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Diary of a Decent Guy
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Diary of a Decent Guy #19 (how special do i feel!)
Posted:Mar 2, 2016 2:20 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2016 3:14 pm

Well ive just gone back over all my old posts. I noticed that all my posts views had increased quite dramatically in the last 24 hours! So i decided to add up and find out my total views - OVER 3000!!! Ive only been blogging a week!ish...

So i just wanted to say a huge thank you to all those people that have read my posts so far. I set out on this bloggers journey, not knowing what lay on the path ahead of me. Seeing such a response in such a short time, reassures me that im not just jabbering rubbish!

I will continue to try and keep my posts as fresh and relevant as i can!

You are all awesome!

New "proper" post coming tomorrow...

Much love x
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Diary of a Decent Guy #18 (going down,down,down)
Posted:Mar 1, 2016 2:48 pm
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 8:20 am

I would like to start by making quite a bold statement - I Love going down on a woman. Ive been sat wondering if it is indeed my favourite sexual act to peform. I want to share what the case for it was

The Journey Down
I think the moments before the fun begins, are important to build the suspense. Personally i like to slowly make my way down a womans body, with a series of kisses and nibbles I dont just jump straight in, even once im down there. I like to caress the inside of her legs, get close to starting but staying "just away"... Its the suspense of it all. I love to see the squirm of their bodies as it craves my tongues stimulation... makes the first contact all the more special speaking of which...

First Contact
Hopefully by this point I have denied her just enough that her pussy is craving my attention. As my tongue tastes her pussy for the first time its almost like i suddenly become an animal... I just need to make her wetter, i need to make her cum with my mouth! it drives me wild. I love this moment. Thats without mentioning the reaction of her body. Its such a beautiful thing to see, the way a womans body reacts to being stimulated... any way moving on..

The View
I am not sure i can think of anything sexier, than being able to look up her body and see its reactions. It turns me on so much teasing her pussy lips and clit with my tongue, tasting her getting wetter and wetter....while seeing her squirm and contort..directing me to what her body wants me to do! I can literally think of nothing that gets me hotter, than seeing a womans body enjoying orgasm

My Tongue
I have been told that i have a very long and dexterous tongue. I love to use that to my advantage and i like to tease lightly, go in patterns. My favourite thing to do with my tongue is... wait im not sure i should give away one of my secret techniques...but it involves me teasing a womans clit, and her counting to whatever number she can handle ill let your imagination do with that what it will!

The Intimacy
Is there anything more intimate than this? Im not sure there is... I dont have to go in to a lot of detail for this one. It should be pretty self explanatory. I do love the intimacy of going down on a woman. Not sure what else to say on it ha.

I Become The Duracell Bunny
I just want to keep going and going and going...
I have been known to spend over an hour just teasing a partner with my mouth. If you like having your pussy licked you might want to send me a message. I would literally stay down there until told to stop. You want it for hours and hours? My pleasure!

So there are some of the factors i thought about. Im not sure i have quite expressed me true thoughts on the matter, but i hope you followed it ok...
To summarise. I love giving oral to women. I love everything about it. I want to do it all the time..... I need to taste a womans pleasure now!dammit! Im off...
Diary of a Decent Guy #17 (anyone elses notifications being weird?)
Posted:Mar 1, 2016 12:54 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2016 3:02 pm

Ive logged on tonight and it appears that the site has lost its mind a bit. Has anyone else noticed anything strange with there home page?

On the left hand side of my home page, where the message, viewed by and the rest of them are... its just showing blue circles as if i have been viewed or whatever. Not the usual cumulative totals. Just the new notification blue spots on most of the options. When i check to see who it is in whichever option there is no new viewer or messager etc. Then when i return to the home screen it hasnt even cleared the notification!?

What i want to know is...

Is anyone else having this problem?
Is it just one of those minor glitches that happen from time to time?
What can i do to sort it? (its annoying the hell out of me!)

Please let me know! this is genuinely driving me insane! dont let me suffer alone!
Diary of a Decent Guy #16 (box of naughty tricks)
Posted:Feb 29, 2016 3:32 pm
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2016 12:45 pm

So the time has finally come to reveal.... I have a box of naughty tricks. Its true - Maybe a little weird - but true none the less. They arent something i use every time, but with the right partner...well you know I wanted to write a blog about my which toys i have and why i like to utilise them!

Probably the most highly used "toy" in my collection. They allow me to tie my partner into a number of positions, or to a bed I love having a womans bodie there for my taking - nothing she can do but she knows its about to be one hell of a ride! Ive said before i like to be dominant in the bedroom so its only natural these would be high on the list!

