time you were pulled out of your deep sleep with a quick startle. Your head popped up and you looked down at me.

"Dan? Is that YOU?" you murmured in your shocked-yet-sleepy fog. You reached down and your hand touched my hair, entangling your fingers in my scalp.

"Yes, Sunny, I just got off work and am here for your dreaming pleasure" I replied, holding back another giggle.

"But, what are you...."

"Shhh, Sunny, this is just a dream. Lay your head back and enjoy the pleasure, baby..." and my mouth went back to your sex.

You moaned once more, your head falling back on the pillow. This time, you knew this was no dream and relaxed. I returned to kissing you gently and then going back to licking you fully. In response your knee lifted higher, inviting me in. I licked you deeper, exploring inside, tasting your honey and savoring the moment. My tongue traced long, gentle lines inside you and stroked your clit, starting up a rhythm that caused your hips to rock in harmony. My fingers slid inside and your moan went deeper. I was sucking, swirling, stroking and tasting your every flavor as the moments went on.

I could feel my cock standing at full attention as the moments passed on. My arms were cradling your hips, passing under your thighs, allowing my mouth full access to you. My mouth was fully involved, pressing harder upon your mound as I concentrated on your swollen clit. Mmmmmm, the moaning was turning into a higher pitch, as you neared a climax. Your hips were rocking hard, my mouth never leaving. The licking was rapid flicks and kisses, mingled with tasting the juices and swirling the clit again. Your entire sweet body just shuddered as the first wave of climax washed over you. Your moans stopped as you gasped silently for the moment. More waves and more shudders, your hand clenched my hair, pulling me in further. Your whole pussy quivered in my mouth. The moans returned, in a high pitch fever, then more shuddering.

Then peace. Your hand released my hair, your arm floppped to the bed and your knee, once up, released its tension and fell back down again. I slowly climbed myself up off your bed, straightened out your boxers, your nightshirt and then covered you with the sheet again. You continued to moan even as you were once again covered in safety.

I silently walked out of your room and closed the door behind me. I heard one more long slow moan just before you went back to sleep.

I can't wait to talk to you about it in the morning! Sleep well, Sunny

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