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Diary of a Decent Guy
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Diary of a Decent Guy #32 (who is your same sex celeb crush?)
Posted:Mar 8, 2016 10:31 am
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2016 7:34 am
We all have one.... dont try to deny it!

Mine is a man called Brandon Boyd from a band called Incubus... here he is...

I mean, just look at him! My god! He could do whatever he wanted and id smile all the way through

So its got me wondering.... Who is YOUR celebrity crush? has to be same sex as you!
Let me know, see who turns the most people
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Diary of a Decent Guy #31 (i dont judge you, so please dont judge me!)
Posted:Mar 7, 2016 4:33 pm
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2016 4:58 pm

I knew what it meant when i started writing this blog. I realised that i was opening myself up to the internet, and as such both good and bad feedback.

I have tried to make my first blog and ALL of its posts, about sharing things personal to ME. I know not everyone will agree with everything i have to say, and thats fine! you are all entitled to your own opinions - i FULLY respect that. It is all part of what makes us unique. If we all liked the same things, did the same things, wore the same things etc etc the world would be a REALLY boring place!

However following a couple of messages from a member on this site, I have felt the need to write this post.

I really dont mind your opinions on what i write, please do feel free to share them. Good or bad. However when you make the attacks personal, offensive and frankly sick - Then await the aftermath.

I do not hide who i am. My profile is filled and i give as much info as i can. I have been verified, have membership and generally do all i can to prove who i am.

The member in question hides behind no picture, no profile info etc etc aaaaand you see where i am going with this cant you?

For now i shall keep their identity to myself, i wont post it publicly. However i have reported them for it. I have never wanted to report a member before, but honestly had no choice. The messages arent even publishable!

I just want to say if you can be civil even in your negativity, then please do feel free to vent my way. However i will not stand messages of sick nature. I will report you, block you and do all i can to get you kicked off the site.

I dont judge anyone on anything other than how they treat me, and I treat people as a friend until they prove to me otherwise. So keep it civil. We are all here for the same things.

Sorry to have to rant and rave on here. I needed to vent and i felt this was a good outlet. I didnt want to have any moaning blogs. Then again if this is a true "Diary of a Decent Guy" then there will be ups and downs.

Anyway MASSIVE rant over.

Any one for a brew?
Diary of a Decent Guy #30 (why i'd like another threesome)
Posted:Mar 7, 2016 2:33 pm
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2016 3:13 pm
Its probably not the reason you think, It isn't just because I'm a horny guy..... ok, ok, maybe it is a little bit! Hear me out though.

I have been fortunate in my time, to have taken part in a couple of MFF threesomes. On both occasions i was in a long term relationship with the same person, we just invited someone else to join us. Obviously having a threesome with a long term partner, comes with its own prerequisites. You pay your own partner MORE attention than the guest, i mean it just goes with out saying! So i never got to truly let myself go, as i was always mindful of the time i spent on the other person. I know is sounds like i am bitching about threesomes, but that is not the case Its merely an observation. That said, it has lead me to think:

I wonder what a MFF threesome would be like as a single guy?

It is something i am yet to experience, though I aim to change that. The problem is sheer logistics of organising it. Previously it has been easy, 1 couple arranging with 1 other person. Two different parties to organise times and dates with. That is not the case when its three single people. I know its only one more diary to have line up with, but that extra 1 makes all the difference. It just feels so much to organise! Im free, She is free, She isnt or Im free, She isnt free, She is. You get the picture!

Im wondering if any one has any experience in organising things like this, if so please share your tips! Whether via private message or in the comments!

Diary of a Decent Guy #29 (two days to go)
Posted:Mar 7, 2016 1:20 pm
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2016 2:55 pm

I can honestly say that I have never anticipated a meet like the one i have on Wednesday. I become so horny with just nano-seconds thought about it. Whats makes it better... The day after is more of the same thing!

Im not going to mention names, but she is a member from here. Thats why im writing about it! She is local to me, and we have been speaking for months. We have both been eager to meet, but until now our diaries have never over lapped. So now we both intend on making the most of it

I feel really lucky. She is older than me, has an incredible womanly figure. We have chatted at length about our own sexual preferences, and it seems we are very much on the same page.

