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Erotic Story - The Picnic  

PeacockandEagle 56M/58F  
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6/18/2021 7:52 pm
Erotic Story - The Picnic

The Picnic - by Peacock

One mild, cool day, he told her he had a surprise for her. He had packed a picnic, but he wanted to drive her minivan to get to a special place. She agreed reluctantly, and they drove into the countryside. He drove down a secluded dirt road, onto private property, to the middle of a grove of trees. He rolled down all the windows, turned off the car except for the radio, told her to stay put, and walked to the passenger side of the van.
Opening both the front and side doors, he stood beside her and kissed her deeply, savoring the feeling of their tongues twining as she turned her body towards him... Then he broke the kiss and said, "Now we are going to play a trust game. Put this on." Pulling a large bandana out of his back pocket, he wound it up and blindfolded her. "I'm not sure I am comfortable with this," she said. "Trust me, you're gonna love it..." he replied. Securely blindfolded, she felt his lips as they passionately kissed again.

Reluctantly backing away, he opened the picnic basket in the back floorboard, and she heard metal jingle. He pulled out a short chain with a handcuff on each end. Quickly, he grabbed her right wrist and handcuffed it, wound the chain around the center door frame, and cuffed the other end also on the right wrist. As she struggled and yelled, he cuffed her left hand to the front door window frame. Then, putting his hand over her mouth as he leaned on her body, he hissed in her ear, "Now listen to me! You are mine now. You can't get away. You have no control. Here are the rules - if you hurt me, you will feel my<b> punishment </font></b>many times over. But, if you don't harm me, I won't harm you. Understand?" She fearfully nodded. “Now, be still and quiet!” He pulled another large bandana from another pocket, rolled it into a line, and gagged her mouth the same way he had blindfolded her. Hearing him open the basket again, she wiggled and whimpered as he put velcro cuffs on her ankles with a two foot long chain between, and a collar loosely on her neck. He began kissing her face and neck, this time possessively...

Kissing and licking down her neck, he started unbuttoning her blouse, kneading her ample breasts while she squirmed in protest, chains jangling, unintelligible noises coming from her bound mouth. Her nipples crinkled with excitement, betraying her treacherous body’s arousal. “Oh, how convenient! This bra hooks in the front, doesn’t it?” he said, opening the lacy bra, revealing her creamy skin and large, pale aureolas with nipples that just begged to be sucked. Just the sight of them made his cock strain against his pants. He took his time on those luscious tits, licking, squeezing, sucking, pinching first one, then the other as small squeals from her punctuated his efforts. He savored the treat that had been denied him for so long.

As he played, his hands wandered lower on her hips, then began stroking her thighs. As they moved, he moved her skirt higher to reveal she was wearing not panty hose, but thigh-high stockings. “Who are you wearing these for, huh? I know you have never let me see them!” His hands roamed the inside of her thighs, higher and higher, as she began to resist in earnest, trying to protect her most sensitive places.

“It’s not a good idea to fight me!” he growled in her ear. “I will just have to teach you a lesson in obedience. You are powerless to resist…” Suddenly, his weight was no longer on her, and she listened intently as he took something out of the picnic basket. Again a metallic sound, and suddenly he unlocked the cuff on the front door, and was pulling her by the cuff on her left hand. As she hung on to the doorframe with her right hand to keep from falling, he turned her, swinging her around to face the middle of the van, then just as quickly, he re-shackled her left hand to a headrest in the middle of the van. There she was, spread-eagled with her blouse wide open, trembling with rising fear and unbidden excitement. He pressed his erection into her ass through her skirt, hands kneading her unbound breasts from behind. “I tried to tell you, sweetie, nice girls get nice things, but naughty, disobedient girls get punished!” Her stomach sank as she wondered what was next…

He reached around her trembling body and picked up something, then moved away. Thwack! She jumped and yelled through the cloth. Thwack! Thwack! “How do you like being paddled, cutie?” Thwack! He paused to grind his crotch into her butt again, and rubbed her aching pussy through the skirt. Pinned in place, she couldn’t move as he explored that most sensitive area. His fingers slipped under the waistband of her skirt and lace panties, caressing the fine hairs that she had refused to reveal to him. Lower they probed, finding the hot, slippery slit, stroking up and down slowly, as a moan escaped her throat. Again and again his fingers dipped lower, making her legs weak. Finally, he inserted two fingers deep inside, rubbing her G-spot. He stopped all too soon, stepping away to gaze at her swaying body.

He pulled her skirt up and tucked it into the waistband to improve the view. Her tantalizing ass, clad only in lacy panties, was exposed to his view. Suddenly, he grasped her by the hips and pulled her toward him, causing her butt to stick out and her back to sway. He stepped to the side and began to spank her with his bare hand, using an uneven rhythm and placement, and caressing her clit at odd times. She never knew what was coming next, a spank or delicious caress. Finally, he pulled the panties just halfway down her legs to admire his work.

