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Why The Fuch Bother When This Site Fuchs iT Up?
Posted:Mar 14, 2019 6:53 pm
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 10:16 am

Why the f.uck bother writing a blog, checking the spelling and grammar, when simple words like "i.m" are messed "u.p", here on this piece of shit site?
Not to mention.... words like - o.ne, t.hat, u.p and a couple of dozen other, simple words.

It is a cluster fuck of ineptitude...

It's a fucking waste of time. Oh... let me guess... This is not a real blog, so who fucking cares?

I fucking care. People who read my blog, care... perhaps...

Fricken, frustrating garbage. Lost pictures... lost images... messed u.p gifs... It is... a fucking cluster fuck, of garbage...

Fuck off A F F.....
Oh Kay ... eye ammm dunnn ventingggg ! For now...
. .
7 Men... Some Squirrels... and The Blond Girl... 😘
Posted:Mar 14, 2019 12:40 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 11:11 pm
Once upon a time, a distant suburb of this city, there lived - a blond . She was her early twenties and a stunning beauty. One day, she replied a Kraig's Lust ad, looking for a Hostess. Next thing she knew, she had moved into a house with 7 midgets... uh... I meant - 7 vertically challenged men .

In return for her duties, she would receive, 'room and board'. She'd also have a safe haven, from her step mom, who was trying to her... supposedly. How do I know all of this? I got a , from those little men, and they hired me.

Back the day, I owned, a 'full ', home maintenance company. We did everything. The cooking, the cleaning, landscaping... you name it.

first day, on the job, consisted of crew and , cleaning up, what looked like 25 years of 'mining debris'. Pick axes, sledge hammers, wheelbarrows.... all strewn about - across the ten acre, forested property. Evidently... they (the little people ), had lucked into a vein of gold - years back. They hadn't worked, in decades, and... they'd done, pretty well. Their two story, 'Victorian' style home, was huge. You should have seen, the size of the wide screen TV, in one of the bath rooms. I would have shat there, for a while.

One sunny afternoon, I was in the kitchen, chopping, cloves of garlic, preparing a maple glazed meatloaf. view the kitchen island, was through a large, picture window, which faced the back yard. I soon noticed, a strange thing. Rabbits, squirrels, birds and deer... hopped, scurried, flew and sauntered... all around the edge - of the manicured lawn. It was as if... they were coming, greet someone. "They looked cute, but suspicious, " I thought.

serene gaze, was disrupted, when I heard screams, from a bedroom upstairs.

"Oh God! No...! No...! No...! Are you crazy? "

Thinking, something was, terribly wrong, I dropped garlic and followed the cries. I ran up the stairs, the second floor. I flung open, one of the bedroom doors, and there she was... the blond - on the bed.

Two of those little people , were thrusting their cocks into her mouth, as she lay, on top, of tiny Tony. Roberto was her the ass. And Harold was pumping her pussy, with a huge dildo. It was obvious... her screams, were those of pleasure. This one little guy, Bobby, kept sneezing, and blowing his nose. He stood off to the
side, of the dresser. I imagine, he was allergic to the cat, which was sitting on the chair... watching. last little man, Darnell... was filming the proceedings, on a professional looking camera. I took a snapshot in head... and closed the door.

I trudged back downstairs. The buzzer on the oven, had gone off. The meatloaf and scalloped potatoes, were almost done. The salad was fresh... and the garlic bread... was hot and crispy. I rang the dinner bell. It took them a while, but eventually... they came downstairs. They all looked content... and they hungrily, gobbled up the feast.

I really enjoyed gig. They well. I also liked the quiet vibe, of spruce forest; spite of all those ... constantly lurking. There was only one visitor, who ever dropped by, during the time I was there. She was an old and rickety woman, dressed in black. She rang the doorbell, trying to , some homemade apple pies. Darnell answered the door day. He didn't b.uy any pies.

I never did get meet, blond 's step mom. But I heard, she was accidentally killed; run over by a snow plow. What a messy way go. contract, eventually ran and the little people decided, there would be, no extension. No worries. They tipped. really well.

On the day I left, the blond , her twenties, gave a hug and waved goodbye. I never knew her last name. But her first name, was Neige, which French means - Snow. I heard later on (after the inheritance with her step mom's estate was settled), she moved back, into her step mom's home.

I still see those little people , once in a while. All of them, drive around in this red Dodge van and they always, wave to me. Nice fellas... I received some great references from them and ended up working, for their friends. Three brothers, who were into a variety, of organic, construction techniques. You know... homes built with straw... and wood... and stone bricks?

