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Which statements are true?  

Prof10001 61M  
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11/25/2015 4:58 am

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11/30/2015 6:58 pm

Which statements are true?

It has been a good week. I never buy lottery tickets but I did this week and won, nine digits. I was hit on by two attractive flight attendants and joined the<b> mile high club </font></b>with both. I turned 56. That research paper finally attracted some attention, move over general relativity, hello Nobel prize. Thanks for the job offer NASA; I've always wanted to visit Mars. The Packers liked my 40 and vertical jump, looks like I'll be missing Thanksgiving dinner to play the Bears.


author51 58F  
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11/25/2015 9:01 am

I am with the majority here and wishing you a Happy Birthday.Hope it is a good one for you..

sweet_VM 63F
81574 posts
11/27/2015 6:36 am

Turning 56 is true hugssssssssssss V I am thinking you might want to visit Mars as well..

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ERoosevelt 53F
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11/29/2015 11:15 am

Happy Birthday, Prof! I hope you also published a paper that got some notice - and who knows about that Nobel Prize thing?

My SO had a bday this month too. He declared the month his, and implied that he should get a blowjob every day. I wholeheartedly concur except we only get maybe 7 days in the month together, so I would just as soon owe him the remaining 23, as have him seek them in a timely fashion elsewhere; fortunately, he concurs.

My bday wish for you is 30 bj's as well as some Packer wins!

Prof10001 replies on 11/30/2015 3:49 am:
The Packer win and any blowjobs failed to materialize. But thanks for the wishes, they provided some great dream material.


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