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Continuum of Engagement  

PrimalWellHung 46M  
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8/15/2021 4:14 am
Continuum of Engagement

I would like to talk/engage with people on this site in what seems like a reasonable, yet for some reason rare way. We see eachother's profile and based on what iss written and whatever pictures are available we write on another. At some point we engage in back and forth writing, seeing if there is some initial chemistry. Maybe exchange a few more pictures. If someone asks for too many then that's a red flag for a simply a picture collector and not someone ho really wants to meet.

If things click initially, when time permits either get together for play or a meet and greet. Sometime that might be the same day, maybe a week later, maybe a month or more, but the decision to see if meeting is worth it is done really in the first 21-50 messages of back and forth. It may take time for schedules to permit meeting, but there isn't the need for a lot more conversation to see if we want to.

Instead, it seems on one end of the spectrum are the people who are just outright lying about meeting. They say they are looking for someone, but they don't have pictures, always ask for pictures, and are constantly evasive about locking down a date to meet. If you try and lock them down, then they get angry. Like you are the jerk for wanting to meet. Yeah shocker that's what this site is, it's a swinger site for people to meet and fuck (not just talk about it).

On the other end of the spectrum are people who do meet but their standards are so unique and high it's ridiculous. The people who never meet have no standards, there is no reason for them too, because fuck their never going to fuc But then on the other end is the couple who is looking for only the perfect model of a woman (a unicorn) for their<b> fantasy. </font></b>or the guy with a inch dic I actually have seen multiple profiles on here where couples are only looking for guys with inches or more.

But shouldn't people be able to seek exactly what they want? If they want a transgender midget with one arm, shouldn't they have a place to look for it? I say "yes of course", but then you really aren't some one in the lifestyle. If you want something insanely specific that's more a fetish. Plus you are just missing out on so much fun.

On the other hand, listen if you are a single male and you have a 6 inch dick and you are 30lbs over weight, get out of the lifestyle. Hit the gym... and... well there is nothing you can do about really about the dick I guess. I don't know pick up a different hobby.

It's just frustrating waisting time talking to "couples" (probably just bored married guys) who say they want to see their wife with a big cock, and then disappear the moment a date is suppose to be locked down to actually meet.

I'd rather communicate with far less people, if it means communicating with just one genuine couple or single woman.

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