The old favourite. Whats not to love with this. Removing one sense only heightens the others. I like to use mine for foreplay, during the main event, to tease or in any other number of ways. Ive been told being blindfolded just makes things that bit more intense. Nothing wrong with that now is there?

Vibrator with Clit Stim
I love using my pink toy. I feel i have really learnt how to get the best results. Obviously has various settings which i love to play around with. I love to tease a womans clits, rubbings its shaft down the outside of her pussy. Denying her it deep inside of her. However to the opposite end of the spectrum... I also love to slide it deep and keep it in there. It all depends on what the womans body is telling me to do

Bullet & Bullet Massager
I know, two toys one description. whats with that? allow me to explain...
I bought my first bullet and loved it. However during a wander round a well known sexy shop, with a partner of the time. I discover the bullet massager. My god what a difference. Its very similar but has a bit more of a bulbus head. Not to mention the much more varied speed settings and intensity levels! This particular toy has got more girls squirting for me than any other. Just saying.

Butt Plug
Do i really need to explain this one? Thought not

Male Masterbator Vibe
This is a new one to me. Still kind of getting used to it. Basically its a vibrating wrap for my cock as i play. It has bobbles that stimulate various bits, and it does feel nice...mostly. I dont know, it may be that im just getting used to the vibration. Ill give it time though. Rome wasnt built in a day and all that.

So there are just a few of my toys. Some of the more commonly used out of those i own. I love using them to tease partners or provide them with deep sustained pleasure. Obviously i keep them spotless.

All this said. Au Naturale is still equally as amazing!

Diary of a Decent Guy #15 (my first video)
Posted:Feb 28, 2016 11:05 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2016 11:40 am

So the day has finally arrived. I have popped my video posting cherry. I feel liberated haha.

I know the video itself isnt much. Its just me saying hello to everyone. I feel its a good way for people to see i am a genuine guy, and that i am who i say i am. At least now the first one is posted and it achieves that purpose, i can move forward with some naughtier vids - so watch this space!

Anyway. I realise many of you have posted many more videos of yourselves. Mainly in much more compromising situations - But this is my first time. You dont go straight to BDSM on your first time sexually. I feel it should be the same for posted videos. Now there is a link you didnt think you would hear today!

So thats all i really have to say at the moment. I just felt that the posting of my first video justified a celebratory blog post! Feel free to check it out. Its only a few seconds of your life. Witness the dawning of a new era. Me posting videos!

Anyway back to tha naughtiness! Im sure i will find something else to write about shortly!
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Diary of a Decent Guy #14 (todays accomplishments)
Posted:Feb 27, 2016 4:56 pm
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 8:20 am

I think i have mentioned before in one of my posts that this is my first two day weekend of the year. Today i admit, i have spent a frankly ridiculous amount of time on this website. Im bored, im single, im horny and it managed to hold my naughty interest. I feel in terms of making progress it has been a good day. You see i am eager to join the wider AdultFriendFinder community. Its one of the reasons i started my blog. I feel today i have made some good steps towards it today!

Thanks to posting my blog, i have been fortunate to meet some really nice, interesting and sexy people from all around the world. Its interesting to talk about sex. Whether views,experiences or titillations its always interesting to learn what makes others tick!

I have been fortunate enough to become friends with these people and i look forward to getting to know them better in time. Not only that i have also chatted to alot of local ladies to me. They seem to have the same outlook on sex as myself so it all seems rosie there too!

Lastly ive decided i am going to make a video in the morning and upload it to my profile to help prove that i am who i say i am, and to help get me verified quicker!lol

Any way this was just a brief entry in the Diary of a Decent Guy, but felt it was worth mentioning.
Diary of a Decent Guy #13 (tease me, please me)
Posted:Feb 27, 2016 2:29 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2016 3:07 pm
I just adore being teased, and Im sure many of you feel the same way. Its a factor of sex i havent always liked though, but thats irrelevant now because im never going back! whether it be denying a kiss by millimeters, or keeping the tip of my cock near your pussy but not letting me in.... mmm guaranteed way to make me want you even more! For me its an art form.

When i was younger it was all about "wham, bam, thankyou madam" but that was a time before i matured in my sexual tastes. Before i discovered who i was sexually. Im sure if you think back to your younger selves your tastes have developed! Teasing was something i learnt a couple of years in to my sexual experience, i know, took me while! It is now strange to think of having sex without teasing being included. There are many things that i like to have done, and to do.. so here are just a few. Feel free to share your own!

