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New IM?  

Prof10001 60M
6306 posts
8/25/2019 5:45 am

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8/26/2019 4:11 am

New IM?

I opened IM this morning and noticed there is a new interface. The information screen about it flashed past so quickly I couldn't pick out any details. Hopefully this one is better. The old system was a but useless.

Prof10001 60M
3668 posts
8/25/2019 5:45 am

Anyone have thoughts on the new system?

bitchkitty2017 68F  
5301 posts
8/25/2019 5:55 am

its new? geez i seen that change a real long time ago..and i think it was because i changed to Google Chrome and outed the ols browser which was Internet Explorer..My im stopped working when i was on the internet explorer and i was told by changing to Google Chrome it would be alot better and it really was..I like it and it works so good ...people who cant accept change is not who i want to know or be with..

author51 57F  
102503 posts
8/25/2019 5:56 am

    Quoting Prof10001:
    Anyone have thoughts on the new system?
Wish I could help sexy Prof.. but do not use it, although when on my phone out West, it would automatically go to mobile and IM. I switched it to full web version, as soon as it did...

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jajo696 65F
2516 posts
8/25/2019 6:04 am

not wanting to speak too soon and perhaps jinx it....but....it does seem to run a bit smoother with more reliability. Time will tell ~~

Granny872 68F  
2755 posts
8/25/2019 6:08 am

I noticed it a few days ago ... I havent' changed my browser or anything ... I like it better (so far.)

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1just4fun61 59M
282 posts
8/25/2019 6:23 am

I can not get mine off of mobile to full site what I prefer.

dgmx242 55M
114 posts
8/25/2019 6:25 am

I do like the new IM better than the last one.
You can also send your cam to those selected in them as well.
It is nice to be able to see all the people you are chatting with in one screen rather than lots of separate ones.
It is a shame that you can't save the history of the conversations in IM.

AnewWoman 62F  
188 posts
8/25/2019 8:06 am

I've been using this "newer" version on the Chrome browser for sometime now with few if any issues. I've chatted with 6 or more at a time without a glitch. The combination of a new interface and not being clogged up with large numbers of standard members could be making a difference.

seems6666 50F
4117 posts
8/25/2019 9:14 am

I like it.. but they've removed the emoji's.. and I like them to convey your words better... I lost 2 chats at the same time the other day... so not sure it's any better

topgunfirefox 66M  
24 posts
8/25/2019 11:17 am

The new screen is terrible it crams everything in the right corner! I prefer the old screen where it not cram everything you write over on the right corner! A very poor crappy design!

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