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Odd Jobs
Posted:Aug 22, 2021 10:43 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 10:52 am

Joe was an apprentice Carpenter and was completing his last year, he had worked hard and his boss was happy with his work and was going to keep Joe on when his apprenticeship was completed.

Joe lived as a street where a couple of the houses were up for sale. One of his neighbours had recently moved in and had a small list from the Inspection of items which needed repairs. As they were mainly small jobs Joe’s boss called him in.

“Joe if you want to take this work on I don’t mind” its a lot of small jobs and I don’t want to spend time surveying it and pricing it up we are too busy” Joe said he would look into it and tell the boss if it was too much for him or if he needed ladders and a Van.

Joe left early that afternoon and went to see the New Neighbour she was a middle aged lady smart, a bit taller than average and had quite a good figure. She was wearing shorts and a light blouse. She introduced her self as Madge

Joe said his boss had sent him as he lived local and his boss wanted him to asses the work. She handed him the list and showed Joe around. Joe made notes and took a few measurements. He told her he would get back to her later once he had priced the materials required. She thanked him and offered him a cold beer

Joe thanked her and sat down on the back porch, she came back with two beers, She had opened a couple of buttons on the top of her blouse as she bent down and poured his beer into the beer mug he had a great view of her tits. She smiled and said nothing. She poured her own and sat next to him. Pressing her leg against his thigh she explained she had lost her husband in a tragic accident and was starting afresh. Joe said “It’s OK my boss might let me do this on my own I get the materials at trade and I only charge my labour rate which is half of what the Company rate will be”.

Joe went home and the next day spoke to his boss, who agreed just sign out the materials I will let you have them at cost. Joe gave his boss a list of what he needed and he boss looked at it , “Its not much” he said, Joe said “I don’t intend to waste too much time there I will fill out a time sheet just so you know I am not ripping you off” The boss laughed it OK this is penny ante stuff.

Joe worked on the house a few nights and a full day at the week end and after two weeks had completed the work on all the jobs he could do. He worked out his Bill and charged her exactly what his Boss had charged him for materials and his hourly rate as an apprentice (Plus 20 which was still only half of the trade rate. He dressed smartly and went round Madge invite him in she was wearing a thin summer frock and he could see the outline of her panties and bra though the thin material.

He gave her the Bill and told her “I don’t expect the cash tonight but sometime during the next week is OK” :she smiled at him and said “I am a bit short just now but I am sure we can work something out to our mutual satisfaction” She poured him a beer and sat down next to him her dress riding up to reveal a large expanse of thigh.. Joe was no fool and decided he would play along. She want to play the honey trap the OK he thought. “ I have an apprentice Electrician and an apprentice plumber who work with me they can come round and we can fix the rest of the items on you list” If you wanted he said. She looked at him and said “I would be very grateful if you could arrange that”. She wriggled a bit closer to him and her skirt rode up a little more. “She went on “ I am a bit short of Cash could we arrange a discount of some sort” Joe looked at her and said “Well maybe, what did you have in mind” ?

She wrapped he arm around him and kissed him, Joe pulled her close ‘I am going to enjoy this’ he thought. He kissed her back probing with his tongue. She dropped one hand to his thigh and began stroking his cock through the fabric of his pants. He pulled her closer and told her how does 20% sound she kissed him passionately and unzipped his pant pulling his cock free stroking him she straddle him grinding her pelvis against his erection. Joe reached up and undid the zip at the back of her dress and undid her bra straps. She opened his shirt and shrugging off her dress rubbed her breasts in his face his hands moved down and pulled off her panties. Soon both were naked Joe stood behind her and reached up and grabbed both here breasts and gripped tight she squealed “Stop that hurts” Joe gripped tighter his thumbs almost meeting hos middle fingers through her flesh He pulled her up off her feet he sunk his teeth into her neck she wriggled hard her arms flailing suspended by her breasts in his powerful grip she was helpless the fight left her she stopped and went limp

