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Hi! Do you think I should pierce my nipples!? I think it would make me hornier? I think Iso
Posted:Nov 25, 2020 7:06 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2021 10:51 am

Thoughts? Anyone done this? How does it feel? I think it’d be so erotic and sexy and make me soooo wet when you play with my tits or when my piercing gets cold it would be sensational feeling would make my nipples rockhard! Which in turn would make my pussy so wet for your big cock
I have great smooth round tits that love to have nipples sucked bit and hold my guts while your cock thrusts inside me
I think id be constantly wet!
I think I may love it.. or not lol
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naughty Neighbour
Posted:Jul 16, 2020 3:45 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2021 10:51 am

Its so hot outside even at 6 am..
I'm up early as always and walking around the house getting the water ready for my tea getting ready for my wake and bake.
I generally have no top on as I sleep in just my panties...and my nipples are so erect as its so much colder downstairs..the feeling actually turns me on.
Im hoping the neighbours aren't around as I forgot to close all the blinds..
I just have my sexy tight black panties on that are see through, and Ive just had a fresh wax. Im feeling really horny as I do most mornings when I get up. Especially when its sunny and early. Especially when my tits are out and IM in full fledged fuck mode with this soft sexy wax.. My pussy is hungry for a tongue and a hard hungry cock to slide deep inside me. Im also feeling rather hungry and eager to suck on a nice hard big cock!
I washed my sheets and they are just finishing in the dryer..
My sheets are a very fuzzy cotton..even in summer... I like fuzzy material against my body esp my breasts..its so extra soft and silky against my skin.,,
I start to fold my sheets and the warmth of the sheets from the dryer presses up against my nipples... Feels so sensual and erotic. .
How I love the feeling... the warmth from the dryer and tickling of the material...
Im talking anything furry against my skin or my breasts.. Oh boy...my nipples will be instantly erect and I will crave more sensation and yearn to feel more touch on my breasts..
Still walking around with my breasts in the open I notice my neighbour talking to a bunch of construction workers outside..I also realized that they have been standing outside my kitchen door basically watching me through the sliding glass door that has sheer coverings.. Only the coverings were parted so I am completely in the open..
I was making my tea, doing the dishes, feeding the cat. All while the men were getting an eyeful..It turned me on and I decided the only way to enjoy this moment is to walk to the sliding glass door and close the drapes very slowly making sure they all get a full view of my breasts and my sweet pussy through my panties.
Well did I ever get a lot of stares and whistles. It made me wet with them gawking at my breasts and me letting them see me exposed and excited.
I was hoping id get a knock at my door sooner or later in that week so I could have a good hard fucking for my naughty deeds I performed every morning..
YES!! that's right...every morning I purposely left open windows blinds fully open and made sure I was visible to the workers and I let them pretend that I couldn't see them all watching me.. By the end of the week I was so pent up from all my naughtiness so I exposed myself numerous times to one particular worker when hed walk by...Couldn't help my slutty horny self. I wanted cock and NOW!
I found him to be young and attractive.
I motioned with my finger several times for him to come over..he kept smiling and nodding...I knew hed eventually give in..Esp after I could see him grabbing his cock after viewing my ample fully in view perfectly round bouncing breasts..I was so wet every day at the thought of me turning these young men on..
Guess what?
That Friday after I showed him enough.. I wanted to fuck.. I think he did too..
Well he must've because... I got a knock at the door!
He Came inside and he grabbed my tits and started to suck and nibble my nipples... fuck I loved it I grabbed his cock through his pants..He had a raging hardone...MMMM One I needed to suck on like a total slut mmm reward him for cumming... as he came inside me again and again before I let him leave.
What a fun week of naughty pleasure!
how many times a day\ week do you like to fuck?
Posted:Sep 13, 2019 8:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 25, 2020 6:52 pm

How many times a day or week do you like fuck?
twice a day 14 times a week for me is suffice for my sexual appetite sometimes more
every day is great too if thats all I can get..I will just be hungrier and more aggressive for cock and cum!
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