1. Forbidden Kiss
I have always found this so hot when used during a hot passionate sex session. At the point you do this to me, i should be deep inside you and both of us edging closer to climax. You know what im going to say next, you bring your lips close but dont make contact, you deny me the taste of your lips. Just for a moment, long enough to make me desire for you rocket. Then you kiss me long and hard, before finishing with a nibble of my lip! mmmm perfection!

2. No Entry
This well drive me wild. It makes the reward so much more satisfying though! It doesnt necessarily have to be just at the start of sex either... mid way through is even naughtier. Being denied the feeling of your body and mine as one just makes me want it oh so much more! Really is a case of less is more!

3. Oral Denial
Having a woman tease the end of my cock with her tongue, or lick the length of my shaft feels amazing, couple that with the denial of being able to slide my cock down their throat again makes me want it more!I realise i may be starting to sound like a broken record!

4. Burlesque
I love the glorious art of burlesque. The erotic dancing that leaves things to the imagination. It seduces you with what it doesnt show. It gets my mind going into over drive. I want to see it all. Show me... SHOW ME! Its beautiful, being able to show enough to drive a man wild whilst keeping your decorum - perfection! For me this is the sexiest of all naughty dance forms.

So there is a few of my favourites. I know all of you reading this will probably do all of these already, because having good sex dictates it! Im not trying to teach you all new tricks or anything like that. Im simply saying why i love to be teased my self and to emphasise my love for the tease. Hope it made you think of some naughty times you have already had where you were teased to distraction!

Thanks for having a read. Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to follow me, im aiming to post regular ramblings of a random guy from Yorkshire.. me. Ill try to keep them all interesting!
Diary of a Decent Guy #12 (its the subtle things..)
Posted:Feb 27, 2016 10:23 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 8:20 am
Ive been sat at my computer for a few hours now, maybe im going a little computer crazy i dont know. I have been trying to come up with something deep and meaningful to post. I havent succeeded. Instead im going to discuss some of the subtle little things that women do, that i find sexy as hell. It doesnt always have to be big gestures that drive me wild!

A Gentle Touch - whilst sat chatting or walking down the street it doesnt matter. The gentle touch just to emphasise a closeness cant be beaten. It doesnt have to be anywhere intimate - a touch of the hand is the easiest to sly in there! A touch where in that brief moment,both parties know exactly what it signifies.

A Brief Glance - For me there is no greater weapon in a womans arsenal than this. I have always felt that you cant tell exactly what a woman thinks by looking at her eyes. It can be both terrifying and glorious to behold - depending what the look is! Again, it doesnt matter. It could be a split second of eye contact and a smile through a crowded room, or looking into each others eyes during love making... without saying a word a well placed glance expresses everything you need to! My favourite is have a girl look down at me whilst i am licking her clit. The look in her eyes of pleasure going through her body and her craving for more! mmmmmm love it!

Playing With Your Hair - This is where i probably make myself sound a little creepy, if i havent already. I find this particuarly attractive. A woman casually playing with her own hair, twirling it round her fingers - there is just something about it. Again it doesnt have to have sexual overtones, it could be someone sat there reading a book over a coffee... Its just sexy!

A Bite of The Lip - I dont think i need to say anything here really do i? we all know its sexy! It says i want it, i love it, i cant help myself and oh so many more things! If a woman does this to me, she better hold on tight!

So there are a few things that i find a woman does that arent necessarily the bigger gestures, but for me are still erotic. Id be interested to hear both genders response to this post. Ladies what do guys do that drive you wild... remember the little things, not the usual suspects. Fellas, is there anything that a woman does that ive missed off of that list? let me know!

Im looking forward to reading your responses!

Diary of a Decent Guy #11 (saturday company)
Posted:Feb 27, 2016 8:56 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 8:20 am

Today is the start of my first two day weekend of the year! I have been looking forward to it for weeks, the thing is i dont know what i want to do with myself! I have thought i would just give myself a nice easy weekend of relaxing, to take the stress off from my fast paced and busy life. However, im sat here wanting to add a little spice to my Saturday and Sunday...

I dont know whether its just my usual sex drive doing its thing, or whether its the effect of having spent hours on here... but i am really horny. I know right, a horny guy on a site like this - calm yourself ladies, one at a time!