Is sex with multiple partners a.t the same time, something you'd consider, or is it not your style?
What are some of your favorite Disney or other cartoon movies?

Bonus Question : How are you with landscaping? Any proud moments?

NOTE: A F F Has decided to mess around, by randomly deleting words, and images. I've tried to correct it. This site is annoying. . .
. .
They Were Putting On A Show... 😊
Posted:Mar 12, 2019 1:16 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 10:23 am
My day... had been littered, with boring meetings. When Lynn called, I greeted her cheerful voice, with an invitation - "Our usual place? I'll wait for you outside. See you soon." She was, right on time.

Our eyes adjusted, to the dim light, as we made our way in. Dark, oak wood panels, framed the walls and soft music filled, the shimmering, candle lit room. Rich, red, carpeted floors, muffled all sounds... to a soft hush.

Lynn slipped in, next to me, on t.hat plush... black leather, banquette. A whiff of her scent... caressed me. Her foot brushed my ankle, with a subtle purpose, as she crossed her legs.

The waiter, took our liquid orders. We waited... while munching , on the gherkins and fresh bread. In minutes, our iced martinis, were clinging - "To health."

"And... to dull, never ending meetings," Lynn countered. We laughed. Then... we both noticed, the couple sitting, in front of us. How could we ignore them? They were [iputting on a show.

She - was snuggled, right up close to him, as he planted a gentle kiss... on her lips. We watched, as his hand, traced a path, up her legs. She parted them... willingly. I knew the exact moment, when his fingers, had found their way, to tease... a moist, spot. Her head, tilted back... and she sighed.

His digits lingered there. She drew her mouth, onto his... as they locked tongues. She leaned her hips forward as he pressed his fingers, further between her. I then saw her hand, as it brazenly, slipped underneath, the napkin on his lap. She'd found, something... to caress, when it was his turn... to gasp. She touched his , with her fingers, as they passionately kissed. Then suddenly... they... and us watchers - were rudely interrupted.

A waiter had arrived - pushing, a dessert cart, towards them.

Hastily, he withdrew his hand, from between her skirt and nervously... looked around the room. I casually buried myself, into my drink... and so did Lynn. His woman - straightened her skirt and her posture and ran her nails, through her hair. Her man - brought his fingers to his , casually ... as if, to brush, the wetness of her kiss, from his lips. And that.s ... when he smelled her. I knew he did. I knew t.hat , of pleasant surprise... and lust. She smelled... like a woman, always smells, when she's wet - like sex. It is, an exquisite... unforgettable, fragrance.

The dessert waiter droned on, describing in detail, all the various, exotic, creamy pastry creations. Pointing to them, on t.hat large, lace lined, tray.

By the time their server, had finished, with his sweet monologue... they were both, composed. They looked a.t each other, and agreed with a nod; then politely, asked for the bill.

Lynn and I, slowly... turned... towards each other. Our mouth's were gaping, on the edge... of empty glasses. I laughed.a.t our silliness.

"Well... that, was interesting... and !" Lynn whispered. "I've got to... uh... go to the ladie's room. Get another drink, please? Oh and... find out what t.hat couple ordered. I may want to have, some of t.hat, " she said giggling... as she slid, from the leather seat.

"I'll do t.hat ," I laughed.

I ordered a new round of drinks. Even before they'd arrived, Lynn had moved back, into her spot... beside . Her smile beamed slyly, from ear to ear. Those blue green eyes, twinkled back the reflection, of the candle, on our table

"T.hat was quick. What? Why the grin Lynn?" I knew, something was .

" I.m not, wearing... my panties. I took them off," she whispered, as she looked into my eyes. "Move closer... and check for yourself...."

I Iooked a.t Lynn and smiled. She never - failed to amaze . I inched closer and nuzzeled, my leg, against hers. As I began to slide my hand, between Lynn's thighs.... she grasped my wrist and stopped .

"Paul. new couple, the table in front of us... they're watching."

I turned... and whispered back, in Lynn's ear. "Great... let's put on a good show for them." I took my hand and pulled her mouth, gently, towards mine... and kissed her. "I don't care about t.hat couple Lynn. Let's see... how quietly, you can moan. You're the only audience, I care about babe. You're all the applause... I n.eed ."

I could feel Lynn's thighs, move apart. ... t.hat was my cue.

Are you into public displays of affection, when you're with your partner?
Do you watch other people, for entertainment, when you're out in public?

