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Hotel room benefits  

Prof10001 60M
6308 posts
11/17/2017 5:55 pm

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11/21/2017 3:51 am

Hotel room benefits

I like the fun there is to be had in hotel rooms as much as the next person. But some of the benefits just don't do it for me. I've never used the hair dryer, not having hair. I've never used the iron, not giving a crap about wrinkles. I've never used the safe not carrying a lot of cash or jewels.

Prof10001 60M
3665 posts
11/17/2017 5:56 pm

However, I'm willing to explore other benefits you care to offer.

redrockrascal 62M
21698 posts
11/17/2017 6:08 pm

You don't have to clean the bed, bathroom, or anything else that was "used".

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GhostofH 61M
20131 posts
11/17/2017 6:10 pm

You don't have to patch any holes in the ceiling for your attachments after you finish playing.....

jubi2341 43M
2 posts
11/17/2017 6:11 pm

No fun alone....would like to explore

DesMoines_f 64F

11/17/2017 6:13 pm

I've never had a chance to use one of the bathtub/whirlpools for two in the rooms but I hope they offer bubble bath to go in it.

jcly77 57M
17 posts
11/17/2017 9:15 pm

very nice

author51 57F  
102274 posts
11/18/2017 12:24 am

I do love hotel rooms and all they have to offer but it is always better when one is with you to offer something more my sexy Prof..

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candylicker_6t9 59M
317 posts
11/18/2017 3:20 pm

Even though they have drawers, I usually just live out of my luggage.

pocogato12 68F  
34842 posts
11/19/2017 5:42 am

I never unpack in an hotel and I am totally grateful for the hair dryer- means I did not have to pack one!! And at Hampton Inns and DoubleTree they have awesome beds and pillows- want to share???

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missthee 54F  
4279 posts
11/21/2017 2:54 am

I like the hotel rooms that have large mirrors, those always come in handy, hint hint!

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