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A Workout  

QuiteKindMind 35M  
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10/9/2020 1:23 pm
A Workout

The barbell is loaded with plates. Not my max, but I've long ago given up chasing heavier weights. My joints can't take the stress. Now I work out for the vanity of it.

I'm about to start another set when Amanda enters my little home gym. She wears a goofy expression.

"Heya, Muscles. Gettin' ripped?"

I cock my eyebrow. "Yes... What's up?" I see the ghost of a smile on her face. Something's up.

"Can I watch?" She's never asked that before. I feel self conscious, but I think of all the sordid trysts we've shared.

"Sure. Why not." I lean back on the bench again and begin my pre-press ritual. Right before I begin, my music silences.

“Uhh… Why’d you turn that off?”

She grins and simply says, “Sorry, don’t let me stop you.”

Hm… I’m not sure I like this. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I begin my bench presses. By the end, I’m grunting from the strain. The silence makes it all the more awkward. When done, I sit up and let out a big breath while I gain my bearings.

Amanda is sitting across from me, staring. “Hot,” she says.

“Hot? I’m all sweaty and probably stink.”

“Yup, sounds hot to me. Well, maybe not the stink part… But the grunts! The muscles! The sweat! Mhmm…”

Well, now. Another part of me begins to get swollen. She definitely notices, her sinister grin growing. She makes a hand motion for “continue”. I glance back at the bar and then… at the bar in my pants.

“I would, but I need that extra blood.” I point at my crotch, playing my own game. “I fear without it, I could crush myself to death,” the tone of my voice overdramatic.

She mocks shock, covering her mouth with both hands. “Oh no! We wouldn’t want that! Whatever shall we do!”

“Hm… That’s a good question, my dear. A very good question. Perhaps, while we think, you could perform some relaxing yoga?” I look down at the map nearby. She looks momentarily confused, but catches on quickly.

“You know, that’s an excellent idea. That will help me think.” She crawls over to the mat and begins to stretch her lower back. When limbered, she enters Downward Dog. Or something similar. I don’t recall so much booty involved in the pose. Next: cat/cow (again with additional booty). After that: Plow pose.

“I’m sensing a theme here, cutie booty.” My eyes drink in every movement, every curve, every muscle.

“Whatever could you mean? I’m just stretching, trying to figure out how we might help your ‘situation’.” She puts on her most innocent face and worried eyes.

“It’s quite the conundrum.” At this point, we’re just seeing who’ll break first. I rest my chin on my fist, mimicking The Thinker.

“Oh well. I suppose I’ll just keep stretching while we ponder this quandary.” She enters a few more yoga poses -- the names escape me. All of her movements are elegant, with a little extra sensuality thrown in. She lets out a few quiet workout moans -- I’m sure to<b> tease </font></b>me.

Amanda knows I’m staring and throws a few more cards on the table. “Geez. It’s hot in here. Guess I’ll need to take these off, otherwise I might overheat.” She strips down to her bra and panties, both more revealing than her usual attire.

Not. Fair. This game is rigged.

My hand is absentmindedly rubbing my pants while I watch each pose. Amanda notices. “Oh! I see! A massage! Perhaps that will help!” She cat-crawls over and looks up at me. “May I?”

At this point, I can’t tell if I’m winning or losing. Both, probably.

Her hands slide next to my hardness and begin to rub. I moan slightly. We spend many minutes there, her hands exploring my groin.

She speaks up, continuing our game. “Dang. It’s not working. You’re still hard as a rock. Hm…”

I laugh. I love her silliness. Might as well keep playing, so I offer a suggestion. “I have an idea. Perhaps my workout clothes are getting in the way of the treatment.”

“That makes sense!” She pulls off my pants and I take off my shirt. She taps her lips in thought. “The underwear probably poses a similar barrier for treatment.”

“I hadn’t thought of that. We better remove that variable as well.” I shimmy out of my tight boxer briefs. I would feel awkward sitting naked on the bench, so I say, “I should be relaxed for this. Mind if I lay down on your yoga mat?”

“Please.” She gestures like an old butler asking me to sit. I lay down, my hands behind my head. Soon after, I feel hands sliding up my thighs, fingers on my obliques, nails on my chest. They knead their way back down to my hips, and she grabs the base of my cock. I’m already dripping precum, which she uses as a bit of lube to begin.

Her hands glide and explore, experimenting with each movement. She watches my face and body to gauge response. She never stays in one technique for too long, allowing me to enjoy a myriad of different sensations. I’m about to burst but she slows, pulling me from the precipice. I feel a wet, warm tongue lick my head, and I transcend into bliss. Like her hands, she explores and varies the way she licks, sucks, and nibbles. My body tenses again and I tell her I’m about to cum. She doesn’t acknowledge my statement. Amanda speeds up and sucks harder. I explode into her mouth. My cock convulses with supreme pleasure as she swallows. After a moment, she milks the last drops from me, licking them from my tip.

Amanda licks her fingers and crawls next to me. We kiss deeply and passionately. She snuggles into my chest and we sigh contentedly.

She giggles and looks up at me. “You do kinda stink though.”

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