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Morning's fuck  

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10/13/2020 2:08 pm

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Morning's fuck

I had been in contact with him for some time on the site. For once it was someone who didn't live too far away. We had exchanged a few e-mails and these exchanges shown a good intellectual level of my interlocutor
I was quite fascinated by the strength and character of the exchanges. So when he proposed a meeting, I did not hesitate for long.

He was busy with his work, as was I with mine. He suggested that I meet in the morning on a carpark lot at the entrance to a wood not far from the house.
I arrived at the time said and there was only a big SUV stopped. There's no mistake. A man about 50 years old, tall (1.87m) and strong enough without being fat (90Kg).

"You're on time, that's good"
He quickly gets me into the back of the car and tells me he has little time available.
I am wearing a top, short skirt, tights and heeled boots.
Quickly he passes his hands under my top and discovers that I do not wear a bra which delights him.
- "I never wear one."
- "It's good, I see you're a good slut"

Quickly I no longer have a top on my back, he plays skillfully my breasts.

- "Get on your stomach"

I make little cries of pleasure when he takes care of my nipples. Then he massages my back, passing his hand in the hollow of my kidneys. He rolls my skirt and strokes my butt. He saw the little white G-string I'm wearing under my tights. This thong that shares my muscular and bouncing buttocks. His right hand is now very close to my little hole while the left excites my nipples causing a ripple of my body.
I can feel his finger pressing at my little hole. And then I feel it more, the finger went through the tights

- " No,"
- "Yes, bitch, you are my thing " he says, tearing the tights further pass the hand. He dismissed now the thong with a view of my little hole, already wet open and lubricated.

- "I knew I'd find you like this, bitch" as he tucked fingers into my ass.

Then he turns me effortlessly, I then see his pants half down, his already hard sex plunges directly into my mouth.

- "Suck Slut."
He didn't even have to say that I lubricate him with my saliva. He's as tough as a rock.
He puts me back on my stomach, barely spreads the thong and penetrates of a sudden!
I scream, in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He's not moving. He went back the guard. My ass gets used his presence.
And then he starts file , slowly first and then he accelerates, bumping into my bowels.

- "It's good, you have a nice tight and welcoming little ass,
we're going to change position" and he pulls out his big sex. The border of the thong is now brown so it went deep.

- "Clean it ," he says, putting his sex in my mouth. Phew there is not too much to<b> lick.
</font></b>- "Undress, you don't think I'm going to keep fucking you like that"
I run, removing boots, my torn pantyhose and thong. He grabs my thong, wipes his ass with the thong and shows it to me.

- "You've seen how clean you are, you never do that again, you're going clean it !"

And he takes my thong, opens my mouth and introduces it like a baillon. I miss choking.
- "Clean , I only take it away from you when it's clean."
I do my best salivate as much as possible and wet the thong, but I can't take it anymore. I'm taking a slap.

- "Definitely nothing do with you"
He takes the thong out of my mouth, looks at it for a moment and smiling he says :
- " is not lost."

I'm a little worried because I don't understand what's going happen. While I'm still my back, he starts inserting the thong in the ass and then it burns when he gradually tucks the fabric. When everything was inside he then had a new smile.

- "Now I'm going to be able to fuck you."
Its tail is still very hard and ends in my mouth where it regains vigour. He folds my legs at and starts introduce it, gradually pushing my thong as I scream in pain. It excites him even more and he pounds until the moment he explodes
He just had time get out and he ejaculated in a long hot jet watering -from my breasts to my eyes.

- "Honey you're gorgeous, even more slutty than I imagined. I'

ll see you next week, same day same time. I have run, I'm late."

My ass is sore, I have no more panties (g-string inside my ass), my tights are torn, I'm covered in cum and in minutes I'm in meeting with my boss ...

to be continued ...

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