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Party of the century  

OpenUpLetMeFeast 32M
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9/2/2019 5:05 am
Party of the century

*this is a fictional piece*

Today is the day! Going to the biggest summer bash, ready to get wet, balls dipped, cock sucked and a whole lot of pussy. Some of the finest ladies across the city, cumming all over my mouth tonight. The anticipation is killing me, I just want this work day to finish. Can the cock move any slower, tick tock tick tock, 3:47, Ugh more mins.

**Party begins...

Girls already topless, guys warming up there hands trying to make a selection with which girl to go for first. I walk to the refreshments first, need some energy before I can be available to fuck a few hours with women. I walk up to the hostess, the lady I know best. I greet her and before I could say a word, she kisses me, places her tongue in my mouth and just wants to show me love. She pulls away and says, "it has been too long babe, missed your tongue". I smile and say, "what a greeting!" "You've seen nothing yet." She kneels down, looks up into my eyes and pulls down my swim trunks. Out comes my member and she immediately goes to town. The other guests stare, some of the ladies confused as the orgy doesn't start for another hour. One of the girl's standing by walks up towards us, the hostess stops her, takes a breath, "he is all mine for the next hour"!

The others jealous start to pull their cocks out and<b> stroke. </font></b>Ladies don't care about the timing at this point and start to choose the men and swallow their cocks, while others are gripped. But within the pool just happy smiles all around.

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