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Something hot for me.....  

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9/21/2020 10:43 am
Something hot for me.....

Recently I have had the pleasure of having houseguests.......They have been staying here on and off the last few months!.....One of them happens be my moms mid 60's bf who comes with her. He has been around a few ... Since day one he has been a huge flirt etc.. Great outgoing personality! We have all spent a lot of time together on trips, doing things around town, and even just hanging in the pool drinking. I have been told a lot about their sex lives from my mom, Ive heard them, etc.... Lets just say he is a pleaser, who with one look at him getting out of the pool you can tell is greatly equipped..... He has see me and her topless in and around the pool, changing etc......We have always had a joking flirty relationship about it all.....Recently I had come home from yoga, and met him in the kitchen on my way upstairs.....I was getting a drink and he stopped me to chat about nothing important......He was being extra flirty and his eyes were tracing me from my little yoga shorts to my little white tank neither of which were leaving much to the imagination......I headed upstairs and got online, I was in my typical mood and wanted to ......He kept walking by the office that has glass doors.....Pretty sure I had my leg up on the drawer and he had observed that......He came the door and started making small talk, complimenting me, telling me how he loves my feet etc.....All the while staring at my nipples you could see from a mile away then....Asked if he could see my toe color, I put one on the desk, after the barrage of compliments he asked to touch it, I said yes......A touch led to a foot rub, that crept up my calf, made it to my thigh...........I then couldn't help myself, his touch then went right for the dark wet spot on my yoga shorts......His touch was amazing!....It wasn't long and I was slipping down his shorts and I had his cock in my mouth. It was such an erotic moment, I felt so naughty, but never hornier! Almost instantly in one motion he pulled my shorts off, gave my wet mound -20 great licks, then said I need feel you so bad!......Stood up, bent over the des.......Put himself all the way inside from behind!.....I almost came instantly, his cock felt amazing, and filled up every bit of space I have give.....It was maybe a minute of of pure ecstasy for . We literally saw my mom pull up from the upstairs office window, unloading the car, neither ones of us wanted stop....We were watching her unload the car as his cock was exploding inside , it was probably one of the most erotic things ever. We get decent and head downstairs help....For the next hour, we sit all together eating drinking, him and I smirking at each other, hard to keep a straight face as the whole time I can just feel him leaking out of me, all over my shorts, while talking to my mom! WOW!........Since then, we have had several encounters....We sneak away for me to give him oral, we have quickies, his flirting is pretty out in the open now too......Not sure if she knows, hasn't said anything.....Lol But pretty sure we may have been heard a time or !.....Nontheless, it remains a very erotic and sexy situation, Im loving!

Kristy XXOO

CDNGramps 65M
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9/22/2020 2:41 pm

Naughty sex is so so hot, especially when the family is involved.

DashingExpert 48M
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10/1/2020 10:08 am

Seeing you in yoga gear would push me over the edge too... I am sure you realised that

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author51 57F  
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10/24/2020 12:33 am

Hot story indeed yet what would your Mom do if she found out? I would consider my Mother's feelings over having sex with HER boyfriend..Not judging here, but just my opinion.

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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