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My Deepest Condolences
Posted:Jul 6, 2019 11:27 am
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2019 12:26 am
Dear Mr. DickSmall (whatever number you had at the end) A.K.A. Len;

I would like to share my deepest, most sympathetic condolences with you. You see.. we shared a mutual interest for a brief moment, but then when hours go by without a response in what seemed to be a fairly decent conversation, I begin to feel ignored and quickly lose interest.
We had plans on meeting, but there was no established connection. Just vague messages from someone who came off as arrogant and self-absorbed. You knew that I had a busy weekend planned, yet still expected a response when messaging me.

My deepest condolences..

Yet, what you didn't know is that on the day of my planned events, I had came down with a terrible cold virus, and decided to stay in and sleep the day away. Rightfully so, of course!

Once again, my deepest condolences..

You may have felt slighted, since I did not feel the need to explain my dilemma with you. I will give you that.. Nobody's perfect, and this is not a perfect world. However, I am naturally introverted, and like my independence. Explaining my every move, at every hour, with a phone in my hand is not me... and I will never change my natural essence to suit any other entity other than myself. You may view this as selfishness. However, I view this as self-respect and love for myself. Something you will never take away from me!

My deepest condolences..

Let's fast forward to a week later, shall we?
Feeling much better of course, but when I awoke this morning to a message from you, and a bit more energy to respond, I did not expect to read what was read...
One simple, yet completely slanderous word that was sent at 2:53am, with malicious intent.

My deepest condolences..

That you feel so much hatred within your soul to cast such defame towards another human being. I am so sorry that you see race before you can see a soul.. That you, a self-proclaimed small business owner, can use such a dense vocabulary that reduces your level of intellect in ways unfathomable, sir!

My deepest condolences...

That I was on your mind at damn near 3am, and you found yourself messaging me, the brown person of European and African decent, and labeled as a N*****. Remember, how you initiated and pursued interest in a N*****, and how you felt the sheer embarrassment of rejection from said person.
But, most importantly:

My deepest condolences, because I will be that N***** that you will never have!

Lesson of the Day: Words only have power if you tend to them with such energy.
Narcissist at its Finest!
Posted:Oct 15, 2018 4:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2019 8:12 pm

I read on my other social media account the other day one of the most deepest posts that I have skimmed over in a very long time. It read;
"If you are broken, you should be healing, not dating and projecting your traumas onto others. In all things there is a law of cycles. Until you heal and change your thinking patterns, you will always recycle your relationships."
Anyone who walks into a budding relationship, whether it be romantic, fwb, nsa, or a simple friendship should be well past the healing stage, emotionally and psychologically. Having a set expectation that someone new in your life will change, better yet, "fix you," is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not only are you setting yourself up for failure, but your partner is now broken from the false advertisement of a healthy relationship. Leaving them feeling spent and rejected for not meeting your self-gratifying demands. While all in the while, you failed to acknowledge their needs in wants in the relationship dynamic.
You are a toxic person, and must be isolated immediately before you infect the semi-healthy minds of others. Especially those who have learned to overcome, and personally develop from their past.
When you blame others for the mistakes of your past, compared to holding yourself accountable for your actions, you are showing your true colors of fear and insecurity.
You are showing others "that the colors that you shine, are surely not your best..." - Crossfade (Now I have the song stuck in my head!)
Yes, I am an empath, but I am not your therapist who will magically heal you from your broken self.

~ P.D. Bear

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