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Flirting and hotlists and messages, oh my  

OzFrankenstein 54M  
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10/14/2021 8:11 am
Flirting and hotlists and messages, oh my

Okay 's just my autism, but if anyone can fill me in on the secrets of flirting, hotlists, and<b> messages </font></b>I'd be bloody grateful, because I just don't get .

Someone sends me a flirt, I back thank them and say hi - no response.
They flirt again, I flirt and write - no response.
They flirt several more times...

I mean, what am I missing?! Are we just meant flirt back and forth forever and never talk? Is a secret code, where my is supposed be in ancient Sanskrit or something in order get a response?

And thing with hotlisting. Someone hotlists me, I write and say hello, nothing!

I mean what is the proper response these things because I no idea!

's not like I'm writing back saying, "Let's shag! and sending photos of my willy. Is that my mistake? Am I supposed to open with that because EW!

Don't get me wrong, with a willing partner I can cheerfully send cock-shots and suggest all manner of proclivity, but that's not my preferred way to open talking to someone!

Honestly, any advice would be welcome at this point.

Oh, and I've friended people flirting at me to see what would happen. They accepted and kept flirting! I mean, what am I meant to do?

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