Bonus Question : How was your day? ....
. .
Pink Panties... and The Laundromat... 😘
Posted:Mar 7, 2019 12:59 am
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2021 9:19 pm
My washing machine was on the fritz last week. Dirty laundry had piled up. Wearily, I took my clothes, down to the local laundromat and got busy. There was, one other person there. An attractive woman, my age, who was going about her business. I loaded my machine, sat down and began to wait. My eyes were closing... slowly lulled to sleep, by the humm, of the machines. They have a very soothing murmer to them, dont they?

I could see, that woman, was having trouble. She looked at me, with her deep... brown eyes... and spoke.

"My panties, are stuck in this stupid machine."

"Really?" I stood up and walked towards her and that machine. "Maybe I can help?"

"Maybe you can," she replied cheerfully.

I reached into the machine and tried to pry, her panties from it's grasp. I could feel them. "They're silk aren't they? You know... you're lucky. I am, a panty expert , so I know, all about them."

"You do? I've never heard of a panty expert before." she laughed.

I twisted and strenuously pulled and tugged and finally... recovered her panties. They were silk and red and quite ripped up. I held them up in my hands. We both looked at them. "Well... these, aren't good for you. "

"Well... they weren't bad for me," she replied coyly.

"Really...?" I smiled broadly, from ear to ear. "You know, it's my fault, that these ripped. The very least I can do, is buy you a new pair. What do you think?" I inquired playfully.

"I've never had a man ask me, if he could buy me, a pair of panties before. Sure...! It sounds like it could be fun. I'd have to try them on for you. To see if they fit and if you like them. I know a little shop; just down the street. Is your laundry done? Mine is."

I looked at my machine. "It will be soon. My name is Paul. Pleased to meet you." I extended my hand.

"My name is Brenda... and the pleasure, is all mine. "

Laundromats... go figure. They're as much fun, as people say they are.

At that moment, the buzzer on my machine started buzzing. It startled me. I had, dozed off , in my chair. I lifted my head and looked around. I was... the only... person, in that laundromat.

Laundromats... go figure... They're as boring as people say they are.

I stood up, to get my clothes. I reached in and tried to pull my shirt out. I couldn't. It was stuck, in that stupid machine...

How is your day going?
Do you like silk underwear; either to wear, or to help someone, remove ?

Bonus Question : Do washing machine repair people still exist, or do must of you just chuck broken machines? . .
. .
Lust.... Love... or Just Plain Sex... 😊
Posted:Mar 5, 2019 1:08 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 10:27 am
"Come to me babe." She spread her legs for him and welcomed him to enter. Her whole body, tingled with electricity. The waves of excitement, swept through her, like a bold flood. She longed to be filled by him; yearned for the fullness he promised. And for the warmth and hardness, only that piece of him, could provide.

She clutched his hips and pulled him towards her and waited... for that moment. The moment, when he'd find her opening ; when he'd slip through, that first fold, of wet velvet skin. That feeling, like the taste of honey... never grew old and always, forced a gasp. It was, a welcome moan, she never tired of... and one that always, surprised her. It astonished her. How it somehow felt, as if it was... the very first time! Looking into his eyes and listening to him breath... she knew. His desire and need... mirrored hers.

He leaned forward, pressing himself against her... to feel more. They closed their eyes... and kissed.

How's your day ?
Does that first penetration, take your breath away?
. .

........ .
. .
Hot Tub Buzz... 🛀 And the Cleaning Lady ❤️
Posted:Feb 28, 2019 12:37 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 10:29 am
The other night, I was at the fitness club. It was late and I was the only one left. Yet... I was in no rush, to get out, of the multi-jet tub. The sign on the wall, warned bathers, not to spend more, than 15 minutes, submerged. I rarely, pay attention to signs. Heck... I barely pause, at the ones labeled - STOP. Those pulsating jets,
felt great, as they massaged, my aching muscles. It was easy for me, to close my eyes and doze off, for a bit. Obviously, that is why I didn't hear a sound - when she called out... to see if anyone was still in, that locker room.

When I first stepped out of the tub, I felt light-headed. I wiped my eyes, with my face cloth and walked (not far), to my locker. Holding that tiny cloth, while patting my forehead, was how... the cleaning lady - found me. She had wheeled her bucket and mop, to my row in the locker room - and stopped.

As I lifted the tiny towel, from my eyes and saw her standing there - I thought... "Well hello. What the fuck, are you doing here?" Of course... I didn't say that. I just, sheepishly waved and said - "Hi."

