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Another Round With Grandma  

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9/6/2019 8:16 am

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Another Round With Grandma

Another Round With Grandma

After Mom got off with the blow job in the back of the car , and swallowing and
cleaning up as usual, also coming down from the finger fuck orgasm I had been helping her achieve; I told her and H I thought I would go visit Grandma, if she didn't mind, a few more of the final days before heading south for my new assignment. At time I think I had six days left on the PCS leave. (PCS= permanent change of station) Mom laughed and H was chuckling as Mom said Grandma, from what she said on the phone, probably had her panties off, dripping, waiting for my return visit. As I said earlier, Mom was relentless and frank when it concerned sex, as I was still turning red in the face learning over the month – even in the face of all has been going on these last few weeks (Actually just short of three weeks.) (Note: First image is of a different occasion of a bit of sex in the back of the car with H driving)

Grandma at the time was sixty years old, 5 feet six inches and about 1 pounds. Trim and with little to no fat. About a size 34 C cup. Dressed stylishly, very good skin and little makeup. Did laps in their pool daily so was pretty fit. Looked to be in her late forties to fifty. And to use the same old tired phrase I used earlier in this narrative, she about fucked my brains out the first time, and to be honest, I was fairly eagerly looking forward to having it happen some more. And, besides Aunt T would of course be there and also Uncle J and Aunt R. Nothing had really occurred with J and R and unlike three weeks ago, I was now fairly sure some sexual adventures with them was going to be on the menu also.

So the next day Mom and H went to work in their two shops and I headed to Grandma's. I had called the night before and gotten the expected invite. Arrived a little before lunch, met with a kiss was not grandmotherly, started to get hard immediately.

Went in to say hello to Grand Dad, who most of the time was bed ridden with unspecified medical conditions. Had been like since when I was in school. The family catered to him, which I never did fully understand. It was always fun to speak with him and he seemed to know everything about everything. Sick as he was (ahem) he did sometimes get up and get someone in the family to take him where he wanted to be for reasons only he seemed to know.

Although I had fucked his wife, my grandmother just a few days ago, he and I had not spoken of it, though I'm sure he was fully aware. This time he really surprised me saying Grandma was really anticipating my visit and I was not to worry about anything, or be concerned with any noise, and to be sure to give her what she wanted. I said yes sir, I would do my best. Embarrassing, but true.

Grandma and I had lunch and caught up on what had been happening at the lake, although she already knew the gist of everything from Aunt T and from Mom. As I had learned Grandma had also visited the lake and had in the past joined in with the boat gang and their version of boating with fun. From experience I'm sure she gave as good as she got. Old gal had lots of stamina.

We cleaned up the kitchen after lunch and went into the living room to continue our catching up – although fairly sure, but not positive, I was hoping catching up included some lusty . Sat down on the couch and did not have to wait more than about thirty seconds to know what was on the agenda for the rest of the afternoon. Grandma sat down tightly next to and ran a hand up under my khaki shorts and found my semi-hard cock immediately. She leaned in and started French kissing me and we were off to the races.

I had purposely not put on any underwear in anticipation she would be looking to grab hold of my cock. Well Grandma was not wearing any panties and I soon discovered she was wet and the cunt lips felt hot. Finding her G spot was easy, as was my Mom's. Aunt T's and Susan's also, was a bit more elusive – well not quite as quickly found as the skin at their spots not as prominent feeling . About the best I can do describing the different touch feeling of the different ladies.

Clothing was soon coming off and we were soon in a 69 position with Grandma on top (grandsons should be polite as they are usually heavier than their in shape, fit grandmas, if they are so lucky) lapping, tonguing and nipping in my case and sucking hard in her case and edging a bit to keep from cumming too quickly.

Grandma pulled up off my cock and told to come with her to the bedroom as she wanted to try something else. When there she laid down on the bed on her back and grabbed some lube from the night stand and spread it all between her breasts and took hold of my cock and lubed it up also. Told me to kneel over her chest and put my cock between her tits as she wanted to try some titty with . So we tried . On every third or fourth<b> stroke </font></b>forward she was able to lean up and lick the tip of my cock which overall created a really different sensation. In about four or five minutes I came over her tits, chin and neck area. I expected her to clean the off but she just rubbed it all into her skin saying it was the “best protein cream” there was. She was probably right.

((Note: My cock of about 7 inches then (shrinking like hell from lack of use lately) was too short to really do position correctly in my opinion and I really thought also her tits too small for also. We never did it again, nor with Mom or and of the others. Although it was OK watching my splash on her tits, neck and chin. ))

So we then took a nap with Grandma spooning from behind and reaching over to hold my cock. After about forty-five minutes to an hour I felt myself begin to get hard once more and she started to serious<b> stroke </font></b>Pete as she called it (her youngest and my youngest uncle who I am partially named after is Pete (formally Preston). (I asked her once on a later visit if she called Pete's cock Pete also. She said of course, but only the two of ours as we were the youngest and deserved pet names – grandmothers – what can you say.)

Soon, with her stroking and me in a three and half week sexual stupor and eager to please, she was on her knees, pillows piled under her tits, hands flat on the head board which was bouncing off the wall now shouting at “Harder Tom, dammit, harder”. I complied and after a good bit of wall thumbing and grunts, and shouts and groans she tightened up around my cock so hard I couldn't move and she came for what seemed like forever and screamed. As soon as she loosened her cunt muscles, or whatever, just a little I was able to also. I had a orgasm but couldn't as it just would not move until she let go. She had once again fucked my brains out.

From Grand Dad's room next door I heard him cheer and clap. I was just doing my duty was assigned........ What a family.

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