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Diary of a Decent Guy #12 (its the subtle things..)  

OnlyASexToy85 36M
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2/27/2016 10:23 am
Diary of a Decent Guy #12 (its the subtle things..)

Ive been sat at my computer for a few hours now, maybe im going a little computer crazy i dont know. I have been trying to come up with something deep and meaningful to post. I havent succeeded. Instead im going to discuss some of the subtle little things that women do, that i find sexy as hell. It doesnt always have to be big gestures that drive me wild!

A Gentle Touch - whilst sat chatting or walking down the street it doesnt matter. The gentle touch just to emphasise a closeness cant be beaten. It doesnt have to be anywhere intimate - a touch of the hand is the easiest to sly in there! A touch where in that brief moment,both parties know exactly what it signifies.

A Brief Glance - For me there is no greater weapon in a womans arsenal than this. I have always felt that you cant tell exactly what a woman thinks by looking at her eyes. It can be both terrifying and glorious to behold - depending what the look is! Again, it doesnt matter. It could be a split second of eye contact and a smile through a crowded room, or looking into each others eyes during love making... without saying a word a well placed glance expresses everything you need to! My favourite is have a girl look down at me whilst i am licking her clit. The look in her eyes of pleasure going through her body and her craving for more! mmmmmm love it!

Playing With Your Hair - This is where i probably make myself sound a little creepy, if i havent already. I find this particuarly attractive. A woman casually playing with her own hair, twirling it round her fingers - there is just something about it. Again it doesnt have to have sexual overtones, it could be someone sat there reading a book over a coffee... Its just sexy!

A Bite of The Lip - I dont think i need to say anything here really do i? we all know its sexy! It says i want it, i love it, i cant help myself and oh so many more things! If a woman does this to me, she better hold on tight!

So there are a few things that i find a woman does that arent necessarily the bigger gestures, but for me are still erotic. Id be interested to hear both genders response to this post. Ladies what do guys do that drive you wild... remember the little things, not the usual suspects. Fellas, is there anything that a woman does that ive missed off of that list? let me know!

Im looking forward to reading your responses!

*** Its like "Sex,Drugs & Rock'n'Roll.....Without the drugs......or the Rock'n'Roll...." So just filthy ramblings really! OnlyASexToy85***

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