He leaned her forward over a table still gripping her breasts he moved on hand and grabbed her hair and with the other paddled her butt she squealed she could not escape. He kicked her legs apart and slipped his cock inside her wet pussy she bucked back against him her spine banging his lower belly he slipped out and pressed hard against her sphincter she said “Not there please“ Joe pushed hard his erect wet cock entered her she bucked back against him the more she fought the further he went soon his whole cock was inside her her spine banging against his pelvis. He slapped her butt changing hands and pulling her head to one side. She went limp and he climaxed inside her he pulled her upright and gripped her breast again this time his fingers and thumb crushing her nipples his thumb nails digging into her sensitive flesh “Move you ass” he told her pulling her nipples up and down. Reluctantly she move up and down his cock still hard inside her involuntarily she climaxed her body shuddered as she came.

Joe whispered in her ear that’s only a 5% discount. She went ballistic shouting at him “You dirty rotten bastard” Joe pulled out spun her around and punched her just below her belly button she collapsed in a heap gasping for breath He dragged her to the bathroom pushed her head in the pan and flushed it. She was gasping for breath she had a bidet and Joe say her down took the nozzle and switched on the taps adjusting the water temp till it got hot then jammed the nozzle in he pussy she wailed “Stop I will pay you” Joe laughed “I am sure you will” he took the nozzle out and rammed it inside her ass he could see her face contort he pulled it out and let her sit in her misery as her bowels evacuated. He told her to clean up and get in the shower she cleaned the bidet and got in the shower Joe waited until she was done he handed her a robe she put it on Joe pushed her up against the wall and using the robe belt tied her hands crossed in front of her. She looked at him “I will pay you “ I have the money it’s down stairs” Joe lead her down she told him where the money was he counted it out. Signed the Bill and dated it Paid in Full Cash

He showed it to her she nodded “Fine” she said “Now what” ? Joe smiled “Tradesmen don’t like being ripped off so I need to teach you a lesson. He dressed putting on his jeans and shirt and then slipped on his steel capped work boots. He grabbed her hair still wet and twisted it forcing her to the floor. She pleaded but Joe had no mercy he kicked her behind her knee bruising the tendon he kicked her thighs both outside she felt paralyzed then moving up he kicked her ribs she passed out. He lay he on her back and kicked her breasts He went outside and hosed off his boots he came back and checked she was till breathing. He put on work gloves and cleaned up where he had been and mopped the floor around her. He bought her round with some smelling salts she moaned looking at him He gripped her hair and pulled her too her feet She looked at him “Please I can’t take any more” Joe smiled “ When you come out of hospital you house will be fixed properly. You will pay me fully then, understood” She nodded. He pulled her across the room sat on the sifa and pulled her over his knee and spanked her hard his gloved hand leaving her butt glowing red she passed out. He got up and left met some buddies in a bar and about an hour later called the Emergency Services from the bar phone. She has suffered enough.

Later that week he visited her in hospital. He bought her a bunch of flowers and some soft chocolates. He showed her some photos of her house what he had done at first she was horrified. He explained he had been ripped off before and it cost him a lot of money. His Boss had made him work unpaid over tine to recover the materials costs , and he was now out of debt. “How can I repay you” she asked him. Joe bent and kissed her cheek and told her, “You belong to me now you do anything and every thing I ask without question, I won’t hurt you ever again” adding “That is a promise”

She looked at him,” I guess I tried to screw the wrong Guy, they are letting me out in a few days. Most of my bruises are gone and I have two hair line fractures I will still have cast on so I will need help. I can walk with crutches, I am doing exercises every day” Then she burst out crying” Damn you you are he only person who has visited me, and I am in your debt, I am really fucked”. Joe smiled “Not yet but you will be” and squeezed her hand. She smiled weakly and said “Is that a promise or a threat” Joe slipped his hand under the bed sheet and up under her gown , She flinched he gently stroked her flesh her belly and breasts. He bent and kissed her he pinched her nipple playfully and said. “I will be back tomorrow” and slid his hand away and quietly left.

She lay there thinking, ‘karma can be cruel, but she did admit to herself she liked rough sex, although he had gone too far, and she owed him for the extra work he had done.’ Also the bastard had made her cum and she was now feeling a bit wet between her thighs, what a mess I have created’.

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