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It's really like this...  

Pentuphelp 50M
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7/1/2021 3:12 pm
It's really like this...

Hi everyone, I'm Sean, and not afraid to "put it out there" as it goes. I'm too fucking old to actually give a shit about what anyone says, we lose this filter and revert back to a 5 year old.
This is a huge step for me, actually wanting to be vulnerable enough with a woman to have sex. After reading below, you may understand why.

I went through a relationship that I never ever, fucking ever, thought I would go through.
A physically abusive one. I will spare the gory stuff, but let's just say it took a shrink 3 years to unbolt my head. To feel normal again, is the most unbelievable feeling for me right now. It's peace, and a deep sense of primal male power.
I want to fuck, and Im glad it's making it's way to the surface. I actually feel like a man again, instead of the thought of my masculinity being slowly emaciated.
It's been 5 years for me... Let's just say, this Leo is hungry.
I have a penchant for writing, and I want to keep doing this. If you read my<b> fantasy </font></b>in my profile, to be honest... I got really turned on writing it. I don't want to wet myself in my<b> fantasy </font></b>mind you, I added flavor for effect.
My grade 10 English teacher was a member of a provincial writers guild where I grew up, and I wanted to fuck her brains out. She was this gorgeous Greek woman about 5'5", cute little apple bottom, and a wonderful firm set of handful sized breasts. I seem to recall fantasizing about her. She invited me to join that guild after reading several of my essays.

My goal is to find a lover here in Victoria B.C., and fill this blog post with ... New experiences. The way I am living my life is like a new entity, I'm fit, and I feel good. I have no rules. I'm my own general. I want my partner to know that I am simply going to write what I experience, and her involvement in my reawakening.
She's so beautiful, and so important.

I don't have any idea about whom she is, but she going to say those magic words. She's going to ...

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