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Frozen Lust  

Paulxx001 64M  
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4/27/2018 5:40 am

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5/2/2019 10:03 pm

Frozen Lust

Making love in unusual places is an ethereal, erotic experience and just off the charts - hot ! I'll share an experience I had, with you.

It was an intensely, cold January morning, when Lynn and I, turned off the main highway and onto the narrow rural road, not far from my summer cottage. The tires of my car, squeeked and crunched against the frozen snow, as I slowly pulled up into the plowed driveway.

I closed the engine and we stepped out of the warm car and into the cold. As we both breathed in the clean, fresh air, and listened to the hushed silence, we looked at each other and smiled. It was a beautiful day ! 

"Let's walk down to the river. ", I suggested.

She agreed and hand in hand (actually - glove in glove ), we trudged along the plowed lane towards the river, a short distance away. Arriving at the shore, we were spellbound as we looked at the open water flowing, while steam rose from the rapids. It was a mystical and mesmorizing site to behold, but damm , it was cold!

My girlfriend Lynn , and I, had only been together for a few months at that point, and sex was ALWAYS on our minds. She wasn't shy either. She reached for the zipper of my snow pants, grinned her 'horny' grin, flashed her brilliant white teeth at me, and declared -

"Come on - let's make love !".

I agreed with her, as I tried (in vain) to undo the grip that the velcro belt, (circling her waist) , had, on her snow pants. She laughed and pushed my hands away.

"I'll do it. ", she giggled. 

We kneeled down, on the snow, took off our gloves, pushed our pants down to our knees and facing each other, embraced in a passionate kiss. There were things that I immediately noticed at that point ; my dick was rock hard and already dripping precum tears of anticipation, her tongue and mouth were hot and moist and felt like such a nice place to explore ... and... my ass, thighs and knees were freezing - literally !

We held each other in that embrace (both of us naked from our bellies to our knees) and pressed our bodies as close together, as we possibly could. The warmth of her thighs and stomach, were exciting and welcome barriers against the frozen air. She then reached down and gently held my already throbbing phallus. Her touch was soft - and my body shivered (in anticipation) and twitched , as I felt tickled, from her warm fingers. Excitement pulsed through my loins, as her knowledgeable digits clasped my shaft in her hands and she gently squeezed my glan. This was both so erotic and hot, and yet, so incredibly cold - at the same time. I laughed into her mouth, as we kissed. 

"What?", she laughed back, playfully, still holding my shaft in her hands. 

" I am fucking freezing. Oh my gosh it's so cold".

As I spoke, I put my hands between her thighs, squeezed and petted her swollen clit with hand and slipped digits, into her wet pussy with the other. It was oh, so, warm and sticky and such a relief for those poor, freezing fingers of mine.

"All right. I'll get on my knees - Ok?", she asked.

She proceeded to get on her knees - her beautiful tight ass beckoning and her pouting pussy lips teasing , with a wet, sideways smile. I looked her bum in the air, her woman bits pointed towards the sky and thought, 'Man she is hot!'. But as much as I wished I could have gazed longer, I realized that my man bits were going to freeze right off, if I soon couldn't find a warm place to put them. I looked down and my dick was steaming. I looked at it again in amazement and thought - 'Steaming... really ?'. I'd never seen that before! 

I lowered my pants below my knees, as I balanced my body and pushed into the frozen snow. I winced as the searing cold gripped my skin.

"Come on already! " , she pleaded. " Now I, am freezing! ".

Then, with her right hand, she impatiently reached between her legs, found my stiff shaft, grabbed it firmly and moved her bum backwards. She then held my dick, just at the entrance to her wet velvet purse. I have never felt the WARMTH, of her pussy , more than I did at that moment - and I was not even in her yet ! 

Teasingly, she rubbed my wet dick up and down along her pouting entrance, and then gently leaned back a little more, and finally, eased my throbbing 'friend' , into herself, by just a head - the head of my dick. 'Oh ... My.... Gosh !', my mind went blank and I briefly saw stars as my eyes shut tightly.

She moaned with a lustful growl and lowered her head as I slipped into her. I held myself tightly against her, learned over her back and hugged her. She turned her head up, and to her left, and clasped my eyes in hers, and sighed. I successfully reached her mouth with mine. It felt as if we were making love to each other, for the first time !

