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QuiteKindMind 35M  
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10/9/2020 4:18 am

Today, for whatever reason, passionate and slow feels right. That doesn’t mean boring. Never boring.

I walk up to Amanda and slide my hand behind her head. Our tongues meet, a pent-up need beginning to see light. I press my forehead to hers and hum in satisfaction. Our<b> kisses </font></b>never fail to excite. I notice she’s biting her lip. The feeling is apparently mutual.

Our shirts disappear. Pants, gone like magic. Underwear, like they never existed. I look at my lover hungrily then whisper in her ear, “you’re gorgeous.” Another deep kiss. I hold her hand and lead her to sit on the side of the bed.

I begin to kiss down her neck, her chest, lick her nipples. I try to continue my journey down, but she puts her hand on my chin and shakes her head. She slides down to her knees and plants a kiss on the head of my cock. My fingers run through her hair and I relax, allowing Amanda to take control.

I feel her tongue lick from my base up, causing me to shiver. She laughs a little, and I join in. I can’t help the shivers. It’s who I am. Hands grab my hips and she sucks, licks, and a few gentle nibbles. She has a genuine look of happiness on her face, which sends the experience to new heights. I grab her hair before I reach climax and pull her up, kissing and tasting my own precum and the sweetness of her tongue. Delicious.

As always, I want more. I request that she lay back and make herself comfortable. For just a moment, I can see excitement in her eyes. I crawl slowly onto the bed and begin to kiss my way up toward her open legs. First her toes, then ankles, calves, then those yummy thighs — where I spend extra time. I kiss and suck around her glistening pussy. The radiating heat and sweet fragrance are insanely tempting, but I continue teasing the area. Amanda runs her fingers through my hair and silently urges me to begin. Not quite yet. Just another minute.

My whole body shivers again as I run my tongue up and down her swollen, eager lips. I massage her hips and thighs as my mouth explores. My tongue slips in a little, and enjoy her potent flavor. Each drop a delight as I indulge. Time loses all meaning. Hands pull me in and push me away with the waves of orgasm. Thighs squeeze. Toes curl. We are both a mess.

I could live and die in those moments.

I kiss up her stomach, lick her hard nipples, and our lips meet. My cock slides in, her cum providing a perfect lube. I raise up and enjoy the sight of my hardness entering her. She moans some dirty words, and I lay back down, returning the favor. The dirty talk is wonderful, punctuated by moans and wet sounds our lovemaking creates. I slow down because I’m already so close. Amanda can tell, pushing me off and finishing me with with her mouth. I orgasm so hard my cum nearly hits me in the face. Amanda cracks up, but beams with pride as she very gently licks and sucks the tip of my cock.

We clean up and snuggle close. The afterglow has its own feel today. No words are exchanged, just smiles and skin.

Another moment to live and die in.

author51 58F
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10/9/2020 5:24 am

Those make love to me moments are the ones that make lasting memories between lovers..Another great read...

You can never have enough JOY in your life..

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