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Diary of a Decent Guy #20 (being a male dancer)  

OnlyASexToy85 36M
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3/2/2016 4:31 pm
Diary of a Decent Guy #20 (being a male dancer)

Ok...so i lied in my last post! What can i say.... i just couldnt keep myself away! I just felt that as this is a mini milestone (20th post!) it needed to be something meaty, rather than just a quick post.

Ive decided to write a post about one of the biggest parts of my life, being a male ballroom and latin dancer (competitively) Yeah its not something many guys can claim It is something that has been a part of my life since i was 3. I wasnt forced in to it. I chose. I have to admit, i honestly believe it is one of the best decisions of my life! Ive decided to break the post down in to some key points, that i hope help you to understand a little bit more about whats its like growing up and maturing as a male dancer..


The Stigma

Although i think this is fading bit by bit, thanks to shows like Strictly Come Dancing. It doesnt change the fact there is still a stigma attached to being a male dancer. It doesnt seem to be from women, but from other males...If i had a pound for everytime ive been asked if i was gay... well i would be a very rich man. When i was growing up it was a lot worse than it was today. Growing up in Yorkshire - wasnt particuarly considered manly. This makes me laugh so much. I was once at a family meal, where a dear cousin who is a big rugby player piped up. At this point i was about 18, used banter, and used to the same old shit regards my dancing. Anyway. He decided to have a little dig and this is how it transpired for him...

cousin: You're such a little gay boy for being a dancer..

me: Says the Rugby player...

cousin: [laughs] Yeah says me! how the f**k could i be gay?

me: Ok let me put it to you in its simplest terms. "you role around in the mud with 23 other men. Insisting on throwing yourselves at each other, Then go shower with them. On the OTHER HAND. I hold beautiful women, in skimpy dresses here [gestures next to my body] as they press themselves to my body, then work their way up and down it".... so tell me dear cousin, out of the two of us... which of us is the gay one?

cousin: *shocked silence*

Now i hate the use of homophobic slander during banter. I dont see it as a negative thing, however my cousin is not that kind of guy. Since that time he has been to see me compete, and has very much changed his tune! He now realises what a physically demanding sport it is. I can play 90 minutes of football easy, id love to see my mates do 20 minutes of consecutive Latin Dance! In fact id pay to see that!

Strictly come dancing has had a massive effect. It has made it cool. Hopefully one day the instant stigma will disappear!


True Gentleman

I have grown up surrounded by women. Most of my friends are women. I just seem to get along better with women. I like to think its because im a nice guy. I have always been brought up to treat women with nothing less than respect. Ive been raised on going the whole nine yards... opening doors, give you my coat etc the lot! Its just the way i was brought up

I really believe that Dancesport helps to teach you these qualities. You share your intimate "personal space" with someone. You have to get along with them, you have to trust them and you DEFINATELY have to respect them!

I know what you are thinking... "why is a guy who belongs to this site, trying to claim to be a gentleman" I only have one response to that. Meet me, find out.

You can call me old fashioned, in fact you can call me whatever the hell you like. I wont change. I am a Gentleman. That doesnt stop me having a ridiculously naughty side. It just means i know how to treat a women, both in and out of the bedroom.


The Moves!

I would be lying if i said it didnt have its perks. Once again i shall break it down in to its simplest terms - I have Rhythm, I have Stamina, I have full control of my Power, I know how to use my Hips/Body.

I adore using my body control, to tease my sexual partner. It allows me to do things ive been told "are unique" to me but "so f**king good!" I mean i dont want to sound too big headed, but its all there in black and white. What is not to LOVE about that recipe for naughtiness?

Do i really need to say any more on that? I didnt think so!


An All Rounder

This bit may come as a bit of a shocker. Maybe not.. Some of the things i have learnt to do, due to growing up around women, is ridiculous. I can paint nails, straighten hair, sew, apply make, apply fake tan, apply fake lashes/nails, apply Rhinestones to dance dresses.....the list literally goes on a little more than i like to admit publically. (all the fakery is due to the competition scene!not because i like everyday fake women!)

I think this is how it should be. Why shouldnt i be able to help a woman get ready?I think its extremely metrosexual of myself


So there are a few points that sum up, a bit of what its like to be a guy who dances. I love my dancing with every cell of my being. Its who i am. Its my release. I wanted to share this part of me with you all!

Hope you enjoyed the read. Feel free to leave me comment to let me know youre thoughts!

*** Its like "Sex,Drugs & Rock'n'Roll.....Without the drugs......or the Rock'n'Roll...." So just filthy ramblings really! OnlyASexToy85***

love2pleasu13 53M
6475 posts
3/2/2016 5:33 pm

liar, liar, ur pants on fire well in ur case it might be liar liar ur dicks on fire

OnlyASexToy85 36M
143 posts
3/3/2016 2:54 am

may i ask how i am a liar? lol

*** Its like "Sex,Drugs & Rock'n'Roll.....Without the drugs......or the Rock'n'Roll...." So just filthy ramblings really! OnlyASexToy85***

pocogato12 68F  
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3/4/2016 12:59 pm

This was so interesting that I had to go find Strictly Come Dancing and watch some spots!!! Love your blog( and ignore the liar comment- it was rude!)

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OnlyASexToy85 replies on 3/4/2016 1:02 pm:
Aww thank you very much glad you enjoy the read. What did you think of strictly? x

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