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My Deepest Condolences  

Pamdabear85 35F  
21 posts
7/6/2019 11:27 am
My Deepest Condolences

Dear Mr. DickSmall (whatever number you had at the end) A.K.A. Len;

I would like to share my deepest, most sympathetic condolences with you. You see.. we shared a mutual interest for a brief moment, but then when hours go by without a response in what seemed to be a fairly decent conversation, I begin to feel ignored and quickly lose interest.
We had plans on meeting, but there was no established connection. Just vague messages from someone who came off as arrogant and self-absorbed. You knew that I had a busy weekend planned, yet still expected a response when messaging me.

My deepest condolences..

Yet, what you didn't know is that on the day of my planned events, I had came down with a terrible cold virus, and decided to stay in and sleep the day away. Rightfully so, of course!

Once again, my deepest condolences..

You may have felt slighted, since I did not feel the need to explain my dilemma with you. I will give you that.. Nobody's perfect, and this is not a perfect world. However, I am naturally introverted, and like my independence. Explaining my every move, at every hour, with a phone in my hand is not me... and I will never change my natural essence to suit any other entity other than myself. You may view this as selfishness. However, I view this as self-respect and love for myself. Something you will never take away from me!

My deepest condolences..

Let's fast forward to a week later, shall we?
Feeling much better of course, but when I awoke this morning to a message from you, and a bit more energy to respond, I did not expect to read what was read...
One simple, yet completely slanderous word that was sent at 2:53am, with malicious intent.

My deepest condolences..

That you feel so much hatred within your soul to cast such defame towards another human being. I am so sorry that you see race before you can see a soul.. That you, a self-proclaimed small business owner, can use such a dense vocabulary that reduces your level of intellect in ways unfathomable, sir!

My deepest condolences...

That I was on your mind at damn near 3am, and you found yourself messaging me, the brown person of European and African decent, and labeled as a N*****. Remember, how you initiated and pursued interest in a N*****, and how you felt the sheer embarrassment of rejection from said person.
But, most importantly:

My deepest condolences, because I will be that N***** that you will never have!

Lesson of the Day: Words only have power if you tend to them with such energy.

Pamdabear85 35F  
15 posts
7/6/2019 11:30 am

I hope that the power of my words far outweigh the energy it took for such an elaborate response. I hold no hate in my soul for a callous, intolerant male; only sympathy.

slyfox40104 48M  
107 posts
7/6/2019 11:43 am

it always amazes me when someone shows so much interest, then when either feeling neglected or outright rejected, how this elementary schoolyard vocabulary comes out in the person.

Pamdabear85 replies on 7/6/2019 11:48 am:
It also amazes me how a "man" can conduct himself in such a manner, but here we are in 2019, living the dream.
Communication skills are on a decline! LoL

luckyhands21 42M
289 posts
7/6/2019 11:49 am

Simply put, choose better.

Pamdabear85 replies on 7/6/2019 12:47 pm:
Perhaps you skimmed over the part where I chose to follow instinct, and not pursue.. Oh well!

57FredFred 63M  
465 posts
7/6/2019 12:00 pm

Very well written. You didn't fall to his level, but kept your cool and responded artfully.

Pamdabear85 replies on 7/6/2019 12:48 pm:
Thank you, that was my intention

12614 posts
7/6/2019 12:16 pm

*My Deepest Condolences Too*

He's Hooked On Stupid!!


Pamdabear85 replies on 7/6/2019 12:48 pm:
Hahaha... you may be right, Jack

Naughtypursuit 52F  
2598 posts
7/6/2019 12:35 pm

Dodged a bullet there. Nicely written.

Pamdabear85 replies on 7/6/2019 12:49 pm:
Yes, a very lethal bullet!

jolielaide 48F  
1352 posts
7/6/2019 12:38 pm

wow, that was a gut punch; disgusting, uncalled for and totally unnecessary!! .
sorry that happened, sorry you took one for the team. it might be 2019, but i don't see that word going away, unfortunately. be grateful that self-entitled ass showed what an ignorant POS he really is

Pamdabear85 replies on 7/6/2019 12:52 pm:
You are absolutely correct. That word will never go away.. I will never have control over that. I can only control my response, and this response has been extremely gratifying!

salty_one_65 55M
19 posts
7/6/2019 12:46 pm

Well written...and you're much, much better off!

Pamdabear85 replies on 7/6/2019 12:54 pm:
Thank you

poohbare69 44M
18 posts
7/6/2019 2:53 pm

me too lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pamdabear85 replies on 7/6/2019 9:21 pm:
Wrong movement.. LoL!!!

matureman004 37M
64 posts
7/6/2019 4:07 pm

you should ignore disrespectful person like him

ShhIDontTell19 34M

7/23/2019 11:21 am

Yikes, sorry!

Some1Knocking 58M
164 posts
11/27/2019 8:13 am

Wow, what a take down! LOL. Sounds like he deserved it, but you method and sytle was superb! Bravo! You have my admiration and fear! lol.

Well, I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman's back...

DM_in_MD 57M  
8 posts
4/17/2020 8:40 am

My favorite quote is attributed to Hemmingway:

"Never confuse movement with action".

Seems appropriate here

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