What makes this different and "unique" for me is...

This will be my first time of taking part in an extra-marital affair.

I know shocking isnt it. Its something i never thought i would say. This is what this woman does to me! I just want to pleasure her body more than anything! Maybe its the "extra risk" that is adding to the anticipation i dont know...

What i do know is this. I literally cannot wait! I know it is going to be hot and horny, and it will have been a long time coming

Im sure there will be a post to talk about it so watch this space.
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Diary of a Decent Guy #28 (happy milf day)
Posted:Mar 6, 2016 3:12 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2016 5:02 pm

Well as i am sure you all know....Today is Mothers Day.

I just wanted to write a post to all those sexy mothers out there, to say:

"you are all awesome! I hope you have had an amazing day!"

I truly feel women are the most amazing of the genders. Firstly they have to deal with us men, and all the nonsense we send their way. Secondly they LITERALLY give birth to life. Thirdly they are the gender with the "non broken" chromosones...therefore they ARE the stronger sex Lastly.... Just look at them all! They are beautiful in all their variations.

Personally i tried to spoil my mom rotten today. I mean dont get me wrong, i always try to show her i love her. Today i went a little OTT... I hand made a card for her (it was awwful but funny!) I bought her some of her favourite flowers (daffodils) and i took both my parents out for lunch. I am happy to say i love my mum, and i wanted her to know it more than she already does!

Guys i hope you have treated all the women in your life, with that bit more love today.

Sorry this is such a short post. There will be a more meaty post later im sure
Diary of a Decent Guy #27 (submissive curiosities)
Posted:Mar 5, 2016 2:44 pm
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2016 6:56 am

I have noticed recently that i have been having, more and more thoughts about being a submissive male in the bedroom. This is strange as i have always found myself to be the more dominant, but i suppose that was to be expected.

I suppose it is the fear of the unknown and the vulnerability of it all. Having always been the one with "the power", free to move and in control of the teasing... its completely out of my comfort zone! That is the what i find myself being drawn to.

I keep having the same thought, of being tied to a bed by a woman (or group of women) and just be used for their pleasure. To have no control over how they use my body. Recently that thought has been driving me crazy! We are talking almost instant hard on...

Now i realise i may be "glorifying" or looking at it through rose tinted glasses. Im just interested to try the other side..little nervous though. I am going to ask if any of you lovely people that read this blog, have any experience you could share with me? Whether you be a guy who likes to be a submissive in the bedroom, or has tried. Maybe a woman who is experienced in being dominant to a submissive male. Please share with me your thoughts on my situation.

I guess what im really asking is can a dominant guy truly become a submissive, even if only on an experimental basis??

I really feel in a pickle so any thoughts, advice or experiences would be welcome. Im not asking for dirty talk on my blog. Im asking for some useful info to make a decision... whether to try it or not

Please Help!
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Diary of a Decent Guy #26 (whats the story with morning glory?)
Posted:Mar 5, 2016 11:35 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2016 2:27 pm
There are no amount of words i can use, to express my distain for mornings! I mean.. They're cold, It means getting out of my bed and adulting. Not to mention the ever present morning erection...

As a single man with an insatiable sexual appetite - I am always horny. So of course it is only natural, for that to be the case in the mornings as well! When i dont have a partner with me, i have to factor in a morning play. Otherwise my day just doesnt function!

Although i hate mornings, as many do, I LOVE morning naughtiness. Ive had several partners who seemed to thrive on it! So i would be brought back from the world of dreams, into an actual dream... a morning blow job then some sexy fun! I mean.. how could i hate THOSE mornings!

I think the thrill of morning fun lies in the unpolished nature of it. You are both greeting the new day, and may be a little fuzzy around the edges. There is no make, hairs not done and you both have morning breath... its just natural, primative perhaps. It is almost like you both allow yourselves to be that little bit more exposed. It just feels a more intimate somehow..... does that make sense!?

What are your views on morning naughtiness?

Diary of a Decent Guy #25 (finally verified!)
Posted:Mar 5, 2016 10:17 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 7:27 am

Let there be much rejoicing!

