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real story from Craigslist..IT"S THE SAME DUDES HERE  

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10/16/2020 9:37 am
real story from Craigslist..IT"S THE SAME DUDES HERE

dudes here:dumb or Dumber.

I saw this ad where you were supposed send your pictures of cock him, if she liked the picture of your cock he would contact you and tell you where go. that's clearly a fag surfing for jack off fuel if I've ever heard of one. I either sent him some other dudes cock or something. Somehow I got his phone . He was in Florida. then I sent him some nice pictures of Hulk Hogan saying you are a fag. I then proceeded post another ad in the section warning people he was a predator. some dude emailed me that he actually fell for this game- and showed up at some location where the guy told him to go, and suddenly the chick wasn't available.lol

the level of stupidity of man is just phenomenal.

what are your thoughts?do you think these guys are stupid or do they actually want to be fooled===plausible deniability.they show up and it's actually some dude with a beard and a wig Will they a really care? AFTER ALL, IF IT'S DARK, IT'S NOT GAY. LOL

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