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Concerning my VFS (Voice feminization Surgery)...  

OliviaVil 51T  
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9/9/2020 8:22 am
Concerning my VFS (Voice feminization Surgery)...

Fairly long post, so warning for TL;DR crowd...

People keep asking about it, so I'll just address it in this post.

Short version: It didn't work.

Detailed, long version:
The procedure was planned take 30-45 minutes, tops, as is historically the case, with patients. For , it took almost 2 hours, which, if you weren't aware, is done while I am awake. Lol. That was fun 😛

I had complications. Some major calcification from my previous trachea shave, that needed correction, which the surgeon performed (at no additional expense to me, btw - Thank you!). Then, to top it off, I have some<b> weird </font></b>anatomy, where my vocal chords aren't quite where they typically "should be" that he tried to work around. Stupid alien DNA, I guess. So he had to battle that, on top of the calcification issue.
Add to those issues, my body's lovely hyper-sensitivity and major swelling that started before the surgery was even completed. That just compounded things.
So during the procedure he found the range around about where we were shooting for and finished up and I must say, it sounded awesome...for about 30 minutes-ish. Right where I was hoping it would be, but then started gradually falling off.

By the time I got back to my AirBnB, it was practically back to my previous range, albeit very sounding. Needless to say, I was pretty distraught and devastated. Almost even hysterical, about it, I guess.

I called talked with the nurse and she calmed me down and said to wait for the swelling to go down and we can reassess. I couldn't take my various pills and capsules without gagging, and had to break them up and mix with something to kill the bitter taste. OMG antibiotics are gross, outside of the capsules! lol. ProTip: Honey helps with the bitterness. Nurse gave me that tip.
How am I holding up? I guess I am "ok". I'm still really down about how it turned out, at no fault of the surgeon, in my view btw, but I am still extremely disappointed.

I knew the risks of failure prior to going in, although we didn't anticipate the complications, which just skyrocketed the likelihood, honestly. At least I can say that the calcification issue, is now addressed. For that, I am grateful, but my voice is probably the top thing that I am dysphoric about myself, now. Even worse so, I guess, than before perhaps, but I'll be ok. I just have to get over it.
A revision isn't feasible for at least a year, if even at all. Probably if it didn't take the first time, for this particular type of VFS, then it won't a second time (in my mind, at least). Right now, I doubt I'll do it, again. At least, this type and maybe none other. I don't know, right now.

For now, I'm just going to take a break from surgeries for at least a year and give my body some rest and time to heal. I am going to concentrate on my electrolysis and getting that behind me, for the next year, but not much more, if anything.

I'm trying to take solace in the fact that I've had phenomenal progress and results, with every other procedure, thus far and my HRT. I consider myself quite lucky, as a matter of fact and I try to be thankful, in that. The voice thing, I'll just have to deal with and try other avenues such as more voice training after I am completely healed 100% and research more on alternative options, possibly, in the future.

I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut and stand there and look pretty. ROFL. I still have jokes!!

"I haven't changed, just replaced all the chains with pearls.."

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