She was tall, middle aged, with an attractive figure and dark brown eyes. She stood there, one hand on her mop, the other on her hip, and spoke, in a thick, European accent. "Hello. I.m just here, to do the floor, and this is the last row left."

A.t this point, in the conversation, t.hat dick, between my legs, was beginning to rule, his portion of my groin. He had decided t.hat "full attention", might be a good way, to greet, this new lady friend. She looked down at him, stared and smiled.

Then... as if conversations with naked men, occur in her line of work, all the time, or perhaps, in her culture - she casually asked. "Would you like me, to give you a second? Are you, going to be long?"

Well, I thought - "Heck no! If my erect cock doesn't bother you, well then... HE, certainly doesn't bother me, either."

"It's all right. My locker is right here. I'll be gone, in a minute, " and I reached for my towel, to dry off, my wet body. The lady and her bucket... stood by, hands clutching the mop.

There I was... drying my legs and thighs and arms and back. And... eventually my now, rock hard dick... all under, mop lady's, measured scrutiny. I looked a.t her, from my travails, a.t one point- just to gauge her approval. The smile on her face, told m.e all I needed to know.

As I pulled, my boxer briefs o.n, she managed to get one last, glimpse, of my 'friend', before saying - "It shows t.hat, you work out."

"Thank you," I replied. I can't recall, ever dressing for a woman, where I felt, as if I, was putting on a show. I'll admit... it was h.ot I'll also admit, I felt objectified.... if only I knew what the fuck, t.hat word meant. Pants, socks, shoes, shirt, watch.... they were all pulled over, through, buttoned, and buckled with silky smooth, precision. I would normally do the sniff test, on the socks, but I skipped t.hat step.

There I was... fully clothed. The lady with the mop looked o.n, approvingly and smiled again. I felt, after becoming so intimate with her, at the very least, I should introduce myself. "My name is Paul," and I extended my hand. She shook it.

"My name is Irena," she replied, while looking, into my eyes. She was attractive, for sure. I thought... very carefully, on how, I would phrase the next question.

"I work out late, quite often. Perhaps... after you finish work, some time... we could, go for a cup of coffee?"

"Oh no sir! T.hat won't be possible. We're not allowed to fraternize, with the members. And members of the club, are not allowed to approach us, either. T.hat... would be considered - sexual harassment," she smiled.

I looked a.t her and blinked.

"Ok then... Have yourself a good night," and I waved good bye.

"You too Paul. Have a great night."

I felt light headed. It must still have been, the effects, of those jets... yep those damn jets. I did feel... pretty tingly though. It was a nice feelin

How do you stay in shape: what's your exercise routine?
Have you ever felt, objectified... (whatever means) ?

Bonus Question: Who doesn't like multi-jet tubs?

*NOTE :When you read words like - a.t , T.hat m.e I.m - it is due to this A F F website, chopping words. . .
........................................................ .
. .
Maple Smoked Ham...🍁... and First Impressions 😊
Posted:Feb 21, 2019 1:26 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 6:30 pm
It's the middle of the end, of winter, over here and I had an idea. "How about a picnic?" I asked. The sun was shining and it was, so... much warmer, than the minus 100, it felt like, last week. "Let's do it!" I said. She agreed, and I put my phone down. Off I drove, to pick her up - on the other side, of the island.

Along the way (not far from her place), I popped into a small grocery store, to buy the supplies. Fresh bread, some maple smoked ham, olives and (of course) strawberries. Oh... and some cheese. I stood in front of a sliding glass door and stared. The chrome racks, were piled high with, Kraft Singles and boxes of Velveeta . I was hoping, for something more eclectic. You know... brie... camembert... strong cheddar? I glanced the elderly woman shopper beside me and asked.

"Is this all the cheese they have?"

"Well... How much do you need?"

I looked her and blinked. By the time I got to my lady friend's house, she was waiting for me, outside and quickly jumped into the car. I told her my story, about the cheese and... other things. She listened to me; in the same way, you'd listen to the announcements, at the subway station - just enough to notice, if there were any emergencies. I could tell, she was distracted.

She then spoke, and told me about her day. She had a unique, high pitched voice. How would I describe it? Well... if a baby carrot could talk, that's how it might sound. Something else, in her demeaner, led me to sense, she was very sad. She was always, such a happy person. Yet... I know... even in a bright candle flame, there is always, a touch of blue. She gradually, revealed to me, why she was upset. Her oldest , had decided to move, out of her home, and into an apartment - with her new boyfriend.

