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Chance Encounter to a Regular Thing  

PODad1962 57M  
2 posts
9/16/2020 1:14 pm
Chance Encounter to a Regular Thing

So, I thought I'd make my first blog entry a recollection of a chance encounter I had on the horseback riding/hiking trails in my neighborhood.

I live on 5 acres that is connected several trails in wooded and residential areas. It's a pretty sophisticated system and very well kept by our HOA. I am usually either riding my them or hiking them for exercise 3 or 4 times a week.

When I hike the trails, I usually do it around 9 in the morning and put about an hour in. The first few days I did this, I was pretty much all alone. One day I happened meet one of my "neighbors" where two trails meet. We exchanged pleasant greetings and continued on our opposite ways.

The next 3 days in a row, we ended at the same spot at the same time. We started joking about taking turns bringing coffee. I had some work do over the next few days so didn't get take my normal walks. The next time I did, sure enough we met at the same place. This time we started talking. We talked for about 30 minutes or so and went our way.

As the next few meetings we had kept getting longer, they also started getting more personal. We're both married. His grown and her live with him. My mother in law lives with me and my wife. One of the subjects we during one conversation is the lack of privacy and ability get alone time with the spouses. We both confided that our frequency in masturbation had increased almost teenage levels. He indicated that his master bathroom was his preferred spot, but he was afraid that making longer<b> trips </font></b>"pee" might raise concern. I told him that I would go to our horses hay room in our barn. Nobody would ever bother there. He seemed interested in that. As we talked a little more, I offered show him the barn. It's not a long walk and our barn is right off of the trail, so we can go in and out without anyone from my house seeing.

Once we got the barn I showed him the hay room. He complimented me making the best of a bad situation. I told him what I usually do is slide the door closed and watch porn on my phone. He got really nervous and, in a whisper, asked if wanted . I said that I was game if he was. I told him that I usually got completely naked when I did it. He was OK with that. We both took our clothes off.

I went to my "go to" porn site and started playing a video. Both of us started stroking and caressing ourselves. I began caressing my nipples, since they are incredibly sensitive. After a couple of minutes I noticed that neither one of us was watching the video. He was watching me and I was watching him. Taking that as a non verbal cue, I moved over towards him and began stroking him myself. He didn't start stroking me right away and when he did, his hands were shaking a bit. Eventually we got into a rhythm. I felt his cock start to stiffen and his legs and body began to shake. He exploded all over my hand and on to my stomach. It was only a few seconds later that I followed suite.

After a few minutes of silence and catching our breath, I asked if he was OK. He said he was "fantastic". I asked him if this was something he wanted to do again. He nodded his head with a smile.

After that, we made a "date" twice a week to meet in my hay room at 9am. This lasted for a few months and our activities escalated beyond mutual masturbation. Unfortunately he has since moved away. Hoping that someday I'll find another barn companion.

Us24U333 58M/43F  
2 posts
9/17/2020 7:43 am

Great story, got me hard LOL.. It be great to meet a FWB for regular encounters.

Toppingnbottming 39M
50 posts
9/30/2020 11:54 am

Such a hot post! I couldn't help but get hard reading it! I bet he thinks about it often Good on you two for helping each other out

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