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Its Raining Again  

Over21ish2 55M  
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7/16/2020 11:59 am
Its Raining Again

As I mentioned before this isn’t a “kiss and tell” bLoggle or certainly not a diary of any kind. But this week has been odd, even by my imagination standards. Over the weekend I had a second date with a woman that I met 2 weeks prior. Round 2s have been somewhat of a rarity of late, as both sides need to agree that there was enough mutual interest to warrant another meeting. For some reason that just hasn’t been happening frequently. Maybe it was just a streak of bad luck, or maybe it was the virus making people a bit more cautious than usual, who is to say. The invitation was at her home for drinks and a movie while I brought some local take out for dinner. The evening progressed nicely until midway thru the movie, during our cocktails, when the conversation took a bit of a turn. Seeming to take her lead from one of characters in the film, she asked me, “Are you a boob guy?”

Am I a what? She repeated the question. As the initial surprise wore off, I attempted to respond without sounding too cavalier. Some guys proclaim themselves "leg men” or “butt guys”, usually referring to the part of the woman’s body they enjoy the most. Speaking for myself, I can honestly say that no one part determines my interest in a lady, it’s more of the entire body of work (Pun not intended) including personality and humor. But if I had to admit to what I first notice when meeting someone new, it would definitely be their hair. As the of a beautician, I’ve always felt that you can tell how a woman takes care of herself by seeing how she treats her hair. Flawed as that logic may be, inject me with truth serum and that’s what you’re going to hear. As I was pontificating about the correlation between hair care and attraction, she managed to catch me off guard once again. Her head darted straight at me and locked her lips squarely on mine. In under 3 seconds her tongue was wandering freely on the inside of my mouth.

As predicted, the experience was pleasurable. Soft, wet and not too gentle. For several long minutes life was so very good. A break for air was inevitable. Anticipating that moment can be crucial as it’s a great opportunity to start throwing each other’s clothes on to the floor. As we finally broke, I opened my eyes to smile at this not unattractive creature who is clearly into me. However, what I saw wasn't at all what I was expecting. Instead of<b> viewing </font></b>the woman I just had dinner with, I saw the familiar face of my very own niece. I know it’s not her, but the resemblance suddenly became uncanny. I shook my head in order to make the visage go away, but then all of her mannerisms began to mimic that of my sister’s eldest. How did I not see this before? But right now, more importantly, how do I un-see it… and fast? Bottom line: I couldn’t.

There is a common misconception that all men are horn dogs that will even screw a tree trunk if given the green light. That’s a pretty large brush to be painting with, but I can see how some women might reach that conclusion. It’s obviously not true. I don’t want to turn down a willing participant in such an enjoyable activity, especially in the middle of a personal dry spell, but sometimes it simply can’t be avoided. This ended up being one of those instances. The experience has me so weirded out, even several days later, I can still hardly believe it. If I were to tell my buddies, I’m positive that most of them would slap me upside my head, “Snap out of it, you friggin’ moron!”

Occasionally, even the brightest of sparks can be extinguished if it rains hard enough. The dry spell continues.

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