I have mentioned in a previous post, how i was trying to get my profile verified - and how it seemed to be taking an age! Well at last the joyous day has arrived. My profile has the little blue tick!

I know to many of you, it will seem insignificant. I think however that it is quite significant. Too many people on here hide behind fake photos (or none at all!) and i feel it is important to prove i am who i say i am. For the greater integrity of my profile.

I feel like i should celebrate this milestone in my AdultFriendFinder membership. I only have an evening of housework planned, so i mean it when i say i am open to suggestions! A friendly chat will suffice!

Anyway. I just wanted to say that i am a happy bunny today. My profile is now verified, and i look forward to seeing if it has the desired effect.

Im sure i will be posting something better later on, so watch this space
Diary of a Decent Guy #24 (what do you wear to feel sexy?)
Posted:Mar 4, 2016 2:15 pm
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2019 4:03 am

So after scrubbing up last night, it got me thinking. When im trying to dress to impress, whats my "go to" outfit? The ensemble that makes me feel the sexiest i can with what i was given

I think my outfit of choice would be as follows:

My Black Mohair Tailored Suit.
My Tailored Black Shirt
My Purple Tie
Polished black shoes.
My favourite black trunks (tight boxers)
Finished off with a spray of something that makes me smell yum!

Obviously added to the above would be the usual body grooming etc.

So that then lead me to thinking about whether other people had a "secret weapon" that they bring out when they are on the prowl. The outfit that seems to have an unparalleled success rate with the opposite sex! you know which one i mean.... The Suit, The LBD, The Skimpy number that makes your tits and ass look great.

Now i know many of you dont like to chip in with comments. I would like you to make an exception for this post. Id love to hear where youre from and what your "outfit of mass attraction" is..... Go on share with post

I look forward to hearing what makes you all feel sexy!
Diary of a Decent Guy #23 (spontaneous naughtiness)
Posted:Mar 4, 2016 12:13 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2016 3:29 pm

I would like to begin by giving a bit of back ground story. I have been messaging a member on here for about a little whie. I noticed her pictures straight away, she has the most amazing curves you have ever seen - hourglass perfection! She is a bit older than me, but as you already now... i love an older woman. So the scene is set.

At first she seemed a little aprehensive, i found out later it was just new member nerves! She hadnt been on the site long and had experienced some "interesting" things on here. We began to chat in the evening and i tried to take things slow to make her feel comfortable, to show her i was different. The more we chatted, the more it seemed out personalities aligned.

It was only a few days ago that we finally reached a place, where she felt comfortable to give me her number. I couldnt believe it - genuinely felt like Christmas! We began exchanging messages and things seemed to be going well. I was still not putting any sort of pressure on her. I was just enjoying getting to know her.

That brings us to last night. As we had for the nights before, we began to message each other. We chatted for a couple of hours and we were really getting along well. There came a point in the conversation where it was both funny and appropriate, for me to offer to go to hers and do some very naughty things to her. It was sent very much tongue in cheek. Its now about 11:30 at night and all of a sudden we begin to discuss us meeting. Still i tried to play it cool. I made sure she was certain about the meet!

I drive to hers through the driving snow, took me about 45 minutes. I ring her to get help in finding my final location. I couldnt find her house! The conversation where she honed me in on her spot, was actually the first time we had heard each others voices! This is so random! I find her finally, and we head to hers.

As we made our way into her home i couldnt help but just stare. Her figure was stunning. Curves in all the right places. Our first face to face conversation starts, and we quickly put each other at ease. I find out that joining the a site like this is completely against the grain for her. She is wanting to try new things, be a bit more spontaneous and just have some fun! Fine with me! We get a drink and sit down and start to chuckle about how spontaneous the night was. I didnt know her a fortnight ago, now Im in her home with a raging hard on and an insatiable lust for her.

The conversation didnt last long. We were both really horny and felt we had already waited long enough. We began to kiss, and my cock started to feel like it was going to explode! It took everything i had to not fuck her straight away! But we both resisted long enough to throw in some sexy foreplay as we undress each other.

