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The best stories are based on what we know, what we've felt and experienced. These are my experiences. Improved, perhaps, by time's polishing of my memory... names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. Enjoy.
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My First Completely Fictional Post
Posted:Feb 1, 2020 12:17 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2020 10:41 pm
While she suckled at the tip, I licked your balls.

As she took more and more of you into her mouth and throat, I leaned back and let her do the work. Instead, I curled against her left hand fingering her from behind... rolling her clit between fingers then sliding one in and out of her wet pussy

right hand massaging her breasts as she sucked you. She moaned against your cock, which made you moan and shiver. You locked eyes with me. So sexy, so turned on, pussy throbbed when you looked at me and I knew I had to kiss you. I slide fingers out of her, give her nipple one more pinch. I slither up to you, pulling shirt off over head.

Look at me hungrily while you moan over your blowjob. nipples, rock hard, strain against the fabric of bra. You reached out to pinch one while snaking your other hand behind head... your hand in hair... pulling face to yours a long, slow, deep kiss. As our mouths part, you moan as I slip still wet fingers between your lips. You grin and suck her juices from fingers.

While you suck fingers, she crawls into your lap to ride your cock. I lean back, to give you two space, but you grab hand and hold me in place. You turn to her and ask her to ride you 'reverse cowgirl' style. She grins to oblige you, doing everything you want.

She turns and lowers herself onto your cock. You both moan and sigh as you enter her. You reach around to fondle her breasts and nudge me with your arm toward her. I understand exactly what you want and I'm eager to try it out.

You move closer to the edge of the bed, your legs spread and feet flat on the floor. You her ride your cock, lifting her, raising your hips to her ass... I kneel between your legs, cup your balls in right hand and massage them while I lean in to suck her clit. She arches further back against you while I suck her clit savagely.

I finger myself with my free hand, dripping from excitement... wanting this so much. I take my dripping fingers and draw wet circles around your tight anus. While I slide the tip of my finger into your ass, I start taking long licks from your balls, up the base of your shaft, to her lips and up to her clit... over and over. My finger inching deeper into your ass with each long lick, until I get to your special spot, massaging it slowly and pressing into. I lick your balls while she rides your cock, taking her clit between my fingers, rubbing it and pinching it.

Both of you are writhing and moaning, grunting, wordless... and then you . your cock throbbing inside her sends her over the edge and she cums too. your cum oozing from her pussy, her cum melting into yours, and I'm right there to lick it up hungrily.

I ease finger out of your ass. Your legs are shaking as I kiss you filling your mouth with .
Sucking seduction
Posted:Jan 10, 2020 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2021 1:21 pm
would that I were there to keep you company...

I could kneel in front of you... pull down that zipper... tug you out for some fresh air... and licking

just teasing the head of your cock... running the tip of my tongue along the rim, scratching up the inside of your thighs

as I slowly slide your cock deeper into my mouth... my throat
my tongue moving constantly... my throat vibrating along the shaft

you arch up, pushing your cock deeper into my throat... while you're arching I grab the tops of your pants... tug them down your legs
you can feel my breasts against your thigh
my hard nipples ...

the hair of your leg tickling the underside of my breasts
making me moan against your cock
still sliding in and out of my mouth... my throat...

then licking down the shaft to your balls... sucking them gently
each one, completely and thoroughly

stroking your cock with my left hand... sucking the base of your shaft
while I slide the index finger of my right hand along my slit
which is so wet... so swollen... dripping for you

you can almost smell her, can't you?
Naughty at work
Posted:Dec 30, 2019 3:56 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2020 5:57 pm
I don't often get the time to play work, but I do love doing it.

The last time I played, I made a big production of it. I stopped by the break room to get an ice cube. I sucked on it as I walked down the hall, which one man found particularly interesting. Perhaps he was shocked... I didn't care. I had urgent business to attend to; the ice cube would help me along.

The rest room was quiet and empty. My favorite stall was available. It's my favorite because there is enough room for me to me to spread my legs wide the way I like to. I had to peel my panties off, that's how wet I was. My clit and my lips were also quite swollen. The remaining shard of ice felt amazing as I traced it up and down my slit, across my clit. I slid it in and of my hungry pussy once... twice... it was melting so fast but the water from it was still cool as it dripped down across my tight puckered asshole. Cool enough to make me gasp.