"Oh Paul... Please, make love to me" , she whispered. "Fuck me.. please", she stretched her neck up and kissed me again , then gasped and lowered her head. 

My thrusts into her were measured, deliberate and she moved her ass back towards me - smacking my thighs with her bum. Her wet, glistening pussy, greeted me with every, determined, penetration of her as she twisted and ground herself against my dick, with every push.

Our minds and bodies - were tingling in sensual numbing pleasure and bliss ! I knew that she was close to cuming . She moaned ever louder, with every of my thrusts into her.

"Yes.. Please, don't stop... Paul, I am cuming....", she whispered.

I was close as well. I waited, and as she arched her back, and moaned, we both came the same time - in an explosion of lust, relief and passion and love. Our bodies were ! She convulsed and spasmed , and her hips thrust upwards. My filled her, in wave after wave of what felt like - boiling lava. I had never before felt such a rush of hot, wetness. I lurched forward and hugged her as she gasped for air. Her pussy was throbbing as it contracted and released itself, repeatedly around my shaft. Her breathing was short and deep. I continued to feel her pussy grasping and pulsing and twitching and my penis did the same - to almost the same beat.

I hugged her tightly in that position for a minute, until the shimmering, in my brain subsided, and the tingling everywhere had stopped. I finally realized that I was, back - on planet Earth, nearby a frozen river, in the middle of January. I also realized that my ass, legs and knees were probably frozen solid, as I could no longer feel them.

I breathed a hot sigh, into Lynn's ear, and released my grip on her. I leaned back and pulled myself out of her. My mixed with her juices dripped out of her steaming pussy and fell to the clean, white, snow in long white ribbons. I looked in amazement as they froze, instantly upon touching the snow. It was proof that we had been there - frozen droplets of our lust.

We pulled up our pants and faced each other and kissed, while on our knees. As we stood up, we both noticed a couple, standing on the other side of the river. We didn't know how long they had been there or what they had seen. I could see the woman was wearing a logo of a company (I recognized) , on her winter hat and he was wearing red and white striped scarf. I guessed, they must have seen quite a bit, I laughed to myself. We didn't care. I put on my gloves and Lynn and I both waved to them. They happily waved back. 

My frozen knees and ass welcomed the feeling, of finally being covered by pants. Lynn smiled at me and I knew she felt the same relief. We quickly walked back to the cottage as I squeezed her hand through my gloves. The cold air was relentless in its pursuit of our chilled noses and cheeks.

My cottage is a small place and where a pot belly stove, in the middle of the living room, is the only source of heat. Lynn and I crawled underneath a blanket on the living room couch, as we waited for the place to warm up. Eventually - I had a roaring fire blazing but it still needed periodic stoking. Reluctantly I quickly flipped open the blanket, ran over to the stove, opened up the top with an iron prong and threw another log into the fire. I stood there for a second to survey my work.

"Hey! Come back in here, already! You're letting out all the heat! ", Lynn scolded me, as she laughed.

I ran back to the couch, crawled back in with her, and covered myself up. I leaned over to grab my mug of wine and we both watched, as the hot flames shot up and the crackling fire slowly, consumed the log. Our knees were slowly thawing out... and just in time...

Lynn's hands reached underneath the blanket and down my chest and then across my thighs, coming to rest between my legs as she grasped my dick. I looked into her blue green twinkling eyes, and put my wine down on the table. I laughed to myself as I thought - 'At least I wasn't going to freeze my knees this time!'.

©April 2018 Paul P.

What's the wildest, craziest or most erotcally different place you've ever made love in? In a park, an elevator, or a car ? Share your stories


Paulxx001 64M  
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5/22/2018 7:30 am

We made love in the snow many times and it was always a thrill. The contrast between the freezing cold snow and surrounding air and the extreme heat of our bodies and most specifically, the heat of her vagina and my penis were incredibly arousing! Yep...

sexyldy1000 61F  
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8/9/2018 9:41 pm

When passion and lust overwhelms us, our bodies react, dictating our actions and we will do anything to fulfill our partner's wants and desires.
This brought back fond memories of similiar experiences. I won't share the details but will leave it up to your imagination which I can tell is vivid.

Stimulate my mind and let’s see what happens 😊.
Lest We Forget

Paulxx001 replies on 8/9/2018 10:25 pm:
Oooo. Sounds interesting. I'd love to hear your stories. My private room has A/C and a fully stocked fridge. Make yourself at home...

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