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Erotic Scenario -- Captured Secret Agent  

Poetfreak 43M  
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9/23/2021 8:59 pm
Erotic Scenario -- Captured Secret Agent

Roleplay Scenario – Captured Secret Agent

You entered the room with gun drawn. You are dressed in a black sports bra, a short black skirt or hotpants, and black knee high<b> boots. </font></b>You sneak in and press you back the wall. You are a secret agent, and your mission is bring in. Little do you know, I am prepared for you, and I am going put you through a night of torture, humiliation and sensual pleasures you never experienced before.
As you creep around the room, I am watching from a distance, enjoying your figure as you make your way around, aiming your gun indifferent defensive directions. You don’t see where I am hidden. As you enter the room, I move to sneak behind you.
“Where is that mother fucker?” you say quietly yourself you peer around corners. I slowly make my move. I position myself behind you, then quickly pull your arms down, wrapping my arms tightly around your body. You gasp in surprise and quickly try wiggle your way out of my grip.
“Shit!” you say.
“Nighty night, bitch,” and I hit you in the back of the head with my gun, knocking you out [pretend of course]. The gun falls from your hand and you go limp. I hold you your head drops the side. I wrap an arm around your waist and grope a tit underneath the bra. I move your chin from side side, looking at your sleeping face. Finally I grip your waist and I reach down and scoop your thighs in my arms. You head dips back and your body dangles limp in my arms.
I indulge in carrying you around, looking for a place work my ropes and bondage. I lay you down in the middle of a room where I have my ropes and cuffs. I blind fold you. I pull your hands behind your back and handcuff you. I don’t tie you yet. That’s coming.
I spank you hard the ass, “wake , bitch.” You begin stir I spank you again and start pull you your feet.
You groan slightly, “… what the fuck!”
I stand you and hold you stiffly in place, “don’t you fucking move bitch.” I position you standing straight and tall, with your legs at a strong wide stance. You’re blindfolded and your arms are cuffed behind your back. I spank you again.
“Fucker!” you say.
“Don’t you fucking move!” I say I take your face and hair in my hands. I gather your hair in a tight pull and take hard control of your face, “you don’t fucking walk in my house, bitch, without a unpunishment coming.” I reach around your body and grab your tights hard. I hear you gasp in pain and pleasure.
You stand there as I indulge in running my hands over your body, around your midriff and tits. I kneel down and run my hands and down your thighs, squeezing your ass. You move shake off.
“Get the fuck off ,” you say. I stand , move right behind you, grab your hair and pull you head back, with your ear at my lips “how did you find , bitch?”
“Fuck you” you say.
I punch you the belly, “no, fuck you, bitch. Who sent you?”
“Go hell,” you say.
I pull you and guide you by your cuffed hands. I shove you against the wall and press into your back, “tell what I want know, bitch. And I’ll make this easier for you.”
“Kiss my ass!” you say.
I spank it hard again, and grip it tightly in my hand.
“Have it your way,” I say. I pull out a rag soaked in chloroform [again, pretend] and I hold it over you face. You struggle and moan as I hold it tightly you face. Your body wiggles in my arms. I pull you from the wall and lift you off the ground. You booted legs and struggle, but you begin get sleepy. I feel the struggle in you get weaker and weaker, until you finally pass out.
This time, I turn you around and throw you over my shoulder like a sack of potatos. My hands run and down your thighs with another punctuated ass grab and spanking.
I carry you over the couch where I throw you down. I then tie you : one rope under your tits, tightening your arms your side, another around your thighs above your knees, and a final rope around your<b> boots </font></b>at the ankles. You are unconscious this whole time.
When I’m finished, I shake you awake again. “Tell me what I want know, bitch!”
“When are you going get it through your fucked face, I ain’t telling you shit.”
[Here we can improvise a bit with the dialogue and the activity]
After a second round of torture, pain, , with you refusing answer my interrogation, I chloroform you one last time, and after you pass out, I untie you and carry you a large table. I take off your bra and skirt, leaving only the<b> boots </font></b>on I spread you out over a table, tying your hands and ankles each corner. I remove your blindfold and smack you back awake. I run my hands over your naked body, playing with you nipples, running my hand over your tummy [we can use a lot of toys if you like]. I pull out a huge dildo. I finger your exposed cunt.
“Get the fuck off !” you yell.
I part your lips and shove the dildo into your cunt. You gasp intensely. your muscles tighten. My hand moves over your body the other works the dildo in and out. I move it in and out rhythmically my other hand covers every inch of your body. You gasp moan and struggle, but you enjoy it. I fuck you hard with the dildo as you climax in ecstasy. You finally in a heap of sweat and exhaustion.

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