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QuiteKindMind 35M  
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10/10/2020 3:46 pm

Howling, angry wind pummels the windows. The night is deep and hungry, consuming the land in snow and ice. Electricity fled from the storm, leaving my lover and I in flickering candlelight and under the protection of blankets. Pillows surround us, a bulwark. The couch, our bunker. We snuggle not just for warmth, not just for closeness, but as a boon to keep the darkness at bay.

My fingers slowly comb through Amanda’s dark hair. Her cheek rests on my chest, an arm draped over me, her hand drawing small circles. Our legs twine, her’s hugging mine tightly. We both watch the red and orange candlelight sway and sputter. Intellectually, we know we are safe and secure. Nothing will come to drag us into the night. Yet the pressure of the storm feels oppressive, cold, wrathful, and above all: lonely.

Neither of us dare speak. Words feel wrong tonight, as though breaking the silence is a mockery unto some unknown god.

I give the top of her head a kiss, smelling the fading scent of soap. She rubs her legs on mine and kisses my chest in response. My hand slides under her shirt and gently scratches her back. An image of a purring cat comes to mind. She mimics my movement, slipping a hand under my shirt. Her fingers begin to trace my chest and stomach muscles.

My hand caresses her ass and she snuggles in tighter. I feel the tips of her fingers probe my waistband, then undo my pants. I shiver as she begins playing. As if in response, a gust of wind hammers the windows and makes the house groan and creak. Amanda’s hand pauses and she huddles deeper in the blanket. Minutes pass as we wait for the malicious storm to gaze elsewhere.

There’s a tightness to my lover’s back, as though she’s ready to bolt when next the wind returns. I run my hand up and down the sides of her spine, trying to relax muscles and relieve stress. My efforts succeed and I feel her body become less stiff. One thing I’ve learned: a good massage can perform miracles. In this case, my miracle is that she removes her shirt and bra. Taking a cue, I remove my shirt so we can share skin and comfort. The shared warmth and coziness seem to push back the night’s pernicious gloom.

Absentmindedly, I frequently kiss the top of my lover’s head. Perhaps it’s her lovely smell, or the need to be with her now. Maybe it’s her touch, or the warmth, or the feelings we share. It is during one of those kisses that Amanda tries again to slip her hand in my underwear. This time, she dares to<b> lick </font></b>my nipple while playing, ending that<b> lick </font></b>with a solid nibble. The wind outside growls, searching for the culprits. This time we remain unseen.

Hot breath blows across my chest, becoming more labored as our passion kindles. I begin to massage her breast with practiced movements. Her nipple becomes hard and I feel goosebumps as she arches her back slightly. In response, her grip on my manhood strengthens, and she rubs faster. I hold back a moan, desperate to remain hidden from the blizzard.

As our passion builds, I push her pajama bottoms and underwear down. She helps with the rest, removing her pants and me, mine. We snuggle close again, me on top, kissing and holding one another. The candlelight flickers wildly over our blanketed, naked bodies. I rub my cock around her wetness and clit. I shiver in delight, then slowly enter. More shivers when our hips meet. Amanda grabs the sides of my head and kisses me hard. Her hands travel to my ribs and she grips me with her nails. That slight sting has always been a turn on. We stare into each other’s eyes over the wavering candlelight. There is an intensity in this room. Something special.

The storm buffets the house hard, but our lovemaking dulls its edge. The wind howls, but all we hear is our heavy panting. The snow tries to bury us, but the heat of our bodies keeps the chill at bay.

Amanda cums and those candlelit eyes roll back and she fails to hold back a moan. A few more thrusts, and I follow, her legs wrapped around my ass, demanding I share my orgasm.

We return to cuddling, this time with sweaty bodies and carefree smiles.

The lonely storm and empty darkness can no longer affect us, no matter its bluster.

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