My nipples were so hard. I lifted up my shirt to let the cool air stroke my belly and to slip my breasts of my bra. I pinched and twisted my left nipple while I slid my middle finger into my pussy, pressing hard on the upper wall. I tried to gasp quietly since someone had come in. I imagined her sitting a few feet away, completely unaware of me, my dripping pussy, and my hard nipples. I moved my fingers up to my clit to rub it since fingering my pussy was, well, a little noisy. So much juice, and every plunge of my fingers made it juicier and noisier. The touch of my finger on my clit made me gasp, tho, louder than I expected. If she heard, she gave no indication, so I continued with stroking, flicking, and rubbing my clit.

I arched my back, nipples thrusting into the air, spreading my legs wider and wider. The other woman left, so I alternated between plunging my fingers into my pussy and savaging my clit, riding my hand until I had to .

Yes, yes, yes, yessssss. I was so wet that I was dripping,... I could hear it echoing from the bowl. My pussy contracted, aching for a cock, a tongue, fingers... needing them all so badly as I squirted and came over and over.
my first blowjob
Posted:Oct 23, 2019 6:03 pm
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2021 1:22 pm
well... as background (and basis for an equally stirring story), I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20. I guess I was a later bloomer. after I lost it, tho, I made up for lost time trying everything and experimenting often. this is the story of one of those experiments.

sad to say, I don't remember the guy's name. he was cute. tall and skinny, unruly mop of dark curly hair, charming smile. just a nice guy. very decent and kind.

we worked in a college group that booked entertainment -- bands, speakers, special movies, etc. -- for the student union and other venues on campus. well, we volunteered in that group. he had a part-time job with the student union theater: loading the film on the projectors, changing the reels, etc. he would routinely have members of our group hang out in the projection room to keep him company and watch movies for free.

when the Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense" movie came to our campus, I joined the group to see the movie. I guess he liked me because he kept making time to chat and flirt with me. I was 18 or 19 and completely inexperienced in these kinds of situations, but I was born with the innate ability to chat and flirt. The irish/PR combo can be a blessing at times.

I guess I was charming enough because he invited me to come back again to see 2001 a few nights later. that was showing at midnight, tho, and I wasn't sure there was a bus running that late. how would I get home? looking back, he must have known that because he quickly offered to take me home after the movie. being so naive, I was delighted that he would give me a ride. I would still be delighted, now, because we had a great time.

the movie seemed to take forever. it was interesting, but a bit too arty for me. he was a big fan, tho, and kept me interested with his exuberant discussion about the various scenes in the film. at the end of the movie, we were laughing about something, I was rocking forward and back in fact. when I rocked back up from laughing, his face was right there, inches from mine. of course we started kissing. when we parted, I was blushing and I blurted out "well, I guess it's time for you to give me that ride." he laughed, enjoying my blush and the obvious sexual joke that I didn't intend to make.

he had an old sedan with a front bench seat, so I curled up next to him on the way to my house. we kissed and groped at various stoplights. by the time we got to my apartment, I was shamelessly stroking his cock through his pants. he wanted to do more in the car. I insisted that we go into my apartment. I mean, it was right there.

I lived on the top floor. as we climbed the stairs, he was stroking the backs of my thighs, squeezing my ass. by the time we got to my front door, he was pressed against me, reaching up under my shirt to pinch my nipples, kissing my neck. I could feel his hard cock against my back. I was terrified and aroused and so glad that my roommate wasn't home as we tumbled through the front door.

he closed the door, turned to me, grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me. such a kiss. makes me wet even now to think of that kiss. when we finally parted, both of us breathing hard, I grabbed his belt and dragged him to my bedroom. our clothes seemed to melt away and we were both naked when we fell on the bed. he instantly started kissing and nibbling on my breasts, fingering me. I was so wet, so ready, and came almost instantly when he slipped a finger inside me.

I had one hand in his hair and one working his cock. he was circumcised so his pre-cum was dripping down the shaft. my hand was instantly wet. my first instinct was to taste it. he watched me, startled but pleased, as I raised my hand to my face and licked it. I closed my eyes and savored the taste. he moaned softly, said something about my tongue. I knew I wanted to taste more and I knew he wanted me to taste more too.