I asked her what she thought of him. Turns out, she'd only met him a few times and her first impressions, weren't good ones. My mind drifted... a bit. Who has the patience or the time for anything other than first impressions, these days, right? You only get 142 characters on twitter. Your hi-speed internet, better stream that video, without a hitch, or you're picking up the phone. That express checkout lane, is just never, fast enough.

I quickly, came back into the conversation and listened to her, talk about the boy. I tried to reassure her, that all she needed, was time, to get to know him better. Time... to see the same things, her sees. I'm not sure she agreed with me. But the way I looked at it - she didn't have a choice. Not if she was going to have a good relationship, with her . Or was I wrong?

Snow had started to fall. The weather here, changes faster, than those lights, on that least favorite, intersection, we all know. Altered plans: the picnic would be at my place. I made a right, at the next street. I knew of a cute, little Italian deli, that sold great cheeses.

Do first impressions hold true for you or do you ever change your mind about someone?
What first impressions do think you give off?

Bonus Question : Are you a cheese person or would you pass on the smelly ones?

Analogies & metaphors, are so much fun. Yes... perhaps, I got carried away... lol 😁. .
. .
She Asked Me... If She Could Hold It... 😊
Posted:Feb 19, 2019 12:41 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 10:34 am
Yesterday, the temperature was minus ridiculous, as I trudged alone, along the frozen edge, of my favorite lake.
It's funny, how a random memory, can keep you warm though, right? What did it for me? I thought of the first time, any woman, ever asked me, if she could hold it ... while I peed. It was one summer...a few years back.

Lynn... remember her? She and I, were hiking, along a quiet, forest trail. I had to go and she, playfully asked me, if she could help. I looked at her. "Sure, but you gotta hurry babe. I really... gotta go ." She scurried up behind me and reached with both her hands around my waist. She almost jammed my zipper- before finally, pulling it down. 

Now... the thing is... even though, I had to go, my little friend - was confused. He, got seriously curious... when he felt those warm, soft, supple fingers and Hollywood nails - trying to fish him, out. Lynn kinda fumbled about in there, feeling her way around. I know, she wasn't used to that whole, men's boxer brief bullshit, and all the options and openings.

By the time, her fingers gently, had him, pulled out... he, had other ideas, as to why, he , was supposed to be there. Stupid dick! My bladder, then silently screamed to me, and I was reminded, of what, the immediate, goal was.

I instructed Lynn, precisely. "Pull the skin back. Yeah... like that babe." She did, as she was told. Just the teeny, tiniest, drop of precum, had made its way, to the very tip of my dick. Lynn smiled and tapped her finger, on the eye of my cock, and watched... as that silvery ribbon... stretched on, forever...

"Can you stop fooling around ? I'm trying to focus! Now hold him lower, on my shaft. Yeah. Like that... Now squeeze him. Tighter babe.... Yeah! Tight, like that. Now... release the pressure of your fingers, when I tell you to, and aim... somewhere. Away from me... Ok? For starters... let's see if you can hit that tree over there... "

And she did... She aimed him left and right, and everywhere... giggling all the while. She even hit that tree... once or twice. I wished, it was winter. I would have challenged her, to write her name, in the snow.

"Now, shake him, to get that last drop off. " And she did that, too.

But... it wasn't, the way, I would have shaken it. Lynn, got carried away - intentionally, I presume. I had become, hard, as a granite boulder. I knew, she was having a great time, as she whispered, sweet encouragent to me. I squirmed, in her firm grasp. Her nails... and fingers... teased and raked my balls, with one hand, while she, stroked me... with the other.

I was wet, where she held me... and my legs were quivering. My toes, would have been curling, but my hiking boots, were too tight. She was in control, and she knew, exactly, what she was doing.

There was a chipmunk, up in a tree, who perved us and squeaked his appreciation, at the conclusion ... of the final result. Lynn laughed approvingly, at the end, as well. She looked up at me, with those... twinkling, blue - green eyes of hers and lustfully cooed - "Ooooo... Good boy!" And then... squeezed, and pushed ... and milked, those last drops, from me. Her hands were sticky and dripping...

I just shut my eyes, as I shivered... and quietly moaned and thought - "Damn... that was the best fricken piss, I've ever had in my life. "

How important, is a playful sense of humour, in a relationship?
Have you ever fed chipmunks or squirrels 🐿️and other animals🐴🐑🐮, from your hands?

I fed a moose once. That was a thrill. He was huge!