We began to get very very naughty. Right there in her lounge. She has a huge corner sofa with lots of cushions, so a wide variety of positions was available to us. As i began to slide inside her, my mouth nibbling her gorgeous breast. She let go a moan which just drove me wild! Thats was it... we both began to work the others bodies in perfect harmony.

We had a lot of naughty fun last night. We also had some cuddles on the sofa in between. We discussed music and she was surprised that i knew the bands i did. As we chatted in between the fun, chose songs to play each other. We realised we were worringly similar. So of course, we had another sexy session to celebrate. Before we knew it it was approaching 4 am, and as i had work at 9..we headed to her bed. The new location spurred us on to even more naughtiness, before finally falling asleep in each others arms.

At 7am after only a few hours sleep, i begin to feel a hand on my cock and soft lips on mine. What a way to wake up this is! We again begin to tease each other and things quickly got even sexier once more. After a while she was once more working her hips back and forth, whilst taking me deep inside her. It took everything i had to leave her this morning. I just wanted to spoon with her all day. Talk about random stuff and fuck her over and over. But i couldnt and thats where our meet ended. Off i went to work.

I wanted to write a blog because i cant believe how she has gone from apprehensive, to last night in such a short space of time! I never thought i was going to have some sexy fun last night, but the thoughts of last night will stay with me for a long time. She can do incredible things to me! I know its cliche but she made me feel things i never have! mmmm so intense! Through chatting to her in between our fun. I found out what a strong, fiery, passionate and open minded person she was. I dont just mean sexually, but our world views seemed to overlap a great deal also.

Im looking forward to meeting her again. We have both agreed we would like regular rather than one off. We both drive and can accomodate so no problems there! Thanks AdultFriendFinder for helping to introduce me to such strong and independant person, who knows her own mind and loves the sexy time She is awesome.


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Diary of a Decent Guy #22 (a sexy little poem)
Posted:Mar 3, 2016 1:36 pm
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 7:27 am

I decided to get my creative side out and try to write a poem. I wanted to try to put across some of the things i find sexy, sultry and erotic. So here it is.... apologies in advance.


Its the things you say when we talk alone,
That get me all hot, though we are on the phone.
Its your gentle touch and your warm embrace,
That makes me wish to be no other place.

Its when you softly kiss my lips and you pull me close,
Whispering the things i love to hear the most,
While we cuddle together in the afternoon,
That keep me as your naughty lust sick fool.

Its when you wear my shirt though it loosely fits,
giving me a naughty look while you bite your lip.
Its the way you know what your body craves,
That keeps me wanting to just misbehave.

Its the way you hold my head and you start to moan,
As my tongue starts to tease you down below.
Its the dirty talk while i slide in deep,
That makes me realise, we are what each other needs.

Its the enjoyment you show me in your eyes,
As i slide inside you for the first time.
Its the way you gasp, but yet you ask for more.
That drives me so wild and makes me all yours!

Its just those little things you do, probably without thought,
That makes me want to do things, where we could get caught!
I guess all it is, that i want to be said..
Is that if you are like this, please come get in my bed


Now im sure you can tell, i dont by any means claim to be a poet. It was more that i wondered if i could come up with something. So here it is, the result of 1 pen, 1 piece of paper and 1 crazy person who just started writing.... Hope you enjoyed it. x
Diary of a Decent Guy #21 (innocence or experience?)
Posted:Mar 3, 2016 11:37 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 7:27 am
The time has come for my usual ramblings on one subject or another. Tonights chosen topic - which is better? Innocence or experience

So there it is. How do you choose? i mean if you REALLY had to choose one...

Personally i think there is certainly something to be said for experience. The knowledge of just how to get the opposite sex going - how could that not be the answer?

The problem is... there is just SOMETHING about being with someone less experienced than yourself... you know... "teaching them a thing or two" So may be it isnt quite as clear cut.

I suppose, if i really had to choose... id probably go for experience.

What about yourself? which side of the fence do you find yourself on? Id like to start a discussion about this so please dont just read this and leave. Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts!

I look forward to hearing all your points of view!
Diary of a Decent Guy #20 (being a male dancer)
Posted:Mar 2, 2016 4:31 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2016 1:53 pm

Ok...so i lied in my last post! What can i say.... i just couldnt keep myself away! I just felt that as this is a mini milestone (20th post!) it needed to be something meaty, rather than just a quick post.