I grinned as I pushed his shoulders into the pillows. he grinned as I crawled away from him, watching my breasts sway, as I straddled his legs and lowered my mouth on to his cock.

his cock was long and lean, like him. I had no idea what to do, but he was patient. I licked him, from base to tip, over and over again. I didn't think I could swallow all of him, so I never tried. he didn't say a word, just laid there grinning like a maniac and moaning whenever my tongue touched his cock's rim. I decided to focus on that spot, sucking just the tip. as my breasts were caressed his balls, he moaned loudly and suddenly took my face in his hands again. he didn't grab my head, just held my face as he raised his hips to fuck my mouth. he only managed two thrusts when he came. no warning, so I did gag, cough, and sputter a little. not as sweet as precum, but I still licked him clean. he was vibrating when I finished.

again, he took my face in his hands, pulled me to him. kissed me deeply.

we curled up together, sleeping lightly. he left a few hours later. we never went out again. I don't know why.
Me, Myself, and Two Guys
Posted:Sep 27, 2019 8:17 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2020 5:59 pm
NOTE: this story is a hybrid of my personal experience and the mellowness that have upon the memory. enjoy!
It all started, as so many of these things do, at a party. An after-work party, to be precise, socializing with the people I worked with. At the time, I worked as a technical editor for a vendor supported the US Navy. I lived in Alexandria, VA and shared an apartment with one of my female coworkers.
At the party, I got to meet some people I didn’t interact with regularly. Many of them were retired Navy officers, but there were a few "civilians" like me. Two guys were particularly interesting to me. They traveled a lot, so I only knew them well enough to nod at when I'd seen them in the office. They were always polite, always together, never overly friendly. To be honest, I assumed they were gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
They were two of a kind... similar features, similar builds, non-descript but clean-shaven and "fit". They probably went to the . One, Gregg, was black Irish like : dark hair, light eyes (his were blue). The other, Chris, was fair-haired, tanned, and grey-eyed.
One thing you should know, this job, all the women were expected to wear dresses or skirts and hose/stockings and heels (preferably). I never liked stockings or pantyhose, so I didn't wear them. It's not like they could find a legal way to check.
Chris approached me the party first. I was hanging with my immediate coworkers: laughing, drinking, just socializing with my fellow documentation geeks. We had commandeered the only comfortable seats in the room: two low couches set in an L position. My skirt was knee length, but the couches were low, so there were times when I was probably showing more leg and whatnot than I should. I was trying to pull my skirt straight and had been leaning over, when I noticed Chris was watching me. I also realized that, from his vantage point, he could easily see down my blouse. His eyes, though, were on my hands as I rearranged my skirt.
He looked up, met my gaze, and had the good grace to at least look sheepish at being caught. I could feel the blush spreading from my cheeks down my throat onto my chest. When I blush, it's a very involved process. He smiled as he watched the blush spread, which made me blush even more.
I needed to end that blushing cycle, so I stood and walked over to him. I had had a few beers by this time, so my Dutch courage was strong. His grin broadened, clearly enjoying the sway of my hips and breasts as I stalked over to him. In my heels, I was his height, which he seemed to like too.
There were a few awkward hellos, exchanges of names, seemingly accidental touches on hands, on arms. I was laughing with my head thrown back when I noticed Gregg standing at my arm, offering me a drink, smiling broadly.
We eventually found seats together and spent at least 2 hours talking and laughing and drinking. Gregg mumbled something about using the restroom and shambled off. As I leaned back, I noticed Chris's arm across the back of my chair. I could feel the heat of his chest on my arm as he leaned closer and kissed my neck. His lips traveled up to my ear. I swear, I could see my nipples harden and strain against my bra and blouse.
His lips brushed my ear as he whispered, "Your nipples are so hard... all I want to do is pinch and bite them. PJ, will you let me pinch and bite them?" I could barely respond, but I did manage a hoarse, "Yes, of course."
He continued, "We could give you a ride home. Pinch and bite and..."
I blinked, startled, turned to him and asked "We?" In answer, Chris smiled up at Gregg had once again appeared at my side. As he sat, I noticed he was hard... very hard. Our eyes met and he knew that I knew. His smile was almost feral.
