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LOl the hits keep coming  

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1/10/2021 12:12 pm
LOl the hits keep coming

don't need a rich, poor or famous man but I want my man with rich love. I'm good at observing the world, and feeling comfortable in my place in it and my contributions. I treasure the friends and relationships in my life and am open creating more.

I want meet someone whom I can stay with. I'm a nonsmoker and nondrinker, not into drugs don't need them, I live in a natural high. I want to live a normal living always with my partner. I don't care if he drinks or smoke. I'll always have him deep in my heart...


I love my loved ones and love to take care of them. I am very caring, gentle and loving. You will never be bored with me and will always be something discuss. I am a mature and intelligent woman. I believe that if two people want something together, have common goals, respect, sincere feelings and common values, they, hand-in-hand, will come to common happiness.

I love being with my friends, especially since most of them may as well be my family as I see them that way. I like people are quirky (though I hate that word 'cause of 's annoying connotations.)

I'm both spontaneous and well-planned... one of many of my dichotomies--along with organized and messy, quiet and talkative, passionate and mellow. Don't ask me why, I don't know. I just seem to like the ends better than the middle.

I am currently ethically non monogamous. This doesn't mean, "Wow! Free sex!" Sex without connection is just masturbation by proxy. I genuinely love people and prefer close relationships of any variety, rather than shallow ones. I don't expect an immediate "love-date" connection, I don't expect anything. I prefer relationships to progress how they will, in whatever direction they naturally wish to go. Friends are just as valuable as lovers, and both in one is totally awesome.

And, btw, none of us really likes labels, but how else do we go about describing some of the more amorphous elements of our natures? Suck it people. You're just a unique little snowflake like the rest of us. Labels are a problem when they quit being labels and start being identity.

"it takes courage grow and become you really are" --e.e. cummings

I'm looking for:

Someone respects me, someone can laugh, someone can cry, someone can have fun even with the simplest of stimulus, someone wants see the world in all its good and bad, someone whose mind is as open as their heart, someone who can make a family from their friends, someone who knows that sharing doesn't mean losing anything, someone who enjoys sex, but isn't afraid of getting know someone as a person in order get

I love people, but I'll admit being picky. isn't a normal picky though. I want people be themselves, in their myriad, complex oddities.

"Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it. " --Anais Nin
My Ideal Person I appreciate a sense of humor, the ability enjoy the moment, because if we are together, you just need to enjoy life as I do. I really want my man to combine such qualities as romanticism, honesty, openness and activity. I am very active, I like to be on the move. I'll treat you as well or as poorly as you treat me. Things will be whatever they turn out to be, I tend to let things be organic. This is the best way I know to express what I'm looking for.

First meetings must be in public or (at my discretion) my own home. This is a matter of personal safety for me. If you don't understand or sympathise with this, we're probably not right for one another.

Thanks for taking a look at my profile, dear. If you are looking for a loving, caring, kind and passionate woman, you are on the right path. I am a woman who wants create a family and my goal here is truly serious. I am not an ideal lady and I actually dont believe in ideals, but I will do my best make sure my man is happy and pleased. Family will always take the first place in my life, and I believe we always can find time for people we love no matter how busy we are. I am a romantic, faithful, kind-hearted person and I am working hard make my dreams come true. Would you like get know what kind of dreams and fantasies connected with you I have?

My Ideal Person My man is a secure harbor. He is confident and not afraid stand for what he believes in. He is able be responsible for himself and his family. He is intelligent, honest, faithful, yet loving, attentive and caring. He is a real man, protective, strong enough handle obstacles, able compromise. He is my good friend. I see my man as cheerful and fun be with. I would like meet a man who is family oriented. I want him be genuine. I see our home filled with love, tenderness, passion, harmony and mutuality. my words are sealed with my air born<b> kisses.</font></b>

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