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Marking territory... possessive jealous on screen boyfriends.  

Psycholesbian69 53F
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5/5/2020 2:49 pm
Marking territory... possessive jealous on screen boyfriends.

OK... hot women on cam. And I am referring to women who are camming naked usually. And they are listed as a single female, not a couple. And when they cam... all of a sudden you see anonymous hairy arms reach in and grab a tit. A total mood killer.

NO ONE wants to see your boyfriend or evening boy toy on cam, pissing on your body or marking his territory... kind of saying to the viewers... fuck your fantasy... this one is mine!

Do the camming women even KNOW this is what is going on? If you have any training in psychology, it's easy to spot a possessive jealous mate, boyfriend, husband or whatever.

Girls... if you are going to go on cam to derive sexual teasing from it and intend to get naked and semi pornographic... do us ALL a favor, and shut the boyfriend in the next room. We don't want to see him, hear him, have him comment on you, monitor your chat, or act as your moderator.

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