There was a part of me that was frightened of these two men. I didn't know them, really, but I wanted to know them better. I wanted to know parts of them intimately. I knew right then that one of them was giving me a ride and maybe even driving me home.
I thought only Chris was interested, but clearly Gregg was too. How was I to choose? They both stood, smiled knowingly at each other, and each extended a hand to me. As I slid my hands into theirs, I realized that I had gotten myself into something new and different and just a little bit terrifying. But I was so wet, so aroused, so ready, there was no way I wasn't going to go with them.
The flirting and verbal foreplay slipped into physical foreplay in the elevator to the underground parking lot. Gregg watched as Chris kissed me, hands first caressing my throat and then sliding up into my hair, grabbing it roughly. I moaned loudly as he kissed down my throat. His hands seemed to be everywhere. I looked over his shoulder at Gregg was rubbing his thumb along the hard arc in his pants. Watching him made me hotter. I gasped as he grabbed his cock. His eyes were on Chris's hands moving my skirt up, the fabric wedging into my panties as he grabbed my ass and worked his fingers toward my pussy.
Gregg looked up at my , smiling. He was moving his hand over his cock when he said, "You naughty , you're not wearing any stockings or hose. You're far too accommodating." As Chris nibbled my nipples through my blouse, I noticed a small dark mark forming on Gregg's khakis above the tip of his cock. My hands were in Chris's hair, keeping his focused on my tits and nipples. I was wondering if Gregg was going to when the elevator finally stopped and the doors popped open.
No one else was around this late, thank god. No worries about straightening our clothes or making small talk with people more sober than we were.
Gregg and I followed Chris over to his truck. It was an old one, with a bench seat and a stick shift. Of course, I was expected to sit in the middle and straddle the stick shift.
Gregg helped up and into the truck, sliding his hands up my skirt and grabbing my ass. I squealed and giggled, involuntarily, which seemed to please them both. I had to keep my skirt pulled up to avoid ripping the slit... an obviously calculated maneuver. This wasn't the first time these two had done this.
The thought angered me at first, but then I realized that at least they knew what they were doing. I was a novice... so very willing... and they were going to teach me a lesson. Alright!
Each man lightly stroked the insides of my thighs as we sat there, waiting for the engine to smooth . Chris then put his focus into getting the ancient truck of the parking spot, the parking lot, and on the road. Gregg focused on pulling my blouse from my skirt and slipping his right hand up my blouse and his left my ass. He was kissing savagely as I worked to free his cock from the confines of his pants.
I smiled against his mouth when my hand found his cock right away. As I looked down to admire it, he whispered against my ear “I’m a naughty , I don’t wear stockings or hose either.” I shivered his admission and his lips, breath tickling my ear. He twisted my nipple once, twice, before moving his hand into my hair and pulling my to his.
I grabbed his shaft firmly and started stroking it slowly. He moaned into my mouth, "no... I'll too fast." that "no" I knew I was going to make him right there in the truck with Chris watching. I lowered my head down and kissed the pearl of precum shining on his tip. Gods, I love precum. He moaned loudly again but didn't stop . I slid every inch of him into my mouth to the back of my throat, moving my tongue over the shaft as my lips grasped him. His hand was still in my hair, hovering in strands above my scalp. He didn't press or force, but he did run his fingers along the outer edge of my ear and stroked my throat, scratching lightly as I slowly, sensuously sucked his cock.
Chris must have gotten us onto the highway and up to speed, because his shifting hand was now exploring my soaking wet panties from the front, pulling them aside, and fingering my clit. Gregg's fingers were busy with the mouth of my pussy. I do so love to be fingered.
I moaned on Gregg's cock. His right hand plunged into my hair and held my head in place... bringing his hips up, fucking my mouth... he came so quickly he didn't have a chance to warn me. Still, I swallowed most of it, though his last spurt landed on my lips rather than in them. I think he must have planned it because he instantly raised my to his and licked my lips clean and then kissed deeply. "God that was good. gonna make a mess of you."
I laughed but it morphed into a moan as their fingering worked its magic on me, I reached my left hand over to Chris's lap and found a hard cock exposed and waiting for me. He had had been busy with his pants before he started fingering me. I was stroking him quickly, but lightly... teasing him more than anything, as I came for the first time.
