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There's a First Time For Everything  

Oh_Daddy_Yes 57M  
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10/12/2021 5:12 pm
There's a First Time For Everything

I looked at the waitress and pondered
"What's the house known for?"
She glanced at me askance,
As if I'd started the Cold War.

I sensed her apprehension just then,
Explaining "I've never been here prior"
Her eyebrows returned happy,
Sensing my condition not as dire.

She pointed gleefully at the menu,
And exclaimed "Try this, this and THIS!"
Throwing caution the wind, I replied
"That'll be just great, miss!"

She jotted quite quickly, smiling at me
"'s a First Time for everything"
Tucked her pad in her pouch then
Dashed cartwheels and even handsprings.

Quite astounded by her feat of strength,
I attempted to do the
I cartwheeled myself into a wall
And broke up a cribbage game

Sheepishly I returned to my table,
My head sagging quite low.
Then dish after dish appeared,
All from the kitchen, yes, I know.

Mozzarella sticks! Deep-fried okra!
Cottage cheese and berries!
Followed by main dishes of steak,
And even flaming red cherries!

What's this? A second course approaches?
Surf and turf at least!
I couldn't believe my eyes
When they brought in curdled yeast!

Waitress returned to the table beaming,
"Would you like some more?"
I gazed at the table, every inch occupied,
"Sure! But put it on the floor!"

In a half-hour, the table surrounded,
I dare not take any steps!
For everywhere I looked, I saw
Delights! And a stack of crêpes!

How do I stop? What must be done?
For the food was quite amassed
Then in a stroke of brilliance
The task came to me and fast!

"Box it all, every last bit of it"
They hastened to package in bags
I carried my feast of disproportion
To the homeless, all dressed in rags.

's a First Time for Everything!
I cartwheeled my way, now lightened
I returned the hotel
With my entire evening brightened.

Is there one seeking the arms and comfort of an older man?

teddies13 66F  
5 posts
11/20/2021 11:39 pm

cool story

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