Here's a bonus question... for "Paul Points". Why are women so gentle, when handling a penis? I can tie mine, into a knot... 😶

Thanks to [blog kimberliejo1] for reminding me... . .
. .
Sex... 😈 Lies... 😱 and The Prison Mistress 🚓
Posted:Feb 15, 2019 1:05 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2019 8:19 am
( By the way.. Did you know that if you clic on the pics in this post, you'll enlarge them?)

FrankeeZee, (my buddy, who's also a blogger on that other sex site - ™FOGCAF ), sat at my kitchen table. He pushed his laptop towards me and smiled. "Read this Paul. I've written, a great blog. I took your advice, and I've become more descriptive. I've kinda copied your style. It's a 'think piece'. It's about my Valentine's date, from LAST year. Remember... I told you the story?" I looked at FrankeeZee, raised an eyebrow and silently admitted - that I didn't know... what the fuck, he was talking about. I put my glasses on and began to read... FrankeeZee's blog.

His words began ...

It was to be, a Valentine's date, to remember. It started, as you'd expect that day to start - with a man and a woman... and the hope, of confirming true love. Yet, it ended, with a broken heart, a shattered dream... and a seriously, maxed out credit card ! Oh... and there was a short police chase. But that... was just a small, misunderstanding.

I was happily exchanging phone calls (for months and months), with a woman I'd found online. The set up to meet, after all the anticipation, was finally organized. The moment had arrived... I was ready.

As you know, I live in Montreal. She told me, that she lived an hour away, in Ottawa. We'd agreed, that I would travel to her, and meet, at a hotel. I'd booked a penthouse suite, at the Château Laurier, and I'd made, the dinner reservations. As a surprise bonus, I'd also bought, a pair of tickets, to see the Garth Brooks concert. It was going to be, a weekend, to remember.

On the day, we were to meet, I waited for her in that posh restaurant - 'Wilfrid's'. Have you heard of it? A discreet window seat, overlooking Canada's Parliament buildings and the old Rideau locks, assured a romantic setting.
Skaters, dotted the frozen river, gliding pair by pair, in the distance. I waited impatiently. Snowflakes, fluttered, cross the street light shadows, in slow motion rhythms. Four and a half hours later, I was still sitting alone. The maître d', Bill, sauntered up to me, to let me know, they were closing... soon. I left shortly thereafter. My head was bowed and I was heartbroken. But damn, did they make a good onion soup - and really generous gin and tonics.

I spent the weekend alone, in my penthouse suite. She would have appreciated, the 20 jets, in that tub. I watched the Garth Brooks show, with an empty seat next to me .... The silhouette, of the couple in front of me, holding hands, and kissing... made my heart sink.

That woman of my dreams... eventually, contacted me, and confessed. It turns out, she missed our date, because she was residing, in a medium security prison, in Calgary... half a country away. She gets out in 2020.

I looked up, at FrankeeZee. "You couldn't figure out, earlier... that she might have been lying?"

"You know Paul...? When I think about it now... it was always, kinda strange. She'd only call me, on Tuesdays and Saturdays... between 7 and 7:30 at night. And... it was always a collect call."

I looked at FrankeeZee and blinked ...

"What's the title of your blog?"

"Oh... Good question Paul. Well.. it's a 'think piece' , like I said. Advice for men, and women, on what to look for. How to tell, if someone is lying. So... I thought, something simple - 'Don't Accept Collect Phone Calls ... "

"Hmmm... " I nodded.

" ... From Lying Bitches' , " FrankeeZee completed his sentence.

I coughed and cleared my throat... "Good advice. For sure. Yep..." I closed FrankeeZee's laptop. "What about that police chase? That small misunderstanding?"

"Yeah... well... I'm still writing, THAT blog."

I stood up and walked to the fridge. "Hey Frankee... you wanna another vodka slushie?"

"Sure. Yeah... I'll have one. Hey Paul... I'm just curious. Do you know any good lawyers?"

Why do women and men lie to each other, on hook up sites ?
Do you enjoy going to a nice hotel or restaurant?

FrankeeZee is a member and top blogger, of ™FOGCAF - Friends Of Good Clean Adulterous Fun

This is a picture, of the table by the window at 'Wilfrid's' Restaurant. In the background, you'll notice the Canadian Parliament Buildings. Quite romantic... I'd say... . .
...................................................... .
. .
My Fake Orgasm - A Love Story... ❤️ #50
Posted:Feb 12, 2019 12:32 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 10:41 am
It's getting closer and closer to Valentine's Day. Time for a love story, right? Have you ever faked an orgasm? It takes, a trained professional, for a man to fake, an ejaculatory climax. I've done it... and I recall, that night clearly.