I threw my head back and just let the orgasm take me. Greg had my blouse completely pushed up, my bra unclasped, my breasts bouncing free, his mouth and hands working on my nipples. Another orgasm started to crest when Chris's hand disappeared. I vaguely heard him say something about downshifting. He then urged me to cover up.
We were a stop light the end of the exit ramp. I had no clue where we were and felt a chill of fear again. Gregg, took over clit fingering duties when Chris went back to driving, was getting back to the edge of another orgasm as he whispered in my ear, "don't worry, we're going to my place... no roomies to interrupt us." I trusted him completely for no other reason than he was going to make . And, truthfully, I wanted to do that over and over again.
After Chris got us parked, he pulled the driver’s side door, helping down and sliding his hands over every inch of as I slid into his arms. We fondled each other and giggled as we followed Gregg to the door of his townhouse. As soon as the door closed, clothes started flying off. Both men wanted me in my skirt and heels but nothing else. We kissed and groped our way up to Gregg's bedroom. I fell on to Chris on the bed, his feet still on the floor. I pulled my skirt up to straddle him and rubbed my wet lips up and down his shaft, both of us groaning the touch. I then felt Gregg's hands on my hips, sliding the back of my skirt up to my waist. He wasn't completely recovered yet, but he fingered my clit, my lips, and then my ass... using my juices to massage my tight anus.
I jerked when he first touched , but he knew what he was doing, so I let him do it. I knelt back, sliding Chris's cock into my pussy, slowly, moving my hips in small circles, my back against Gregg's abdomen. His cock was fully hard again and pushing against me. He pulled my hair away from neck, kissed it lightly, then whispered in my ear, "just relax. it may hurt at first, but it won't once you relax... and then you won't want me to stop."
I gasped raggedly as he squeezed, twisted, and pinched my nipples and ran his teeth along my ear. He then placed his palm in the middle of my back and push me back down to Chris. Chris immediately took over my breasts and nipples, our eyes locked as we ground against each other.
Gregg's hips tucked against my ass. His left hand grasped my hip, he whispered, "just relax, PJ, relax." Not an easy task when all I wanted to do was squeeze Chris's cock in me. Suddenly, there was a feeling of cold wetness on my anus. Chris smiled at my stunned and ran his thumb along my lower lip. "Don't worry, it's just lube."
As soon as he said "lube," Gregg's cock slowly entered my ass. It did hurt first and my body immediately tensed in response. Both men whispered calming words at me, caressed my body, reassured me. Gregg's cock pushed further in and the pain lessened, as he promised.
I relaxed slightly and started moving my hips until Gregg grabbed my right hip with his now free hand. "Don't move... we'll do the work... just enjoy it."
They fucked me hard. There was no kissing, no caressing, just slamming, savage fucking. The double penetration was amazing, though I had to direct their rhythm, so they didn't dislocate my hips.
Chris came first, loudly, grabbing my head and kissing me deeply. When his cock waned, he shimmied from . He perched on the bed next to and Gregg, his right hand fingered my clit, his left hand fingered Gregg’s ass. I came two more times, my legs were shaking, when Gregg pulled his cock of my ass and came on my back, shooting his into my hair and on to his own pillows. An impressive spurt.
I got to clean up with a blissfully shower, though I wasn't alone for long. Chris joined for some soapy fun and mutual masturbation. Gregg must have used another bathroom, because he was bathed and in bed waiting for us when we came . He had laid one of his t-shirts for and patted the bed beside him, grinning evilly.
Once again, I got to be in the middle. All we did was fondle and kiss, but they did make a few more times. Neither of them were up for that, though. I think they were amazed at how many times I came.
When we finally did stop to rest, I couldn't really sleep. It was a large bed, but I was stuck between two people and couldn't move freely. I made a promise to myself that, if I were ever in this situation again, I would plan on going home afterward and sleeping in comfort in my own bed.
Still... it was a great experience. With the right toys and partner, it can be replicated with just two people.
Up close
Posted:Sep 27, 2019 8:13 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2021 2:02 pm
Come with me to my bedroom. Sit, there, at the foot of the bed. In the dim light, my pale skin seems to glow as I remove my robe. Smiling at you, I turn to the side table drawer. Such wonders of vibrating pleasure lie within. I lean over to admire my choices, legs spread slightly, to tease and entice you with a sneak peek. A quick intake of breath makes me smile, knowing you've noticed.

