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Happy Birthday Sexy Mrs. S  

PurplePeach72 48F
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2/21/2010 12:22 am

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3/4/2010 5:48 am

Happy Birthday Sexy Mrs. S

A special friend of mine is turning 30 something tomorrow! I'm really glad I'll be getting to see her to celebrate for a little while! So Happy Birthday Mrs. S!! Hope you like you present...hahaha

As for the rest of my life. I've been sick all week with some sinus crud. Just now starting to feel semi-normal again. We have all the til Wed. MM is going to start dropping at school again on Monday. Which will mean I just have to get Lil Bit on the bus and then I can go back to bed which will be nice. I finished my tax returns, applied for about 8 jobs, wrote a bunch of letters to student loan holders, lawyers, insurance companies, and made phone calls galore last week. Despite being sick, I got the living room rearranged and the guinea pig and bird cages cleaned. The weather finally decided to warm up above the freezing my ass off temps it had been. So the dogs and I got out in the back muddy shit pit to pick up trash and try to make a bit of a yard again.

I'm excited about the couple of new ladies I've made contact with. I'm very hopeful of making some new hot lesbian friends. Even if they don't want to fuck me, I miss having girly friends. And for those of you asking, no being bi is not the same as living gay or lesbian. I am sincerely hoping to find some good friends. It's been so long since I had girlfriends to hang out with and just have a good time. When you add in the prospect of grrrreat sex, who could refuse?

Sex here on the home front has been phenomenal! Slightly irratic in frequency but mostly b/c of me. Luckily, our rythm of 2-3 days on twice a day and then 3-4 days off seems to agree with us both...lol. MM finally realized that when I say "I'll give you head". I really mean it. Not as "oh ok fine I'll give you head if I just have to get you off" but as in "I'm not really wanting to have that big glorious cock pounding my pussy right now but I'll gladly suck you til you cum". What man in their right mind is going to say no?....lmao I've had to get my rabbit out several times this week during the day. The hotties I'm hoping to meet soon have my libido raging and MM does a great job of keeping my fire stoked to start with. The only thing missing in my sex life is a sexy woman on a regular basis. What a treat to have another pussy to eat! Nipple to nip and lick and suck. Her scorching body for my hands and mouth to run amuck!!

Be good to each other.


topherific 57M
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12/4/2019 3:44 pm

hunterpt 58M
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2/5/2016 5:32 am

Very hot photo. Kisses

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