I would love to have found a regular fb, with who i could enjoy this lazy weekend! Sitting under the sheets watching crap tele with snacks, then naughtiness. Followed by chatting rubbish to each other a bit, then more naughtiness. You know i good healthy friendship with benefits!

So if you find yourself in my predicament, youre sat at home bored and need of a mischief partner.... get in touch. Im a genuine guy and id be happy to chat to see where it takes us!

Ideally you would be in the UK, somewhere within reasonable driving distance of West Yorkshire, and you must be wanting to just have a couple of days together having some fun and enjoying each others company!

Too much to ask for?
Diary of a Decent Guy #10 (if music be the food of love..)
Posted:Feb 26, 2016 11:19 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2016 2:01 am

Music has long been used as a means for humans to express their feelings. It is only natural then, that music and sex would go hand in hand. I wondered what sort of music i would use in the bedroom myself. I found it quite a hard question to answer if im honest. I dont personally dont think its just a case of throwing on the slow jams and having at it! So i started to muse over what different styles may bring to the bedroom, and here is the nonsense i came up with...

Slow Jams - Might as well start with the classic from Barry White to Michael Buble have long been used as part of the sexual ritual. The velvety soft tones and easy rhythms allow lovers to go nice and slow, intimate and romantic.

Pop - Some pop music could be used for foreplay, some for the main event. I mean i cant think of a man who wouldnt love a woman to dance for him to Christina Aguileras Dirty! But then within the genre you have slower, faster songs that can add to the mood. I know what i mean to say but dont feel im vocalising it well there..sorry

Dance - I know, time and a place and all that..but hear me out. Lets think about it, good for helping to keep a rhythm. Fast deep beat ladies?

Classical - The sheer length of these pieces could be useful. They invariably try to tell a story, going through highs and lows.. building to a crescendo!? hmmm sounds familiar

Now i know i have only touched briefly on a few genres, but thought it was interesting that they all bring something different to the..well erm bed. I have always enjoyed a bit of Buble if anything, but might try some others and throw in some random types!should be interesting!

Let me know what music gets you in the mood
Diary of a Decent Guy #9 (the allure of an older lady)
Posted:Feb 25, 2016 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2016 9:19 am
If i am going to write a blog about me, myself and i then sooner or later this would have to come up. I know i know, its the old cliche of "young guy older woman" but i dont think it is as simple as that anymore.

You see i read i blog the other day, i cant remember who wrote it, i read alot! In it they discussed the "mummy" fetish that some people find erotic. I found myself asking whether thats the reason i have always had an attraction to the older woman, and i honestly believe it isnt.

You see..

I have always found the mind an extremely erotic facet of a womans make up. The thought of connecting with a mind and body more experienced than myself.... well frankly i find it really rather sexy! I mean dont get me wrong i have had my fair share of experiences.. but im sure there are some things they could show me

I know it is quite a common fantasy amongst men, whether spoken about or not. Maybe it is a subconcious yearning to feel submissive as the lesser experienced person, i dont know. All i know is beauty is beauty no matter the age, race, gender or sexual preferences.

I for one love the silver cougars out there - i hope i find me one

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Diary of a Decent Guy #8 (unexpected surprises)
Posted:Feb 25, 2016 11:59 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2016 10:33 am

Hey to all of you lovely readers, that like to take just a moment out of their day to read my incoherent ramblings i hope you have all had a great Friday Eve!


I decided to write this post tonight following an earlier realisation. I have been a very lucky boy recently and it has made me very happy. Earlier today during a quick day dream at work, my mind wandered back over the past couple of weeks and realised how many "Awesome surprises" i had been fortunate enough to experience...

If you have read my #7 post, you will already know of one of those surprises but aside from that massive shock, there have been quite a few others aswell. So if you dont mind id like to share a couple with you....

I have mentioned before that I am a competitive ballroom and latin dancer. As a dancing male, straight away you are a rare breed. As such EVERY girl in the dancing world, wants to dance with a man. Blokes usually end up partnering in many different age groups, as they are "utilised" as much as possible....anyway irrelevant. So last week i got a phone call from a friend of mine who owns a dance school. A school i dont represent or train under, but who i have ties to due to my friend. He told me that he had been asked by one of his dancers to ask if would consider partnering her. She had been a little nervous to approach me herself. As i talked to my friend the penny began to drop. He was on about one of his dancers that is a current National Champion in her age group! So its safe to say i bit his hand off at that chance...... even if i do have to treat him as a teacher not as a pal

The next surprise is a series of little surprises that have happened over the past few weeks. I have been recieving friend requests on social media from very old friends that i havent spoken to for a long long time! Its always nice to catch up with old friends and reminisce about the good old days haha

Lastly, Im pleasantly surprised by how much i am enjoying this blogging malarky, and how addictive im finding it! Its not something ive ever done before (hence its probably a little rough at the edges!) but i find it very therapeautic to be able to post my thoughts and musings on various subjects. I really hope if nothing else ive at least managed to make one person smile with my randomness.

