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A Stressful Day  

QuiteKindMind 35M  
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10/9/2020 5:29 am
A Stressful Day

I get a text from Amanda. She wants meet. Sounds urgent. A handful of minutes later, the doorbell rings.

“I only have a few minutes, so fuck me quick!” Amanda is a whirlwind of shedding clothes and snipped words. I barely get my pants half off before I’m pushed down on the sheets.

“Fuck, I need this.” There’s an unspoken stress emanating from her. I’m curious, but if she wanted talk, we’d talk.

She jumps top of , my jeans still around my knees, her top still , and climbs over my head. Her hands grab my hair roughly, and she starts riding my face. It’s one of my favorite places, so I lick and suck with confused joy. At this point, I know quite a few of her most sensitive areas. I focus on those, and she orgasms quickly. It’s not a powerful one, but she relaxes visibly.

Not quite done, she crawls down and slides her pussy over my cock. She stretches her neck and back, relaxing into . She lays down my chest, hands slowly pawing my muscles. My arms wrap around, shielding her from the world... if only for this single moment. I let her set the pace. Her body tenses and I keep the tempo as she cums again, harder this time but nowhere near our usual potency.

Amanda takes a deep breath, “Sorry and thanks.” She<b> kisses </font></b>me with a certain care I don’t recall. “I gotta go.”

“If you ever need talk, I’m here.” She smiles at my words, zips her pants, gives another of those curious kisses, and departs.

Dazed, I return my office. Interesting day.

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