I wasn't enjoying myself (probably my fault), and I just wanted it, to be over. She'd already cum, several times... or so she claimed. I did, feel her pussy clutching, clenching, drenching me, more than once. As I think about it now, perhaps- she was faking, it as well? A mutual "double fake" ? That, might have been funny and would've put, a different spin, on this story.

I was wearing a condom at the time and it was, a key piece, in the successful illusion, I performed. I waited for my cue. She whispered in my ear (the way women do) ; "Cum for me baby. Cum for me now!"

I did...

She held me tightly in her arms and I kissed her breathlessly, as I 'fake' shuddered and shivered, for the requisite number of seconds. My body, then went limp - the way men's body's do after they cum. I lay pressed on top of her, exhaling loudly. My hot breath, caressed her neck, as my sweat, mingled with hers. I reposed there... my hands, stroking her supple breasts and erect nipples. Softly, I whispered in her ear, the words she wanted to hear - "Oh my God. That felt... sooo... good." Gradually... I recovered my senses. 

She was quite happy. I was marginally satisfied and relieved, that it was over. More importantly, I was starving! We ordered a large pizza; pepperoni, cheese, green peppers, mushrooms - the works. Here in Montreal, we call them - "all dressed". It was, a great pizza! Oh, and... I think, I ordered a coke.

How important... is having an orgasm?
When you crave a pizza... what do you order?


I'd rather not know if someone faked it with me. Why spoil the illusion?

This story is my submission to - Virtual Symposium #50 Virtual Symposium Group

Thanks to CanNotBearIt, for the idea...
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Are You Afraid Of Being Exposed? 😱 😁
Posted:Feb 7, 2019 1:34 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2019 4:16 am

There are so many internet hackers out there, AND accidental website glitches...

Are you afraid of having your true... 'A F F' identity, exposed to the world?

I guess you should have thought twice about posting dic or pussy pics and doing that 'live - cam' thingy, every Tuesday and Thursday. 🤔 . .
No... Who cares if anyone knows?
Maybe... I would be annoyed, but not devastated.
Yes.. That would impact my career and private life.
OMG... Where is that hole I can hide in? I guess I will have to move... again! .
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Ever Have... One Of Those Days?
Posted:Jan 29, 2019 2:51 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 6:33 pm
If there was a pill you could swallow... to never feel sadness again - would you take it? She wished somebody, had offered her one... as soon, as she stepped into that, empty house.

Her heels, clicked across the dark grey, stone tiled floor and echoed, off the bare, white walls, as she reached the kitchen. Slowly, she pulled the keys, from the brass ring and threw them, on the black marble counter. He... had already been there, and had left his set... neatly stacked and labelled. As usual... he'd taken pride, in his pointless, self-absorbed, neatness.

She sighed, as she glanced at her watch, and realized she was early. The real estate agent, wouldn't be there for another hour. She would linger, for 60 minutes more, in the home, where she'd lived, for 32 y.ears .

Imagined voices and laughter, called to her. She followed them... down the hallway and up the stairs. She walked into rooms, once littered, with toys and dolls and where clothes... had been strewn in piles, on beds. She smiled to herself, recalling all those silly, motherly complaints.

The walls, with their tiny holes and scratches, and scrawls (in pencil and pen), offered clues... that someone had lived there. Time had been measured... in inches... as they'd grown. "My gosh. Were they really, that little?" she thought to herself, as she bent down, to touch her daughters' initials. They were squiggled, in red and blue crayon, and had nearly faded, into invisibility.

In another room, she closed her eyes, and almost smelled - the fresh paint. She'd always loved that shade of green and was proud, of her efforts, with a roller and a brush. He... never forgot to remind her... just how much, he hated that colour.

Eventually, she wandered back... into the kitchen. An open drawer, drew her closer. She peered in... and tucked, right at the back, found something... that had been left behind. It was a picture. A small one, framed, by the people who sold it to her. You've probably seen them. They're the ones snapped, as you roar down the steep angles, of those epic rides, at amusement parks?

"Wow," she whispered to herself. "This, is from so... long... ago."

The four of them; her family... Mouth's open, hands raised, laughter frozen - in that moment. She recalled... it had been raining, that day. The park, was almost empty and there were no lines, for any of the rides. They'd ridden the giant roller coaster, 4 times in a row. "That... was a great day. That, was a really... great day," she smiled.

