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AFF is the safe way to enjoy being safe for the holidaze that is 2020!  

Quinnalexis2 48F
29 posts
11/27/2020 6:04 am
AFF is the safe way to enjoy being safe for the holidaze that is 2020!

It's nice that we can still be seen and enjoy each other while keeping our "social distance" and still feeling awfully close to one another. Since we are semi locked up into our abodes during these winter days, might as well stoke and stroke the home fires to keep us burning for each other...can't let it fizzle when more heat is so badly needed because baby it's cold outside. After all the election debate and divide, I just want to pull everybody in and have an old fashion love-in bed rally , like John Lennon and Yoko Ono ! Let's give peace a chance, seriously, enough warring between our fellow humans- of all colors,creeds, and political parties.Here on AdultFriendFinder ,we all want the same thing ...PLEASURE, ENJOYMENT, and whenever possible a great orgasm...yes, a release of all that backed up energy...I adore giving a great orgasm to my partner (I AM BEING HONEST HERE!) as much, maybe more, than receiving one. I love that I can do that for another person, to another person. It's an AMAZING we can easily give because it's free after all. It just takes a bit of time, a smidge of patience, and a healthy knowledge of anatomy, plus a smattering of personal preferences if possible, and AS ALWAYS AN OPEN MIND AND HEART. There is nothing better than knowing I satisfied my lover in every way I could...as many times as he likes. I am a very lucky woman because I am also invested in as well , and am able to have<b> multiple orgasms </font></b>thanks to my partner, which come like waves crashing onto the rocky coastline. I finish this blog by saying that if our pics and videos give you pleasure and comfort at this stressful time than I am truly happy ! Peace to all...

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