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QuiteKindMind 35M  
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10/12/2020 7:53 am

I press Amanda against the wall and lift her with ease. She wraps herself around , hands digging into my taut my back and shoulder muscles. The forcefulness of our<b> kisses </font></b>and grinding of our hips reveal the animalistic needs being unleashed.

I free a hand and reach down, thrusting my cock into her wonderful pussy. Amanda let’s loose a throaty, low moan as her limbs squeeze tightly, urging in. Her pussy stretches around my hardness and this time we both groan in pleasure.

Holding my lover by her ass, I lift her with each thrust, using her entire body as my plaything. She helps, legs pushing off my hips. The rough, primal passion quickly brings Amanda a wet, powerful climax.

Her thighs shiver and give out both from the exertion and the orgasm. I lower myself enough remain inside her. We keep kissing and I slowly continue. She stands on her painted tippy-toes, still against the wall, and slightly spreads her legs to make the position more comfortable and easier to view. Her hips angle forward and we enjoy the show while listening to the wet, sloppy sounds. Not long after, Amanda cums yet again. She falls further, toes losing strength.

I grab her arm and turn her around. With force, I bend her over, her hands naturally bracing against the wall. The position accentuates her legs, butt, and full thighs. A sight to behold. My legs bend enough to slide my cock in again, my hands grabbing her hips. I roughly pound her as she curses and moans. Her legs buckle with yet another orgasm but I wrap my arms around her middle, pressing her quaking, moaning body to mine.

At this point, it becomes a game. I want to see how far I can take this.

I lower my lover to her hands and knees. She joyfully — but tiredly — opens her legs and arches her back. Her hair provides a wonderful handhold while I stroke. I can feel myself get close, but Amanda’s orgasmic body saves the day. She cums, somehow harder than the last, and lays face down on the carpet. Her breathing is heavy and labored.

A minute of rest is all she is allowed. I grab her ankles and pull just enough to lay her flat. She laughs and groans. Amanda is nearly tapped out. But yet again, with great effort, she spreads her legs. I see a weak hand slide down and open her pussy lips. My cock enters those open lips and she practically melts. Her hand plays as I do. The orgasm this time is enormous, her squirting fluids making a wonderful, beautiful mess.

Amanda rolls over, hair plastered to her face, and she breathlessly says, “Can’t... no... more...”

I debate on eating her pussy and finishing her off, but after much debate decide upon mercy.

My lover then opens her thighs and smiles at me.

I laugh to myself while crawling between her legs.

She may not live through this.

fashionablegma 77F
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10/12/2020 10:10 pm

Oh but what a way to go,mmmmm

Do enjoy bringing out the basic primal animalistic urges in a lover too,sandwiched between him and wall,standing there still clothed,nearly same height in my high heels,lost to him,as i feel my legs go weak and beg to be done on all fours,usually by end i spent and beg him to stop but to no avail,he rolls me on my back and continues the onslaught,i lay there breathless and somewhat limp,my energy gone as he has his wicked way with me

Jules1590 52F
7191 posts
10/18/2020 7:52 am

Well done. I enjoyed the imagery, standing on her "tippy-toes," and how she "curses and moans." Looking forward to reading more.

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