She held the photo closely, while peering into the expressions, of her . "Oh my gosh. The girls, look so tiny. We all look... so young. Everyone's so happy ! Even him..." she thought, "... even him."

They live a thousand miles away - her , that is. They're adults now, with families of their own. They call... occasionally. That amusement park, has long since, closed up, been torn down... and replaced with condos. She brushed her hair, with her fingers... and glanced at her watch...

Ever have one of those days, when sadness and nostalgia, wrap around your throat - like a warm scarf, that you just don't want to take off... even if you know, it's choking you?

She stood there... clutching that photograph tightly... with both her hands, afraid to let it go. She was having... one of those days

Would you take that pill, if someone offered it to you?
What do you do, to cheer yourself up?

Studies have shown that people who shed tears and express sadness are more apt to lead healthier, and happier lives... in the long run. Something to do with releasing emotions, as opposed to keeping them all bunched up. Hmmm.. Ok then. I won't feel bad, next time I cry at a movie. . .

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Headin'... For That West Island Train
Posted:Jan 25, 2019 1:22 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2019 2:15 pm
Yesterday, I was driving my car, with my blogging buddy, FrankeeZee. I was skidding and slipping my way, through that huge northerly snow storm, you might have heard about. We were headed to the train station (out in the west island), where FrankeeZee's younger cousin Joey, was waiting for us. If you know this city, then you'd know, how messed up, winter driving can get. If you know the city a bit better, you'd know - it's mostly about the drivers here. They're all crazy !

FrankeeZee was just, bringing his lips, up to that cup, of scalding coffee, he'd just bought ( a mile ago)... when I slammed on my brakes. I was probably going faster, than I should have, but then again - so was everyone else. I was completely surprised, when that... guy... in the black 4 by 4, in front of me, decided to actually STOP - as the light turned yellow. I was even more surprised, that he stopped so quickly. "Fricken 4 by 4's !" I thought.

FrankeeZee's coffee, had already spilled over the rim and burned his lips, even before I could say anything.

"We're going to hit this guy Frankee. We're going to hit ... Come on baby...! Give me some space...!" I pleaded, as we slid forward.

Sure enough... The guy with the black 4 by 4, gave me some space and just edged out far enough, so that when I hit him - I might have been doing, barely 2 miles per hour. We bumped, with a little jolt... and a swear word from FrankeeZee. The guy in the black 4 by 4, opened his door. I looked at FrankeeZee, unbuckled my seatbelt and reached for my wallet. "Damn..." I thought. And then...

That guy, in the black 4 by 4, flicked his lit cigarette through the blowing snow and turned to look at me. With a shrug of his shoulders and a thumbs up, he leaned back into his truck, and closed his door. The traffic light had turned green and we all moved forward. I was pretty sure, there was no damage.

"Well... You were lucky Paul. You drive like an asshole. Slow down. You remind me of my cousin Joey."

"I am driving the same, speed, as everyone else... And how do I remind you of your cousin Joey? He's on probation. He just got out of jail for the 10th time."

"It was the third time... and that's my point. In fact...I asked him about that. You know... seeing as all his friends are getting married and having a family and stuff... I asked him, if it didn't bother him. And you know what he says ?"

I looked at FrankeeZee and blinked.

"He says - 'Sometimes... you just have to focus on your career'."

I looked at FrankeeZee and blinked again."None of what you said, has anything to do with me."

"I liked that story Paul. At least Joey sounds motivated. And hey...look at you. I don't know if you're happy, with your job... or whatever. You're always so crabby around me. Why is that?"

As I turned to answer... FrankeeZee yelled out ; "It's a red light Paul. Put on your fucking brakes and stop talking to me."

I slammed on the brakes. FrankeeZee's coffee splashed up on my dash. And there, in front of me, was that black 4 by 4 ... looming... again- as I slid closer... and closer...

"Oh shit !"

Do you (did you), live for your career or does (did) family, come first?
Does bad weather stop you from going places or do you just go through with your plans anyway?

Most of the time, the drivers in this city are reasonable - sort of. Although... the odds were in my favour, that no driver, wanted to get out of his car in a snow storm, to check out a scuff, on a 4 by 4 . I slowed down , after that 2nd time. You can actually stop, reasonably well - when it's snowing as hard as it was - true !

FrankeeZee is a member and top blogger, of ™FOGCAF - Friends Of Good Clean Adulterous Fun
People waiting (half frozen), at the West Island Station, near the frozen tracks, for that slow moving train. . .

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