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Helpless at the Gyno... part 1 of 2  

Paulxx001 64M
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6/1/2018 10:55 am

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12/19/2019 12:32 pm

Helpless at the Gyno... part 1 of 2

Joanne - a beautiful woman in her late thirties
sat in her Gyno doctor's office - waiting, for her 'regular' , yearly appointment. Little did she know, that this appointment was not going to be a 'regular ' - at all!

Her long legs were crossed as the styleto heel of her black shoe, ground into the grey carpet and her toes moved from side to side  - to the beat of the song that was play.ing on the waiting room speakers . She wore a white, flowery,  summer dress that flowed wistfuly over her tall, athletic  body , yet clung tightly and supportively, up and around her breasts, to reaffirm the fact that she was not wearing a bra. She flipped her long dark hair to the side,  as her deep brown eyes glanced at her  watch. 'Where is this Doctor?', she thought to herself. She could have spoken out loud, as she was the only person in the room. She was the doctor's last appointment of the day.

The secretary, acknowledging her impatience and approached  Joanne - "Why don't you wait in the examination room? It will speed things up when the Doctor gets here. Come . . .we'll get you started. He won't be long".

The secretary opened the door to the room and directed Joanne , to take off her clothes and put on the examination gown. "The Doctor will be here in a couple of minutes. Do you want someone with you during the exam ?'

"No. That's all right. I've known the Doctor for many now. I'll be fine', Joanne replied, while already slipping off her shoes and unbuttoning her dress.

"Really ?", questioned the secretary. "Well Dr. Vincenzo retired last year. His Dr. Tony has taken over the practice. Ok then ....".  And with those words and before Joanne could reply again , the secretary   turned and quickly left the room, closing the door softly behind her.

'What had the secretary said? His ?' , Joanne asked herself as she took off her dress, to unveil her large, perfectly formed, breasts. She then peeled off her white thong to expose a bare and smoothly shaven vagina. She stood there,  naked - looking around the room for that 'stupid' gown. That's when the door opened and her new Gynocologist - Dr. Tony (the of Vincenzo), walked in. He closed the door behind him and turned to look at her and smiled.  Joanne had quite shyly and very quickly, and instinctively, crossed her hands in front of her bare vagina and breasts and she stared back at him. He could not have been more than 28 or 29 . He was tall, with a full head of dark blond hair and he obviously worked out as he looked buffed, from what she could see, through the open white lab coat he wore. But it was his piercing, deep blue eyes, that she noticed first, and then those pearl white teeth he flashed her, as he smiled. She was flushed and she could tell that she was turning red.

They both stared at each other for brief seconds before he smiled again and extended his right hand and greeted her - " Hi. My name is Dr. Tony and your new doctor. It's a pleasure to meet you." 

Joanne shyly removed her right hand from its position in front of her vagina and shook his hand firmly , "Hello. My name is Joanne " .  'My gosh,  he was good looking! ', she thought.

©June 2018 Paul P.
. . . . . . Read Part 2 - In my blog above . . and find out what happens next . . . . or click here Helpless at the Gyno part 2 conclusion

Ladies . . . Have you ever been to your gyno and been turned on by the proceedings?
What happened?

Guys . . . Have you ever been turned on by a doctor you visited?

Please Share your stories . . . .

Based on what she told me ... ..

Paulxx001 64M
21889 posts
6/1/2018 10:57 am

This story will be continued tomorrow so please come back. The complete story is posted on Erotic Stories / Humour...

Paulxx001 64M
21889 posts
6/1/2018 11:03 am

Joanne had a very vivid imagination and I would fuel it. Prior to her Gyno exam we made love and I pretended to be her gyno. Evidently I did a good job and she told me that she was thinking of me when she was in his office. Ahhh.. The mind... What a great and powerful sexual organ. When she told me what happened I became arroused, of course, so we played doctor - again! Lol yep...

rajababu201 31M
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6/1/2018 11:16 am

Too good

Paulxx001 replies on 6/1/2018 12:02 pm:
Thanks for stopping by. Part 2 is much hotter. Too hot for poor Joanne...

sexyldy1000 60F  
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6/1/2018 12:35 pm

Great beginning. No doubt part 2 will be steamy.
All women can relate to the apprehension of going for their annual Gyno appointment. Trying to remember the Doctor is a trained professional can be difficult if your mind starts to wander when he starts to touch you. You added to the challenge by fulfilling your own Doctor fantasy before her appointment.
Btw...couldn’t find it yet under Erotic Stories.

Stimulate my mind and let’s see what happens 😊.
Lest We Forget

Paulxx001 replies on 6/1/2018 12:43 pm:
Ahh yes a f f is slow. Yep... It's gets really sticky for poor Joanne... Thanks for dropping by. I'll let you know when it's up.

Tmptrzz 59F  
103963 posts
6/1/2018 5:03 pm

Can't wait to read part two..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

Paulxx001 replies on 6/2/2018 2:36 am:
Thanks for dropping by . . . Joanne looses it . . . spoiler alert . . . lol

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