So there you have it. They are just a few of the unexpected surprises that have brought a smile to my face

If you have had any surprises do the same recently, feel free to share!
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Diary of a Decent Guy #7 (business and pleasure)
Posted:Feb 24, 2016 3:08 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2016 10:34 am

Well today has been unsual.... enjoyable, very enjoyable..... but unusual. I seem to have a spring in my step, a smile on my face and so much luck that i really should by a lotto ticket!

You probably dont already know this, but i am estate agent. The nature of my job means that i go out to do viewings and visit peoples houses. Its great! no two days are ever the same, and i get to meet some really interesting people.

Today however is a first for me. To be honest, even as i think back over the days events, i cant quite believe them. I feel i should write them down because there is a film script in there somewhere!Let me explain...

This morning was just like any other, i dragged my backside out of bed kicking and screaming, got ready and headed in to the office. Made myself a couple of tea, had a catch up with work mates and sat down at my computer. As always i checked my days diary to see what i had booked in. Most of my day it seems would be out of the office conducting viewings, so i grabbed the keys i needed and headed on my way.

All was normal up until my next to last appointment of the day. I turned up at one of our vacant rental properties to show a lady around. Now i admit, doing the job i do, you do have to make snap judgements on people. Its the nature of the beast. This lady was no exception to that rule, as she walked along the road towards me i thought "oh god she looks like a right miserable bitch" - a face like thunder!

We head into the property and begin to make small talk as we wander around. To be honest I was just trying really really hard not to stare. This girl wasnt what you would call "traditionally" attractive, but there was something about her. She had curves in all the right places, short ginger hair and the most vivid green eyes ive ever seen. She dressed well, and wore things that really highlighted her features beautifully and made her look classy.

As we walked around heading in and out of rooms, i noticed we kept brushing against each other. At first i thought nothing more than it was a confined space, then i noticed her deliberately move herself to ensure we touched. This was the point i really didnt know what to do! My inner professional told me to keep cool, but the larger part of my being was screaming to do something else! We continued our tour to the next room. I kept going over what i would do and say, getting nervous with each passing thought. As we went to leave the room, again she went to ensure we brushed. I grabbed her hand and held it in mine. She looked me square in the eye and said "what are you doing?" i was so embarrased! I literally went bright pink and began stuttering out an apology. She just chuckled and wandered into the next room.

It had become so awkward! how could i be such a fool! I could hardly look her in the eye.....OH GOD! what if she tells my boss! P45 time!

We wander round the last few rooms and finally head towards the front door to leave again. She asks to quickly use the toilet before we leave as she had a long drive ahead of her. So i waited patiently by the front door. There i stood playing on my phone for a few minutes until i noticed something out the corner of my eye.

I look up the stairs and there she is stood - naked. I mean nothing. Well, that finished me off, but after my earlier embarrasment i really went pink for a moment. I didnt know where to look. Thats not usually like me, but the time and the place caught me off guard i guess!

She slowly starts walking down the stairs, one hand playing with her left tit, and the other beginning to slowly rub her self. As she walks towards me she says "i was only messing with you earlier, im not usually like this. I just cant resist a man with glasses, or a man in a suit" by this point she is now stood nose to nose with me. Her gorgeous breasts pressing against my chest, her hand now rubbing my crotch. "I never stood a chance with you did i?" she said erotically before beginning to kiss me!

THATS IT! No more resistance from me. Professional or not - I am not missing this opportunity, and wow am i glad i didnt. Im not going to go into all the details there is no need, but there were somethings she did which drove me wild!

First off she could clench her pussy! oh my god, how good that felt i cannot describe, she knew exactly what she was doing! Not only that our rhythm matched each other perfectly, i got really really deep.

The thing that stood out for me though was this. She became the first person ever to make me cum with just her mouth! the blow job i got today, and for that matter the sex that followed - are some of the best i have ever had!

So to wrap this post up....

To all those people who say you shouldnt mix business with pleasure - Shut up!
I did just that today and because of it, had one of the most memorable and horny days of my life.

today was a good day

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