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Diary of a Decent Guy #8 (unexpected surprises)  

OnlyASexToy85 36M
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2/25/2016 11:59 am
Diary of a Decent Guy #8 (unexpected surprises)

Hey to all of you lovely readers, that like to take just a moment out of their day to read my incoherent ramblings i hope you have all had a great Friday Eve!


I decided to write this post tonight following an earlier realisation. I have been a very lucky boy recently and it has made me very happy. Earlier today during a quick day dream at work, my mind wandered back over the past couple of weeks and realised how many "Awesome surprises" i had been fortunate enough to experience...

If you have read my #7 post, you will already know of one of those surprises but aside from that massive shock, there have been quite a few others aswell. So if you dont mind id like to share a couple with you....

I have mentioned before that I am a competitive ballroom and latin dancer. As a dancing male, straight away you are a rare breed. As such EVERY girl in the dancing world, wants to dance with a man. Blokes usually end up partnering in many different age groups, as they are "utilised" as much as possible....anyway irrelevant. So last week i got a phone call from a friend of mine who owns a dance school. A school i dont represent or train under, but who i have ties to due to my friend. He told me that he had been asked by one of his dancers to ask if would consider partnering her. She had been a little nervous to approach me herself. As i talked to my friend the penny began to drop. He was on about one of his dancers that is a current National Champion in her age group! So its safe to say i bit his hand off at that chance...... even if i do have to treat him as a teacher not as a pal

The next surprise is a series of little surprises that have happened over the past few weeks. I have been recieving friend requests on social media from very old friends that i havent spoken to for a long long time! Its always nice to catch up with old friends and reminisce about the good old days haha

Lastly, Im pleasantly surprised by how much i am enjoying this blogging malarky, and how addictive im finding it! Its not something ive ever done before (hence its probably a little rough at the edges!) but i find it very therapeautic to be able to post my thoughts and musings on various subjects. I really hope if nothing else ive at least managed to make one person smile with my randomness.

So there you have it. They are just a few of the unexpected surprises that have brought a smile to my face

If you have had any surprises do the same recently, feel free to share!

*** Its like "Sex,Drugs & Rock'n'Roll.....Without the drugs......or the Rock'n'Roll...." So just filthy ramblings really! OnlyASexToy85***

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