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Who is She?  

Oh_Daddy_Yes 57M  
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7/10/2021 1:54 pm
Who is She?

So, this website has proven t_o be a place for a_ll sorts of sexually oriented material. In my first month of p_aid membership I have encountered:
  • Fakes - These have arrived in droves, asking for my e-m_ail, my phone , my Google Hangouts , you . Those usually peter o_ut after they realize they're not going get anywhere with m_e. Seriously, is here looking for their soulmate?
  • Cam Models - Women sit , mostly nude, usually in a near-bored state while staring at the screen and shaking their bared breasts for tips. At least they don't have drive the gentlemen's<b> clubs </font></b>anymore for their tips (Funny note: One was writhing on her activated vibrating 'lovense' when she covered a yawn. O_h, the irony!).
  • Prostitutes/Massage - They are here for the m_oney. It becomes clear after the first response what they want. Usually terms of "serious" or "generous" appear in their descriptions.
  • Flashes in the pan - They usually start with a 'hey' and then never respond after that. Why did they even put the energy into saying that?
  • Women looking for justification - These are individuals have joined and started perusing the site, but then realized that 'these people really want meet'! In reality, they joined just see if they could spice their lives and learn whether they could actually be wanted by another man outside their marriage, but realize they do not have the backbone actually go through with anything.
  • Marriage Questors - They seem to be reaching for perfection.
  • REAL Women - These are individuals are honestly looking for something. They seek another man, another woman, another couple, whatever takes bring a sexual completion back their lives, perhaps even a complete relationship (without the marriage mindedness right off the bat).

    It seems I am the sucker here, because I am the one paid a lot of money t_o see fakes, Prostitutes, flashes in the pan and other disappointments.

    So, what about me?

    Did you ever consider that the introduction fields in our profiles are insufficient? If you agree, then perhaps you've been disappointed by this site or you are looking for something more than the top s_ix items listed above?

    As for m_e, I read those fields. If they l_ook like meaningless bullshit, I chalk them up as Fakes or Prostitutes. Yes, with experience, they're easy to figure o_ut.

    I am a married man 's not enjoyed marital touch, a nice conversation, or intimacy in a very long time. Naively, I thought I could go through life celibate, but it just doesn't work. I want to meet her...
    - I want to plan trips with her.
    - I want to go to the Central Market and b_uy groceries with her.
    - I want to take her on a motorcycle ride and see the sights.
    - I want to go to a trivia night a_t a local bar and feel the challenge of tough questions with her, share a beer (or a drink) and laugh.
    - Whom I can wake up next to and smile, knowing is so much more life ahead.
    - I want feel her heartbeat next mine.
    - I want feel her warmth u_nder the blankets on a cold winter's night.
    - I want l_ook into her eyes and feel my heart skip a beat.
    - I want to watch a movie with her.
    - I want to sail on the open waters with her, seeing the sunrise over the ocean.
    - I want to make love with her u_nder the stars.

    Anyone 's friended m_e knows that I keep an active blog and like keep active communications. If the conversation goes dry (flash in the pan), *poof*.

    So, write some comments, let me know your thoughts. Are you thinking the s_ame thing?

    Is there one seeking the arms and comfort of an older man?

  • lust4life59 63F
    2522 posts
    7/10/2021 6:52 pm

    Actually, we are all "real" women, just with different motives for being on here. Unless it's a man posing as a woman, which I hear happens, but I don't quite get that motive either.

    I wonder sometimes if I'm here just for validation myself. NO I'm not married, and yes I want to meet. But the b/s of jumping though hoops talking to someone, trying to set up a casual safe meet, keeping things real as far as no expectations, sometimes makes not meeting an easier option. Yes my profile is worded as I'm just looking for social interaction between the members on here. I changed it after the first couple of months of looking for a specific relationship/person after having an inbox overflowing with crude pick up lines. Not that changing the wording made any difference in the crude offers, but at least I can justfy to myself why I don't respond to 90 percent of the emails I recieve. I've met a few people from the site over the last 4 years I've been on here though, some of them even could be considered successful meets. I also sometimes end up with a connection with someone that I know I will never meet in person. And I've come to realize that's OK.

    No matter what's on our profile, or the other person's profile, in the end it comes down to communicating and being honest and open after taking your interactions to private, either through emails or IM.

    Oh_Daddy_Yes replies on 7/10/2021 7:03 pm:
    From the man's point of view, 95% of the 'female' profiles are not real women. They're male scammers, looking for money, personal information or other methods of cleaning out a bank account. The remaining 'female' profiles are real women.

    hippiechick1967 57F
    13154 posts
    7/11/2021 11:32 am

    I agree that the introduction part of the profile is too small, but then I read profiles, unlike many on here. Unfortunately, I can only see the first few words of a profile as a standard member because only seeing a few words can lead to confusion. For instance, when I read your post I thought it sounded like you were single but then I checked your profile and it looks like you're married. I think they should make the entire introduction available to standard members.

    Elevate me...

    Oh_Daddy_Yes replies on 7/11/2021 11:45 am:
    I totally agree, hippiechick1967. The Standard Members are pretty much drubbed into jumping through the hoops to become a 'Gold' member (i.e., handing over the gold).

    In my Status Field, I always attempt to include one-word keywords to make it easier to 'thin out the herd'. For example, it now says "Straight, married, neglected, lonely, professional, wanting. My blog is active!"

    Straight => thins out the guys
    Married => thins out those wanting single
    Neglected => thins out those thinking I'm oversexed
    Lonely => Lonely women may find this important as well
    Professional => Have a job, not looking for support
    Wanting => It's why I'm here.

    bustinout20202 64F  
    1034 posts
    10/15/2021 10:10 am

    Soooo, think I would fall into the justification column of your categories. Except, like Lust4Life, I have met folks for real on here; I do have the backbone to meet. I have the same yearnings for a relationship/friendship that you wrote here, even though I am married. But unfortunately, most men I meet are wanting the sexual part of it only. Few ever say, "Hey, let's go boating" or "meet me to hear some music", or "let's get out of town". So, also like Lust4Life, I don't respond to the hard line crude emails. In fact I wonder how effective that approach has been for them?

    ~~~" Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift." --Mary Oliver~~~

    missthee 55F  
    4482 posts
    10/25/2021 7:30 am

    Looks and other details matter, but more than anything I'm interested in understanding how the other person communicates. It can be a short profile, as long as there's nothing that puts me off, or is a red flag.
    Sometimes if the profile text is too wordy, that can be a red flag. I've seen profiles where the paragraphs seemed like cut-and-paste jobs, a collection of stuff the guy saw elsewhere and decided to stick into his page. I web-search key phrases to see if they are original or not.
    I have seen many fake dick pics. Reverse image search is the second step. And possibly also cross-checking the profile here with other dating sites.
    In conclusion, the fakery exists on both sides of the gender divide.
    So much time spent analyzing, researching, blocking.... to get that possible someone.
    It took me a little over two months before my first meet-and-let's-check-each-other-out.

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