Suddenly unable to resist his lust, he slipped around her body and sat on the seat, just in front of her. She could feel his hot breath on her face, and hear him unbuckling his belt and unfastening his pants, then the swish of material as he pulled them down. He loosened and removed her gag, warning her to be silent. Grabbing her hair in both hands, he kissed her roughly, tongue probing deep in her mouth. Then, slowly, he pulled her head down toward his throbbing cock. “No! You can’t do this! No!!” she exclaimed, but to no avail. He pulled roughly on her hair, and when she cried out again, he pulled her head down on his waiting cock. Holding her in place, he waited for the struggling and gagging to subside, then slowly began pumping in and out of her mouth. “Do it right, and I might just let you go,” he whispered. He reduced his grip and slowly, he felt her lips close around the sensitive glans and her tongue swirl against his length. Groaning, he began to guide her up and down while watching her ass sway and feeling soft breasts against his legs. Amazing feelings of building tension rose in his balls, and he knew he had to stop if he wanted to achieve the rest of his plan…

“If you promise to be silent, I will let you up”, he said. When she nodded around his stiff cock, he released her hair and allowed her to stand up as best she could. He reveled in the sight of her, inches away – panties at half-mast, breasts exposed, hands chained to the car, hair mussed around the blindfold, collared and shackled. His prize possession. He reached under the hitched-up skirt to feel her dripping pussy. She jerked away. Again she heard him reach into the basket…she felt his hand grab the waistband of her skirt and pull her forward. He ripped her panties off of one leg. “Kneel on the floorboard,” he said. She was forced to put her knees apart, around his feet. Suddenly, a click and humming sound…he eased a vibrator between her wet cunt lips. “Ah!” she yelped, wiggling to escape the unwanted intrusion. Insistently he played with her, rubbing the shaft around her clit and close to her vagina, again and again, until finally he placed its head at the opening and watched as its head slowly disappeared inside her. Stroking it into her over and over, he rubbed her clit with his other hand, kneading circles around it and stroking the sensitive skin up and down on either side, watching her tension levels rise. “no, noo, I can’t, you can’t do this!” she protested, breathing raggedly, as she began involuntarily pumping the shaft and pressing against his probing fingers… her nipples crinkled hard, and he sucked one into his mouth, triggering a loud moan, then finally she cried out repeatedly as her body shuddered in violent climax.

He savored the moment before removing the vibrator and replacing it with two fingers, moving them in and out slowly, feeling the subsiding clenching of her vaginal muscles. He traced the wetness to her asshole and paused. “No! Not there, I don’t like to be touched there!” she yelped as he plunged a finger in. He continued the assault, patiently probing until the clenching of the unwilling muscle subsided. Then he took the dripping vibrator and placed the tip at her sphincter. “No!!”, she cried and jerked away. He grabbed the gag and re-tied it and grabbed the waistband of her skirt, then resumed his work, pushing just the head of the vibrator in and holding it in place until she stopped wiggling. Relentlessly he stroked her, slowly plunging the vibrator into her tight virgin asshole, holding it in, then slowly pulling it halfway out as her moans continued. Satisfied with his work, he plunged it deep inside and said, “Now put your feet on the ground and keep holding that inside you, unless you want something worse!” As she complied, he grabbed another favorite toy from the basket and slid around her, out of the van…

He smiled at his handiwork, stroking his cock with lube as he admired her red cheeks. “Good job, your ass is still tight,” he remarked as he clipped a leash onto her collar. Reaching down, he gently removed the dildo and tugged at her hips to bend her over. Before she knew what he was doing, he plunged his rampaging cock into her sensitive pussy and drove it home. “Oh, oh, oh” was all the sound that she could manage to moan around her gag as he thrust into her repeatedly, steadily increasing his tempo. Then suddenly, he pulled out, adjusted his aim, and thrust home in her abused asshole. He held her hips still, buried to the hilt, until the tightness eased a bit and her body began to relax. He began slowly, pumping her again. She cried out as he thrust harder and harder, holding her leash like reins on an uncooperative filly, making her rock toward each deepening onslaught as he rode her, breasts swinging in time to his motion, faster and faster until finally, he grabbed her hips and thrust deeply inside her and came in a mind-shattering orgasm. Groaning and shuddering, he waited until he had emptied himself into her, then slowly withdrew his now-spent cock.

With a satisfied sigh, he un-cuffed her handcuffs and rearranged them, cuffing her hands loosely behind her back. She felt a tug on her collar as he walked away from the car, and she stumbled, then shuffled along behind him, through the trees to a small, secluded cabin… and the beginning of her new life.

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