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Diary of a Decent Guy #18 (going down,down,down)  

OnlyASexToy85 36
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3/1/2016 2:48 pm
Diary of a Decent Guy #18 (going down,down,down)

I would like to start by making quite a bold statement - I Love going down on a woman. Ive been sat wondering if it is indeed my favourite sexual act to peform. I want to share what the case for it was

The Journey Down
I think the moments before the fun begins, are important to build the suspense. Personally i like to slowly make my way down a womans body, with a series of kisses and nibbles I dont just jump straight in, even once im down there. I like to caress the inside of her legs, get close to starting but staying "just away"... Its the suspense of it all. I love to see the squirm of their bodies as it craves my tongues stimulation... makes the first contact all the more special speaking of which...

First Contact
Hopefully by this point I have denied her just enough that her pussy is craving my attention. As my tongue tastes her pussy for the first time its almost like i suddenly become an animal... I just need to make her wetter, i need to make her cum with my mouth! it drives me wild. I love this moment. Thats without mentioning the reaction of her body. Its such a beautiful thing to see, the way a womans body reacts to being stimulated... any way moving on..

The View
I am not sure i can think of anything sexier, than being able to look up her body and see its reactions. It turns me on so much teasing her pussy lips and clit with my tongue, tasting her getting wetter and wetter....while seeing her squirm and contort..directing me to what her body wants me to do! I can literally think of nothing that gets me hotter, than seeing a womans body enjoying orgasm

My Tongue
I have been told that i have a very long and dexterous tongue. I love to use that to my advantage and i like to tease lightly, go in patterns. My favourite thing to do with my tongue is... wait im not sure i should give away one of my secret techniques...but it involves me teasing a womans clit, and her counting to whatever number she can handle ill let your imagination do with that what it will!

The Intimacy
Is there anything more intimate than this? Im not sure there is... I dont have to go in to a lot of detail for this one. It should be pretty self explanatory. I do love the intimacy of going down on a woman. Not sure what else to say on it ha.

I Become The Duracell Bunny
I just want to keep going and going and going...
I have been known to spend over an hour just teasing a partner with my mouth. If you like having your pussy licked you might want to send me a message. I would literally stay down there until told to stop. You want it for hours and hours? My pleasure!

So there are some of the factors i thought about. Im not sure i have quite expressed me true thoughts on the matter, but i hope you followed it ok...
To summarise. I love giving oral to women. I love everything about it. I want to do it all the time..... I need to taste a womans pleasure now!dammit! Im off...

*** Its like "Sex,Drugs & Rock'n'Roll.....Without the drugs......or the Rock'n'Roll...." So just filthy ramblings really! OnlyASexToy85***

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