Ive decided to write a post about one of the biggest parts of my life, being a male ballroom and latin dancer (competitively) Yeah its not something many guys can claim It is something that has been a part of my life since i was 3. I wasnt forced in to it. I chose. I have to admit, i honestly believe it is one of the best decisions of my life! Ive decided to break the post down in to some key points, that i hope help you to understand a little bit more about whats its like growing up and maturing as a male dancer..


The Stigma

Although i think this is fading bit by bit, thanks to shows like Strictly Come Dancing. It doesnt change the fact there is still a stigma attached to being a male dancer. It doesnt seem to be from women, but from other males...If i had a pound for everytime ive been asked if i was gay... well i would be a very rich man. When i was growing up it was a lot worse than it was today. Growing up in Yorkshire - wasnt particuarly considered manly. This makes me laugh so much. I was once at a family meal, where a dear cousin who is a big rugby player piped up. At this point i was about 18, used banter, and used to the same old shit regards my dancing. Anyway. He decided to have a little dig and this is how it transpired for him...

cousin: You're such a little gay boy for being a dancer..

me: Says the Rugby player...

cousin: [laughs] Yeah says me! how the f**k could i be gay?

me: Ok let me put it to you in its simplest terms. "you role around in the mud with 23 other men. Insisting on throwing yourselves at each other, Then go shower with them. On the OTHER HAND. I hold beautiful women, in skimpy dresses here [gestures next to my body] as they press themselves to my body, then work their way up and down it".... so tell me dear cousin, out of the two of us... which of us is the gay one?

cousin: *shocked silence*

Now i hate the use of homophobic slander during banter. I dont see it as a negative thing, however my cousin is not that kind of guy. Since that time he has been to see me compete, and has very much changed his tune! He now realises what a physically demanding sport it is. I can play 90 minutes of football easy, id love to see my mates do 20 minutes of consecutive Latin Dance! In fact id pay to see that!

Strictly come dancing has had a massive effect. It has made it cool. Hopefully one day the instant stigma will disappear!


True Gentleman

I have grown up surrounded by women. Most of my friends are women. I just seem to get along better with women. I like to think its because im a nice guy. I have always been brought up to treat women with nothing less than respect. Ive been raised on going the whole nine yards... opening doors, give you my coat etc the lot! Its just the way i was brought up

I really believe that Dancesport helps to teach you these qualities. You share your intimate "personal space" with someone. You have to get along with them, you have to trust them and you DEFINATELY have to respect them!

I know what you are thinking... "why is a guy who belongs to this site, trying to claim to be a gentleman" I only have one response to that. Meet me, find out.

You can call me old fashioned, in fact you can call me whatever the hell you like. I wont change. I am a Gentleman. That doesnt stop me having a ridiculously naughty side. It just means i know how to treat a women, both in and out of the bedroom.


The Moves!

I would be lying if i said it didnt have its perks. Once again i shall break it down in to its simplest terms - I have Rhythm, I have Stamina, I have full control of my Power, I know how to use my Hips/Body.

I adore using my body control, to tease my sexual partner. It allows me to do things ive been told "are unique" to me but "so f**king good!" I mean i dont want to sound too big headed, but its all there in black and white. What is not to LOVE about that recipe for naughtiness?

Do i really need to say any more on that? I didnt think so!


An All Rounder

This bit may come as a bit of a shocker. Maybe not.. Some of the things i have learnt to do, due to growing up around women, is ridiculous. I can paint nails, straighten hair, sew, apply make, apply fake tan, apply fake lashes/nails, apply Rhinestones to dance dresses.....the list literally goes on a little more than i like to admit publically. (all the fakery is due to the competition scene!not because i like everyday fake women!)

I think this is how it should be. Why shouldnt i be able to help a woman get ready?I think its extremely metrosexual of myself


So there are a few points that sum up, a bit of what its like to be a guy who dances. I love my dancing with every cell of my being. Its who i am. Its my release. I wanted to share this part of me with you all!

Hope you enjoyed the read. Feel free to leave me comment to let me know youre thoughts!

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