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“Did you read my profile”  

Poly83642 56M   
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10/5/2021 12:29 pm
“Did you read my profile”

So this is a “Social ” sight. WHAT THE IS WRONG WITH SAYING HELLO????

Yes I read your profile and NO, I didn’t fit into your “list” of don’t talk to me exclusions.

Why are you here if you are going to be<b> nasty </font></b>to people?

Why are women so rude on this site??

It seems, to me, women are angry because men treat them poorly. Well ladies you get what you give. I contacted a lady here. I was polite and was treated like I had disrespected her or called her a bitch or something. I simply asked her if she wanted to strike up a conversation, and she lashed out.

was nothing in her profile that would lead me believe I should not contact her. She accused me of missing the point. I felt like my profile was along the lines as her profile, but I’m the bad guy?

I get if a creeper comes across rude, says something nasty, I get . BUT if a guy asks if you “want chat” that does not mean “I want your ass then have you deep throat my shit covered cock”. is a difference.

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