Choice made, I curl on to the bed, just a few feet from you, settling back onto a pile of pillows, hard nipples pointing to the ceiling, begging to be kissed and sucked, bitten and squeezed. I suck on my finger and thumb to wet my nipples as I stroke and pinch in your stead, tho I notice your hands flexing slightly, aching to touch me. Your gaze, your greed, make them contract even more. Your quiet moan sparks through me, making me tingle from nip to clit.

As I ease my legs apart, you lay on your side, head resting on your hand. Comfortable and casual as you gaze heatedly, directly into my wet depths. I slide the toy along my slit. We sigh in unison as contact is finally made. Legs spreading further, moving my hand in long arcs from clit to anus, groaning louder with every pass. Back arching, I feel your hand graze my foot as you clamber closer. You are watching intently, breathing deeply, wanting to act but wanting to watch, urging me on under your breath.

I finally slide the toy inside me, teasing the opening with the head at first and then thrusting it in deeper. I feel the heat of you on my inner thigh. I am so wet, so creamy, so delicious. You want to taste but you love the sight, the obscene noises the toy makes, the noises that I make, every time the toy plunges.
Moaning louder, I push the toy in deep and leave it humming inside me, raising both hands to my breasts. Pulling my nipples, arching my back, moving my hips, and beckoning to you.

Will you reach out? Will you take the toy and finish me? Will you fuck me?

You reach out and place your hands over mine as I work my red ripe nipples, pulling and twisting. You pull one hand away so you can flip the tip with your warm tongue to make sure I am doing a good job. My back arches as you finally make contact and I feel your tongue. My left nipple becomes engulfed by your mouth as you take a long pull and suckle, but the humming down below calls you from my breast with a pop.
I feel the warm steam of your mouth flow down across my tummy. Your hand pressing against my inner thigh, urging me to spread my legs just a bit wider. You lick my little mound over the top of the humming inserted toy, as my hand reaches to stroke your head. I continue pulling now on my nipple but all of my focus is on the placement of your mouth, the swirl of your tongue, the vibration of your moan as you finally taste my cum. Your hand grasps the toy, moves it in and out, teases me. Stopping at the mouth before plunging it in deep. All the while your tongue works me to a higher finish.

Your tongue, your hand, the toy... driving me to the perfect point of release. Moaning your name, you feel me contract against the toy, stopping it, holding it in place. My hand pulling your head closer as my hips move faster, rubbing against your mouth. The spurt is slight, but is quickly followed by another and another... my juices squirt into your mouth, down your face.

I lean up, cup your chin in my hand, and tilt your face up to mine, eyes locked... you follow the tug of my hand, bringing your face to mine... I lick your lips lightly, savoring the flavor of my cum, then slide my tongue in your mouth, kissing you feverishly as I stroke your shaft.

Responding in kind, you deftly reach down, pluck the toy from my slippery slot. Gasping, I reel as you kiss and bite my nipple while rolling on to your back. I can't help but follow, slithering into position on top of you. I spread my legs wide to straddle you, quirk my hips, and slide your cock into me as I sit up.

We both moan loudly as your hard shaft fills me, as my pussy squeezes your cock. My hands are on your chest, scratching lightly as I move against you, squeezing. I pinch your nipples, tugging on them, moving my hips faster. You pull my breasts to your face, sucking, kissing, nibbling harder. Gasping, moaning, growling dirty nothings into your ear, I cum on your cock which paralyzes me. Frustrated, you grab my hips, digging your fingers into the flesh of my hips, pulling me back down on to your cock.

You move your hips, grinding your cock up and into me. My hips grinding to match. I start nibbling and kissing at your shoulder, growling and moaning into your ear again as you buck and shake. You can barely speak but still manage to tell me that you're cumming... for me... in me... deep, gods, so deep. I cum again, our juices mixing, making a mess of both of us.

You take my face in your hands. After a brief, hungry glance, you kiss me, long and slow.

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