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Prettyconnie5 65T
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10/5/2021 10:59 am

Some, as they age, become disinterested/bored with their lives---they drift from the way that they were raised, from what was expected of them--their 'role' as a man or a woman. They were expected be interested (sexually) in the opposite sex and expected act as such, but as we age our bodies change---we become less sexually potent and turn toward sexual interests that might allow us to (hopefully) regain some of that lost potency? We often, seems these days, turn toward homosexual desires and ultimately, those desires grow and move us to act, often secret, clandestine meetings in a stranger's car or truck or in the woods where such activities mean that 'those woods' are where those queer folk go to find some relief? Police are often times put on notice cruse by those areas in the hopes of discouraging such socially frowned upon, activities. For me---it was a bit different---I was different from an early age. As a preteen, I found myself considering forbidden things, fantasizing about forbidden activities. This led to a lot of confusion as it was so socially taboo that I dared not act them out! The furthest I was ever able to go down THAT road was dressing as a on Halloween---my beloved helped me, I suppose because she knew of my earnest desire and that was the day in an entire year when such a thing could ever be acted out! You see--- was Halloween and 'just for fun' so what could be the harm in ? turned out be MY Day, because even though I could never understand, let alone face my love of "dressing up"---I could become something that in some deep recesses of my psychology, I earnestly desired, dress,<b> wear </font></b>makeup and a wig and 'act' as if I were a female and not my biological self---with my male parts.

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